How to enlarge breasts at home?

kak-uvelichit-grud-v-domashnih-usloviyahFor every woman
the size and shape of her bust is a very important aspect, because
beautiful breasts make you feel incredibly beautiful
and desired.

Therefore, dissatisfaction with the appearance of their bust is often
results in the emergence of a number of complexes and a huge

That is why for many of the fair sex desire
increase chest is on the very first positions in the list

Although it would seem that all you need is to seek help from
qualified plastic surgeon, but not every
woman for this is ready to go under the knife. But there is a solution!

In this article, we will look at how to do this under the conditions
own home simple and natural methods.

So how do you increase your breasts at home?


Ancient Taoist teachings argued that massage could
help increase female bust. To properly perform it, you
have to take a warm bath twice a day
lasting about 30 minutes. Water should be moderate
hot so your hands are warm enough to hold

As soon as your hands get warm, gently massage your breasts.
in circular motions, controlling every step. You must
alternate clockwise and counterclockwise movements for
achieve optimal performance. Massage сможет помочь вам
increase the breasts as well as stimulating blood circulation and
promotes active production of prolactin. Elevated
blood circulation signals your receptors in the chest and causes
her height. Prolactin is a hormone, the production of which in the first
queue associated with breastfeeding. The production of this
hormone successfully promoted by frequent stimulation of the nipples.

Daily performing massage for the specified amount
time, you can safely expect that after 30 days
increase the bust by one size.


High estrogen diet

Consumption of foods high in estrogen may
increase the size of your bust. Such products include: soybeans,
dairy products, flaxseed, apples and barley.

Another option that can raise your level
Estrogen is an asparagus. Asparagus contains plant hormones,
known as phyto-estrogens, which can increase the flow of milk in
nursing women. Asparagus consumption ultimately helps you
guaranteed to increase the chest.

However, maintaining a high estrogen diet is not
will bring instant results. If you regularly eat specified
list of products, you will be able to see the result within
of the year.

Consumption of fatty foods

A female bust consists mainly of fat and breast tissue,
which generate milk intended for breast
feeding babies. Accordingly, large breasts contain
more fat than little.

If you want to increase the size of your bust, eat products
rich in healthy fats. These include: nuts, almonds,
avocado and seafood. Regularly adhering to such a regime
supply, you will get a good result over the next
several months.


Pushups are among the most common.
exercises for breast augmentation at home. Fortification
the pectoral muscles will accordingly add an extra size to your

Begin the exercise, lying on your stomach, legs together, hands on the level
shoulders, palms rest on the floor. Straighten your arms, lifting your body and
keeping your back straight. Then, bending the arms, lower the torso down.
until the angle in the elbows becomes 90 degrees, after
This effort pectoral muscles return to the starting position.

Do pushups as long as you can. This will allow you
effectively work the muscles and make the breasts elastic and

Adjust different styles to increase the impact of the exercise.
run pushups. Try to change the distance between your hands,
moving your palms left or right or back and forth.

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