How to douche during thrush.Douching as a method of contraception: how todouche

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Many women are familiar with such a delicate procedure as

Some use vaginal washing to prevent
unwanted pregnancy, others – for the treatment of gynecological

Сегодня вы узнаете, как правильно douche, чтобы получить
from this manipulation maximum benefit.

Как правильно douche: суть лечебной процедуры

Douching is an injection into the vagina of various
solutions of drugs or decoctions of herbs with
therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. For the procedure
need a syringe – rubber pear, equipped with a tip,
or the Esmarch circle. These devices allow you to wash out of the vagina.
vaginal discharge and ejaculate.

According to gynecologists, douching should be done only
for treatment because it is rather aggressive.
Some doctors are convinced that without good reason not worth it
assign patients douching procedure. The fact is that
The vagina can naturally self-clean. It happens
thanks to the secretions with which the vagina gets rid of
pathogens and their products
life activity.

Как правильно douche при молочнице

Very often women use douching to treat
thrush. So, it is most convenient to carry out the procedure while sitting on the toilet.
or lying in the bathroom and putting his feet on the sides. Tip
syringe is introduced into the vagina at 5 cm. Medicinal solution
should easily pour in and pour out back. The liquid does not
must reach the cervix.

Douching is not a painful procedure. If a woman is in time
the manipulation felt pain then she should interrupt the introduction
solution. You can repeat the procedure after a while. To avoid
damage to the walls of the vagina, it is not necessary to make sudden movements.
Douching should be carried out slowly.

Basic rules for the procedure

1. To prepare the solution you need to take the water no colder than 36 ° C,
but not very hot.

2. Do not release the liquid from the solution under pressure. it
avoids penetration of the solution into the uterus and development
inflammatory processes.

3. Immediately before each procedure.
douche the tip of the device should be sterilized. Clear
the tip of the douche or Esmarch’s mug can be done by boiling it or
wiping with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

4. The syringe in the future can not be used for enemas. Also her
should not be enjoyed by other people because it is
the subject of a woman’s personal hygiene.

5. The duration of the procedure should not exceed 5 minutes.

6. The course of douching can not be longer than 10 days.

Types of medicinal solutions

For the treatment of thrush used various solutions. They can
purchase at pharmacies or prepare it yourself at home

1. Пищевая сода. Dosing with soda solution
the acidic environment of the vagina changes to alkaline, which is unsuitable for
development of the fungus. To prepare the solution will need 250 ml
boiled water and 1 teaspoon of soda. Carry out the procedure twice
on the day before the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

2. Фурацилин. The drug does not have
antifungal action, however it perfectly eliminates
discharge and itching. To prepare the solution will need the following

• furatsilin – 1 tsp;

• hydrogen peroxide – 1 tbsp. spoon;

• boiled water – 500 ml.

3. Хлоргексидин. itт антисептик можно
Acquired at every pharmacy at an affordable price. Medicinal
the tool can be used without syringe. His handy little bottle,
equipped with a spout, allows you to easily enter the solution into

4. Ромашка аптечная. Infusion medicinal
plants have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and
stops candidiasis. Need to take 3 tsp of dried flowers
chamomile and pour a glass of boiling water. Leave to insist somewhat
hours Chamomile gives excellent results along with
oak bark. Plants need to be taken in equal proportions.

Как правильно douche, чтобы не забеременеть

The fair sex often use douching
for protection from unwanted pregnancy. Introduction to
acidic vagina is considered one of the most effective
means of protection in traditional medicine.

Douching should be done immediately after intercourse. AT
boiled water add lemon juice or citric acid. At 1 l.
warm water is necessary to take 2 tbsp. spoons of lemon juice or 1 hour
spoon of citric acid. Sperm from exposure
the solutions become non-viable.

Experts believe this method of contraception is ineffective and
dangerous. Douching with acidic water can cause damage.
natural vaginal microflora and provoke various

Women also resort to syringing with potassium permanganate. AT 1 л.
boiled water should be diluted with 1 teaspoon of potassium permanganate. itт
the solution must be inserted into the vagina after completion intercourse.
Failure to observe the proportions can result in burns to the vaginal walls.

Как правильно douche: противопоказания и

AT некоторых случаях процедуру спринцевания проводить
undesirable and dangerous for the female body. These are the following

• menstruation (increases the risk of infection);

• pregnancy;

• postpartum period;

• period after abortion;

• in the presence of acute inflammatory processes in the genital

• before visiting the gynecologist (douching may affect
test results).

Также нежелательно douche с целью очищения влагалища от
secretions. The procedure should be carried out only after a visit.
doctor, as in most cases self-medication without diagnosis
only aggravates the situation.

Experts note the harm to the health of frequent douching. AT
as a result of the procedure, the natural protective
vaginal lubrication, microflora is disturbed and changes
acid-base balance. These conditions are favorable for reproduction.
pathogenic microorganism.

Теперь вы знаете, как правильно douche в домашних
conditions. Resort to the same procedure should be only after
consultation with the doctor, since the introduction of solutions into the vagina
can bring both benefit and irreparable harm to female

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