How to do squats for the buttocks

samye-pravilnye-prisedaniya-dlya-yagoditsCompetently executed
Squats work well on the muscles of the inner and lateral
(external) thighs, press, back, quadriceps,
hamstrings and, of course, a large gluteus.

Knowing how to do squats for the buttocks, any girl
will be able to strengthen, pump up his ass, remove excess fat from
pelvic area, make hips more thin and slender.

In addition to these bonuses, correct squats have a great effect on
coordination of movements and body balance. However, not everyone likes
endlessly repeat basic squat (movement up and down). Although,
if you perform it according to all the rules, then it involves almost
every muscle in your body.

Golden key guaranteed results, according to
Alex Silver Fagan, Nike official trainer from New York,
lies in switching load. This is due to
the use of 15 options to help infinitely increase your

This charming girl claims that after 30 days
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How to start and how to do squats for

To thoroughly work out the muscles of his “fifth point”
add any mix from your movement program to your daily
charge and do the appropriate amount of your level
hikes and reps.

It should be borne in mind that:

  • Each exercise consists of two or three sets, in which
    included 15-20 repetitions;
  • In the description of any of the trainings only one is indicated
  • squatting “to parallel” means that you have to lower,
    bending the knees to the level when the front surface of the thighs is
    parallel to the floor. Beginners can prepare a control point
    folding a stack of books, yoga bricks or other appropriate
    a support so that after 2-3 squats you do not begin to reduce
  • if the exercise indicates the “starting position”, then we start with
    standing position, feet on the NR (shoulder width);
  • general training takes, on average, about half an hour;
  • this is the most preferred load for the lower body,
    as done at home or in a hotel room
    absolutely free and without equipment.

For a start, do cardio workouts — easy running on the spot or
circular distance in the hall. This will help increase blood circulation.
all vessels and tissues of the body, which will increase the efficiency
squats. Then proceed to the main (basic) version

1. Starting position – stand up straight, feet on the WB (shoulder width).
Arms folded in front of the chest, slightly bending them in the elbows.

2. Tighten the abdominal muscles. To properly squat for the buttocks,
push your hips back, while bending your knees and lowering your body on

3. Having sustained a short pause at the lowest point – “parallels”,
push off and return to the PI (starting position).

After performing this exercise, from 2-3 sets of 15-20
Squat, proceed to any of the following practices for a beautiful

Simple but effective squats to help you lose weight

These exercises do not require additional costs.
coach or equipment purchase. They can be included in everyday
workouts or perform after a warm-up with a separate complex:

Crouch curtsy

From the starting position (arms in front of the chest, elbows bent)
lower the pelvis to the parallel and step with your left foot back as far as possible
further, directing it to the right side. Do some
pulsating movements, sitting down another 5-6 cm below. Returning
in PI, repeat the exercise mirror. One repetition is considered
when movements are performed for both legs.

Narrow squat

Starting position, but the foot set together. Hands need to be folded
in front of the chest. Sit down to the parallel, pause and
Return to the PI.

Isometric squat

From the starting position, with arms extended along the body, sit down
на squat. At the same time, join the hands in front of the chest, and the elbows
direct to the sides. Staying in a squat position, straighten one leg
aside and tap the floor. Returning в ИП, повторите
actions are mirrored; for the other leg, this is one repetition.

Split squat

From the starting position (hands at the seams), make a lunge with your foot forward.
60-120 cm. Standing straight and leaning on the heel of the back foot,
Get down on your knee (without touching the floor). In this case, the front leg
also bent at the knee to parallel. Pushing off due to pressure
front heel, move your hips and knees up, returning to
Sp. Then repeat the same cycle for the other leg.


Starting position, hands – behind the head, elbows turned out.
Sit down to the parallel and lower the left knee to the floor. Get started
�”Walking”, walking alternately with their legs, while bending their knees under
right angle

Popular “pistol”

In the starting position, point your right foot slightly forward,
placing it with the heel in front of your left foot, and stretch the toe of the right foot
up. Continuing to raise your right leg, crouch on your left, pulling back
tailbone far back as far as possible.

With need to maintain body balance, stretch your arms before
by myself. The correct squat technique in this exercise.
stipulates that the lower line of the thigh will be as low as possible
closer to the floor (in a deep squat). The front leg should
remain lifted forward (“pistol”). Pushing left
foot, go back to the PI and repeat all the cycles mirror.

�”Slanting” squats

In the starting position, place your hands on the back of your head, expand your elbows
out. Sit down in a squat to the parallel. Returning to the PI,
lift the knee to the side above the thigh and touch the elbow with the left
parties. Repeat the whole cycle mirror, touching the right knee
right elbow.

Sumo or plie squats

Starting position, but at the same time, put the legs wider than on the silo,
increasing the distance by 2-3 times. Socks turn to the sides
at an angle of 45 ° or more. Place your hands on your hips.

Move the tailbone back, as far as possible, sitting down on
squat. With этом правильные приседания для ягодиц «сумо» или
�Pliés are prescribed to keep the spine straight, chest up,
look in front of you, without lowering your gaze. Get up, returning to


In the Plié position, push the tailbone back, supporting the back
straight, do a deep squat and touch the floor with your fingers. Then
lift up, pull your arms above your head, holding them like
can be closer to the ears. Stand on tiptoes at the same time. After a pause
Return to the PI.

Withседания с отводом ноги

From your starting position, squat on your haunches, balancing on
heels. Connect the brush in front of the chest, clenched them into fists. Getting up
Bring your right foot back, keeping your balance by focusing on your heels.
Return to the squat position and repeat the exercise in the mirror, for
the other leg.

Lifting socks

Starting position, but put your feet wider than on the silo. Socks
разверните наружу в противоположные parties. Hands with hands in
замок in front of the chest.

Push off your legs with explosive force (as if you want to
jump), put them together and stretch out on the socks. Hands
make a swing back, pulling them from behind at an angle. Returning to
position squat, put your legs wide, directing your socks in different

Jump? Reduce weight and swing a beautiful ass

In order to pump up the girl’s buttocks more efficiently,
include jumping squats in training:

Withседание с обычным прыжком

From the starting position with folded arms in front of the chest
Go down to the parallel. Bang up like a blast
can be higher. Making a start, focus on the heels, not the toes.
After landing, you need to crouch again, putting your feet on the NW.

The original “Burpi” (“Burpy”) is a real “killer” for

Стартовая позиция с одновременным приседом – Sp. Hands hold
перед by myself. While keeping the squat position, bend forward and
rest your palms on the floor.

Leap back take the position of the high bar, then jump
go back to the squat position. Then с взрывной силой прыгайте
up as high as possible, throwing your arms over your head. Again jump
go back to the PI squat and repeat the whole cycle.

Bounce Jump

Starting position, socks – to the sides, hands – at the seams. Withсядьте
To the parallel, your hands take back at an angle. Jump with force
up, raising your knees high. Hands делайте мах вперед, сгибая
elbows and taking them to the front of the thighs. Get down on the floor
на squat.

Withседания Джека

In the starting position, fold your arms over your chest, bending them in your elbows.
Withсев на корточки до параллели, подпрыгните вверх и вернитесь на
the floor, legs spread wide. The lower you squat, the
it will be harder to bounce up, but you can make your
training more and more intense. Возвратитесь в Sp.

Video training

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