How to do fitness at homeconditions?

Today, in a fashion tightened healthy body without extra pounds and
loose skin. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what lifestyle you
confess, if you want to be in trend, you must look
impeccable. Get some tips for those who want to have
perfect body, but does not have time to go to the gym
and fitness clubs.

How to do fitness at home conditions?


  • Features of fitness at home for weight loss
  • Tips for beginners
  • What fitness exercises can you do at home?
  • How to do fitness?
  • Fitness дома с Юлией Богдан


Features of fitness at home for weight loss

Modern rhythms of life make people work hard to
to achieve success. In addition, you need to have time to take care of
children, to establish life and much more. Despite this, everything
women tend to look beautiful and well-groomed. But what to do,
if all the fitness rooms close before you finish,
and open when you are already working? The output is
fitness classes at home. This article will help you do it right.
and with benefit:

  1. Before you start practicing fitness at home, you must purchase
    strong motivation and set yourself up for regular work since
    there will be neither a coach, nor a clear schedule, which
    supervised your classes.
  2. You also need to understand that fitness does not work wonders and
    will turn your body into a pile of muscles, and this is just a way to lose a couple
    extra pounds and keep your body in shape.
  3. First of all, you need to choose a place to practice. It should
    be spacious so that nothing restricts your movements
    exercise time.
  4. Before the start of each workout it is necessary to air
    the room.
  5. Fitness – комплекс упражнений, который легче выполнять под
    music Therefore, if you have such an opportunity at home, prepare
    collection of rhythmic tracks.
  6. Also during fitness exercises you will need a small
    mat for practicing on the floor.
  7. Do not eat anything for an hour or two before class and at least an hour after it,
    so as not to provoke nausea and vomiting.
  8. Fat burning occurs from the twentieth minute of the workout, therefore
    take care that nothing distracts you at least half an hour.
    Over time, when you get used to homework, their
    Duration can be increased.
  9. And another important point is a healthy diet, which
    must be combined with fitness exercises to achieve the desired

When doing fitness at home, you need to alternate power
loads and endurance exercises. Breaks between exercises
should be as short as possible if you want to lose weight.

Tips for beginners

Beginners first home fitness classes will not be easy.
It is difficult to understand whether you are doing everything right or not. Complexity
lies in the fact that no one controls the process. It is better
for beginners will attend at least a couple of classes in a special
group and learn basic exercises and then continue

If you do not have such an opportunity, then find a large mirror and
put it in the training room. So you can see for yourself
how the exercises are performed.

And the main thing for beginners is to have patience. Not everything will work out
immediately, but over time you can achieve the desired

What fitness exercises can you do at home?

Fitness – это вид спорта, не требующий специальных тренажеров или
installations, therefore allows almost all exercises to perform in
home conditions. It is necessary to begin trainings from warm-up. For
This is well suited for such exercises:

  • rhythmic movements with your hands apart so that
    engage the shoulder joints;
  • jumping rope (5 minutes);
  • alternate tilts to the floor of the right and left hand;
  • jogging in place at a slow pace (5 minutes).

Then you can smoothly proceed to the basic exercises:

  • 5 minutes running on the spot How many need to run for weight loss –
    read here.
  • Lumbar attacks: 10 times in the right and left sides. Perform
    three approaches.
  • Squats (preferably with dumbbells 1-2 kg) 15 times in three sets.
    It is very important to keep your back straight.
  • Lying on your back, swing the press: hands fix behind your head, legs
    bend at the knees and raise the shoulder blades. Exercise done 20 times
    three approaches. Ideally, alternating with a cardio-load: running 5 minutes
    or jumping rope 20 times.

Качаем пресс дома

  • Perform an exercise for the lower press: from the starting position
    Raise your legs together by 30 degrees.
  • Then again exercises for the press: from the starting position
    at the same time we raise our legs and shoulder blades 20 times in three sets,
    which alternate with cardio exercises.
  • Exercises on arms and shoulders are simple, but very important: push-ups
    from the floor 20 times. If you cannot do this, then at least
    squeeze the wall.
  • Next endurance exercise: you need to lie on its side on an elongated
    arm so that the body does not touch the floor, and keep yourself in
    this position for at least 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise three times in
    every side.
  • Jump rope 5 minutes.

Это идеальный набор упражнений для занятий houses. First will
hard and then these Exercise will be easy and familiar.

How to do fitness?

To fitness classes were beneficial to the body, should
follow simple rules for home workouts:

  • exercise whenever possible at the same time of day every
  • do not skip classes;
  • do not exercise on a full stomach and do not eat as soon as
    completed the exercises;
  • do not be distracted by household chores;
  • during class there must be good access to oxygen in the room
    and ventilation;
  • watch yourself when you exercise;
  • keep your back straight;
  • Take breaks between exercises as short as possible;
  • drink plenty of water during class (it is recommended to drink water with
    lemon, especially if you feel sick from drinking ordinary water);
  • if you feel unwell, stop immediately

Fitness дома с Юлией Богдан

Julia Bogdan, known as a fitness trainer, has developed her
rules for high-quality workout at home:

  1. If you want to lose weight, then do 3-5 times a week. After
    Achievement of the result can be maintained by training 2-3
    times a week.
  2. One day a week you need to rest, so as not to overdo it
    an organism.
  3. Classes should last about an hour, then they will
  4. Begin classes with a warm-up. All power loads must
    alternate with cardio loads, such as running.
  5. Drink water during classes, but in small portions and no more
    than half a liter.
  6. Combine fitness with proper nutrition, then achieve
  7. During training, you need to attract all muscle groups, and not
    only problem areas.
  8. Exercises for training should be as
    varied to fully develop your body.
  9. Only regular workouts will be successful.
  10. Everything needs to be done with pleasure and good mood,
    because it doubles the results.

It is better упражнения выполнять, смотря видео-уроки, ведь так
The quality of the workout will be much higher. This video presents
set of exercises from Julia Bogdan for a complete home

If you decide to use video tutorials, first review
video to the end, and then do the exercises with the coach. You
You can also use other video lessons with Julia Bogdan,
they are freely available on the Internet.

Work on yourself is always the hardest. So do not give up when
first difficulties and failures. Fitness дома – это очень хорошая
alternative to expensive gyms, and most importantly effective at
compliance with all rules. Be demanding and persevering and
You всегда достигнете поставленной цели.

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