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Unlike the natural feeling of hunger, which helps to understand
when you need to eat, a false appetite appears even then
when we are completely full, and very much prevents us from throwing off the extra
pounds. How to deal with appetite and at the same time accustom yourself to
healthy eating habits?


1. Do not starve.

Starvation is the worst enemy of losing weight, as it causes
persistent feeling of lack of energy. After periods of fasting people
trying to eat for the future. Nothing boosts your appetite like more
or less long fasting.

2. Increase fiber intake. Dietary fiber prolongs
feeling of satiety and thereby reduce appetite. Good
sources of fiber are: apples, peaches, oranges,
grapes, vegetables.

3. Eat foods with a low glycemic index (less than 55).
Foods with a large (70+) glycemic index cause
first a sharp rise and then an avalanche level drop
blood glucose. Low sugar “makes” us eat
more. If you continue to eat harmful foods, to overcome the appetite
you will not succeed. Foods with a low glycemic index of this,
for example, apples, bananas, green vegetables, legumes.

4. Eat less, but more often. Large portions lead to a sharp
increase, and then to a drop in blood sugar levels, which causes
overeat next time. There is little that often – the fractional principle
food, which you probably heard. In this mode, the appetite
you will be much less.

5. Eat slowly. Unhurried meal reduces appetite during
Meal time, and thus reduces the intake of calories. In short,
then there is a delay between the actual physiological saturation
and the appearance of a feeling of satiety in our mind. Making pauses during
eating time, eating slowly, slowly chewing, not
swallowing pieces, a feeling of saturation and readiness to wrap up
will come to you before you have time to swallow 3000 calories.

6. Reduce the variety of flavors in one dish. When we have on
a plate of a lot of very different, tasty food, then a high probability
activation of bad hormones that increase appetite. Familiar to all
the expression “looks appetizing.” Use it the other way around.
Try to cook as simple as possible. For example, just
green soup puree.

7. Use small plates. Pure psychological reception.
First, on such a dish less food is placed, and often we
just too lazy to run and report. Secondly, in deeper
dishes often remain leftovers that are a pity to throw out, and we
eat up, even though it is already superfluous.

8. Drink a glass of water before each meal. Water not
contains calories, which means it is the ideal “filling” for
a stomach that speeds up the feeling of fullness and reduces

9. Drink vegetable soup / chicken broth before the main reception.
food. Such dishes are tasty and easy to prepare. However important
that the volume was significantly more restaurant. Eat not one
a plate, and two. After serving, a feeling of “almost full” should appear,
otherwise, the appetite will only increase.

10. Food – out of sight! When within reach
tasty food is usually difficult for us to resist. We are not as hungry as
just great temptation to have fun with a minimum of effort.
Therefore, we hide all the goodies away.

11. Maintain a good mood. Serotonin which
отвечает за хорошее настроение, уменьшает appetite. Some
products (for example, bananas) stimulate the production of this

12. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep reduces leptin levels and increases
ghrelin level. И то и другое усиливает appetite. Therefore, we are friends with
a pillow.

13.If you are not hungry, that is, recently eaten, you do not suck under
with a spoon, and you just want yummy, drink a glass of black
tea with mint – peppermint is one of the plants
reduce appetite.

14. Take Supplements – Natural Herbs, Promoting
reduced appetite. Из витаминов хорошо принимать пиколинат
chromium, it helps to overcome cravings for sweets.

The main thing is not to make any sudden movements. Habits change
gradually. Желудок уменьшается gradually. People who succeeded
lose weight, spent on it for months. Do not try to restructure
in a day. Smoothly move to a new mode, enter new
light foods and discard old ones. After all, you need to lose weight
forever right?

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