How to cook Philadelphia sushi at homeconditions

Tasty and interesting Japanese cuisine in recent years has gained high popularity. Sushi is widespread, which are made using rice, seaweed, fish (raw, baked, salted) and other additives. Special Popular among fans of Japanese cuisine Philadelphia roll. Dish made with soft cream cheese, salmon, rice, cucumber and seaweed Many people want to know how to make sushi philadelphia в домашних conditions. On the method of preparation, composition and calorie roll read on.

суши филадельфия

Specialсти суши Филадельфия

Before you start making Philadelphia sushi at home conditions, стоит узнать особенности создания этого блюда. Improperly made rolls can be tasteless, fall apart or vice versa – be too dry. To make the dish such as it is prepared in Japan, you should pay attention to The following features:

  1. Rice must be properly prepared. To make the grain ideal, a proportion of 1 part rice to 1.5 parts water is required. On 2 cups of rice product accounts for 2 and a half cups fluid. Grain is cooked without opening the lid during cooking A small fire is used for cooking. Cool rice – only under the lid closed.
  2. An important ingredient of the dish is rice vinegar. Component added for rice with preliminary preparation. First, vinegar is mixed with a teaspoon of sugar, salt. After that, the mixture is brought to uniformity on the stove (using slow fire). When refueling a little cool, you need to add it to the cooled (but not until end) grain, gently turning rice.
  3. Суши в домашних conditions, Филадельфия, не готовится без cream cheese. This ingredient gives a pleasant flavor coloring. Dish, adds roll tenderness. It is recommended to use cheese �”Philadelphia”, in whose honor they gave the name of sushi, but the recipe allows for the replacement of an expensive product by others similar in consistency and to taste.
  4. The composition of sushi includes raw salmon or trout. Acquire fish It should be only from trusted suppliers who guarantee it freshness. If in doubt, you can find a quality one. product, use Philadelphia sushi recipe with lightly salted ingredient.
  5. Avocado and cucumber – a great addition to the roll. In classic The recipe uses an exotic fruit that emphasizes the taste. cheese, but some cook Philadelphia with a cucumber. Cucumber has hard structure, unlike avocados, so choose suitable product need depending on personal preference.


Classic recipe with photos

Available ingredients allow everyone to make interesting roll yourself. Delicate taste dishes like many therefore, it will be an excellent option for a home table. Will help to cook the perfect Philadelphia sushi roll recipe at home conditions с фото пошагово. Detailed photos will provide the correct passage of each stage of the creation of the dish. Recipe like готовить суши в домашних conditions:

How to cook Philadelphia sushi at homeconditionsYou понадобится:

  • 300 grams of Philadelphia cheese;
  • 600 grams of raw salmon or salted;
  • 2 cups of rice;
  • avocado (you can replace or supplement cucumber);
  • rice vinegar – 50 ml;
  • 2 tbsp. l Sahara;
  • tablespoon of salt;
  • 3 leaf nori.


  1. Before cooking rice for sushi, rinse the product well. Pour into a saucepan, cover with water. Boil rice until cooked under closed lid on low heat. Cool until warm temperature
  2. Make a refueling. To do this, mix the sugar, salt, vinegar. Use a microwave or stove to warm the mixture and achieve her uniformity.
  3. Gently add rice vinegar to the boiled grain. Not mix too much, otherwise the rice will fall apart, it will become stuck together.
  4. Wash the avocados, peel, cut. Take away bone. If using a cucumber, clean the seed. Slice ingredients are straws.
  5. Cover a special mat for sushi with food film. Recipes Philadelphia provides for the preparation of a roll in the technique of “Uramak” (rice out).
  6. Place a sheet of nori on the mat (the mat side should be above). If you have large pieces of algae, separate half.
  7. Wet your hands in cold water. Put the prepared rice on top of the nori. The display should be uniform. Leave the bottom algae centimeter strip without grain, and on the contrary vice versa – lay out on 2 see on film.
  8. Cover with a part of the rug that is not engaged when cooking sushi, seaweed sheet. Flip the reverse by the side.
  9. On a sheet of nori, which was on top, place the cream cheese. Use a large amount of ingredient to Philadelphia sushi turned out delicious.
  10. Top with sliced avocado and / or cucumber.
  11. Start spinning the roll, lifting the bottom of the mat and turning it off. Avoid strong pressure to fill with rice grains are not sprawled. Put the roll aside.
  12. Thinly chop the salmon, placing it on a mat covered with film. Pieces should be uniform, large. Between them is impossible make gaps.
  13. Place the deferred fish on top. rolled into a roll, sushi. Cut the pieces of fish that extend beyond the edges of the roll.
  14. Fold the edges of the rug. Apply force and roll it to Philadelphia sushi turned out to be dense.
  15. Dip a knife in rice vinegar. First, divide the finished Philadelphia into two equal parts, then each part – 3 or 4 beautiful pieces.
  16. Serve with soy sauce, ginger, wasabi. If desired garnish with sushi with tobiko caviar.

What can replace philadelphia cheese < / h2>

Many people are interested in what to replace the expensive ingredient to prepare a dish at home. The market sells a lot of cheeses that have a pleasant creamy structure and similar taste. Options to replace the cheese product:

  • Mascarpone, Bursen. These sushi cheeses are most similar to the ingredients of the famous roll, but they are also expensive. < / Li>
  • Almette from Hochland. The cheese structure and taste reminiscent of “Philadelphia”, but it is much cheaper. < / Li>
  • Buco. It has a smooth delicate texture, sour taste. It has a creamy aroma. < / Li>
  • “Rama cream Bonjour”. Cheese with creamy curd flavor and pleasant aroma. < / Li>
  • “Friendship”. Processed cheese resembles classic “Philadelphia” a little, but some people like this supplement. < / Li> < / ul>

    Philadelphia sushi calories per 100 grams < / h2>

    People who are on a diet, it is important to know how many calories in sushi Philadelphia. Calorie content depends on the composition of the roll, the presence of additional ingredients (avocado, cucumber), the type of fish used (salmon, trout). В 100 гр классического продукта содержится 142 ккаl The weight of one portion, as a rule, reaches 250 grams, the dish is divided into 8 pieces. Thus, in 1 pc. Philadelphia contains 45 calories.


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