How to cook mussels in water, wine, beer, milk,oil What spices to add? How much to cook fresh andcooked frozen mussels?

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Gentle mussel meat does not require long cooking.

If the mollusks spend more time in boiling water, they
become tough and completely unfit for human consumption.

In any case, the pleasure that gives the right
cooked meat mussels will be gone. How to cook mussels to
to keep all the beauty of their sea freshness?

How to choose mussels

For well-known reasons, Russian mussel shops enter the Russian market.
frozen form. If you are first buying this wonderful
food you need to know how to choose really
high-quality mussels.

• Shellfish in shells should be whole, without cracks and snow
�”Tracks” in the glaze. Otherwise the risk is high that the mussels are already
thawed and, therefore, nutritional value and benefits are reduced to
to zero.

• The normal color of peeled mussels is light. If a
the meat is dark, it can be spoiled.

• When buying, you should give preference to products known
stamps, in extreme cases, check for certificates. The thing is
that mussels let water through themselves and have the ability
accumulate toxins and other filth, including deadly
poisons hazardous to health;

• The largest shellfish tastes best: they contain more meat and juice. On
The package indicates the number of mollusks in relation to the kilogram
weight. The smaller this number is, the larger the specimens are.

Обратите внимание: из килограмма мидий в
the shell produces about a hundred grams of pure meat.

How to prepare mussels for cooking and how to cook them

Frozen mussels in armor and without armor are prepared in different ways.
You can defrost the mollusks in the shell or
not to do this is a matter of taste. But wash thoroughly anyway
will have to: sand and algae may remain in mussels.

If a вы решили разморозить моллюсков, сделать это можно

• cleaned the meat from the shell placed in the refrigerator for
defrosting for 2-3 hours;

• another option is to defrost mollusks in cold water (this
the method is suitable for unpeeled mussels).

Thawed product must be put in a colander and thoroughly.
rinse with cold water. If a вы не планируете размораживать
shellfish, you just need to wash them, and rub the shell additionally
brushed to clean off sticking sands and fragments
ocean flora.

How to cook mussels? Первое правило: бросать
product in the already boiling water and be sure to wait for the secondary
boiling From now on, count the exact number of minutes.
cooking so as not to spoil the meat.

Второе правило: минимум воды, особенно если
mussels are already cleaned. If a налить слишком много жидкости, то много
the juice just disappears. The broth will turn out rich, but it
absolutely not necessary, because the decoction is rarely used for food. To
as much as possible to preserve the taste, the water should be low: it should only
a little pour the meat.

When cooking mussels in their shells, pay attention to
the state of the valves.
If a положенное время с момента
boiling has passed, and the leaf has not opened, this copy can be
boldly thrown away: in front of you is a damaged mollusk that is not suitable for
food. From the opened shell the meat needs to be extracted, flavored.
flavor to your liking, eat just like that or
use for cooking your favorite dish.

As for spices, this is a matter of taste. Someone likes
natural marine taste of tender mussels. In this case, it is not necessary
choke it with alien sea flavors. Someone on the contrary
prefers to set off the taste of mollusks with lemon, bay leaf,
pepper, olive oil, garlic.

How to cook mussels in the sinks

Mussels go on sale in three main

• frozen in shells;

• frozen peeled from the shell (raw);

• cooked frozen peeled.

It depends on the degree of preliminary preparation of the product,
how much to cook mussels. The most interesting, but not too convenient
option – mollusks in shells. The product is ideal for romantics,
who want to feel at the seaside or in
a small Italian restaurant.

Unpeeled mussels in the shells boil for 7 to 10 minutes. If a
the product has not previously been defrosted; cooking time can be
increase by 1-2 minutes. The traditional method of cooking in water is not
only: mussels can be cooked in white wine or beer.

The traditional method of cooking

• Pour two glasses of water into a saucepan and bring to a boil.

• After boiling, salt to taste and throw 450-500 grams

• After secondary boiling, boil the clams for 8-10 minutes.

• Opened mussels are ready.

You can submit them entirely, without taking them out of the shell and spreading them on
beautiful plates. Sprinkle with fresh lemon juice or put
lemon slices on a plate. Additionally, you can serve any sauce and

If a нужно использовать мясо для приготовления блюда, например,
lettuce, the sash should be removed, and mussels rinse with warm

Mussels cooked in white wine

Wine aroma gives spice to tender meat. It is better to take
inexpensive dry wine. You can replace it with semi-dry or semi-sweet

• Pour into the pan one and a half cups of dry white wine.

• After закипания выложить 300-350 граммов mussels

• Boil 7-10 minutes after the second boiling of the liquid.

Shumovkoy remove ready mussels from the liquid, arrange in plates
and file. Unopened shells throw away. You can serve a dish with
cheese or cream sauce.

Mussels cooked in beer

Mussels are often served with beer, pre-fry in
garlic-cheese sauce. However, the foam drink itself may become
Excellent environment for cooking mussels in the sink. It is advisable to use
spicy dark beer: it has a special aroma, fine
blended with the taste of clam meat. По желанию можно to take
light beers.

• Pour two glasses of beer into the pan.

• When the drink boils, gently drop 450 grams into it.
размороженных mussels

• Boil for 5-6 minutes.

Serve with lemon and garlic snack. At will to offer to
mussels a glass of chilled beer.

How to cook frozen mussels without shell

If a возиться с романтикой раковин не хочется, можно купить уже
peeled fresh mussels. How many cook mussels without a shell? After
boiling it will take no more than 7 minutes if the product
used in unfrozen form. Pre-thawed
Mussel meat cooked no more than 5 minutes.

How to cook frozen mussels? Traditional
method of cooking in water is no different from the above. Need to
bring to a boil a small amount of water and drop there
clams. Meat used for cooking.

More interesting is the cooking method, in which mussels become
separate dish.

Mussels cooked in wine with spices

• Bring to a boil and a half cups of dry white wine.

• When it boils, put some spices in the water for
seafood, salt to taste, add pepper.

• If a хочется оттенить морской вкус еще сильнее, допускается
use of seasonal greenery.

• Опустить с кипящее вино 300 граммов mussels

• Cook for five minutes under a lid on very low heat.

Remove the finished mussels with a slotted spoon and serve as your own dish.
Plate decorated with lemon slices. Fresh Lemon Juice,
which can flavor the dish, perfectly combined with the taste

Mussels cooked in milk

Unusual, but very tasty combination of sea taste with aroma
milk How to cook frozen mussels in milk?

• Pour some milk into a saucepan (a glass and a half).

• When the milk starts to boil, salt it.

• Lower mussels (300-400 grams is enough) and with stirring,
so that the milk does not boil away, boil the meat of mollusks no more than five

In this way, it is also possible to boil clams with a sink, increasing
соответственно время варки на 5-7 minutes

How to cook cooked frozen mussels

Dish almost instant cooking – popular
boiled mussels, frozen after cooking. In fact, they are not
need heat treatment, but you must agree to use them
in this form (even after defrosting) is not very desirable. therefore
Before serving the finished product needs a little refreshment.

How to cook cooked frozen mussels? Simply
boil water, salt it, lower the mussels and hold after
secondary boiling no more than two, maximum three minutes in a bubbling
salted water. You can add herbs, spices or fresh
greens to your taste. After откинуть на дуршлаг, дать воде стечь и
cook a further recipe.

There is another way to boil ready frozen
моллюсков: в оливковом oil
How to cook
cooked frozen mussels in this way?

• Pour an incomplete cup of olive oil (approximately

• Put a spoonful of spices for fish or seafood,

• Optionally add a clove of garlic (optional).

• When the oil begins to boil, put a bag of mussels and warm it in
boiling oil for 2-3 minutes.

So cooked mussels spread out on a paper towel,
so that excess oil is gone. Submit with greens as an independent,
very juicy and tender dish.

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