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Crayfish hunting is a very exciting experience. Amateur hunters
love to talk about the aroma of smoke and herbs that
the freshest crayfish just caught from the river are saturated.
The fishing season begins in spring, in May, and ends by the end.
October Autumn crayfish are the most delicious and meaty ones.

Rakolov wives (or lovers of delicious invertebrates)
must necessarily know how to cook crayfish. Spice water,
pickle, kvass, beer and even sour cream with adjika can be beautiful
basis for cooking.

How to cook crayfish – the general principles of cooking

The crayfish bought or brought from the river should be immediately
soak in cold water. If cooking in milk is supposed
You can pour live crayfish with milk. By the way, such a soak
suitable for other methods of boiling: milk to give meat
crayfish tenderness and special taste.

Before cooking crayfish you need a lot
Rinse thoroughly with cold water, or even better – clean carefully.
places of possible accumulation of dirt (silt, sand) with a soft brush. how
this is usually the area of ​​the abdomen and joints.

how варить раков? Exceptionally alive and it is
one of the unpleasant moments. However dead invertebrates in food
not suitable and even dangerous to health. Resisting cancer can
quite sensitively pinch, so when you wash it you need to firmly
hold on the back.

For cooking, you need a large bucket or another suitable
capacity. Важно, что она была достаточно высокой:
если от
the surface of the liquid to the edge of the dish will be less than 10 or even 15
centimeters, have some time to drop
panicking crayfish in boiling water.

In addition to water, crayfish can be boiled in beer, milk, cucumber
brine, kvass. On a liter of liquid you need to take a tablespoon of salt
(with the exception of brine, and without that salty).

How much to cook crayfish? On cooking crayfish will leave from
fifteen minutes to half an hour. Small copies will be brewed quickly,
maximum in 20 minutes. The middle ones should be boiled for 25 minutes.
Well, the most impressive individuals will be ready in minutes

Важно не переварить лакомство: в этом случае
meat will be hard, tasteless, dry. Therefore, as soon as
the greenish-brown color of the shell became bright red, the container with ready
crayfish must be removed from the heat.

Не спешите доставать их сразу: пусть немного
infused in broth, soaked them. Boil crayfish need
just before meals: keep them after cooking
can not.

Traditional crayfish with seasoning and salt

There is nothing simpler and tastier than traditional dishes. That is why
The recipe boils its crayfish its prey by making a fire on a quiet beach.
Black pepper and bay leaf are all you need.
flavoring boiling water.


• one and a half to two kilograms of crayfish;

• four liters of clean water;

• four tablespoons of salt;

• five bay leaves;

• a teaspoon of black peppercorns (vary the sharpness by
to taste;

• a bunch of dill;

• lemon.

Cooking method:

Pour water into a saucepan or bucket and put on fire.

Wait for boiling and salt.

Throw in spices and herbs in boiling water.

Squeeze the juice out of the lemon and boil for a bit (three
minutes is enough).

Grabbing crayfish by the back, carefully lower them into boiling water.

Wait for the secondary boiling of water, reduce the heat.

Cover the container with a lid and cook over low heat until

Crayfish with sour cream and spicy sauce

The special taste of this broth will inform the crawfish tenderness and sharpness
at the same time. Instead of traditional spices, you can take any spicy
homemade sauce or adjika. The second component
softening decoction – is sour cream. For extra flavor
You can take seasonal greens. How much to cook crayfish for this recipe,
depends on their size.


• two kilograms of crayfish;

• six liters of water;

• four tablespoons of sour cream;

• six tablespoons of coarse salt;

• two tablespoons of finished adzhika or hot sauce;

• a bunch of fresh herbs (dill required, parsley and cilantro

Cooking method:

Bring water to a boil.

Salt boiled water.

Add sour cream and adjika to the pickle.

Finely chop the greens and dip them in a fragrant pickle. He must
boil for about five minutes.

Run crayfish, holding them back.

how только отвар закипит, огонь убавить на минимальный.

Варить раков под крышкой до readiness

When the shells turn red, remove from heat and serve.

Crayfish in a light beer

Beer lovers will certainly appreciate the original recipe
crayfish. If you do not mind translating beer to decoction, you can try and
this way. How to cook crayfish in beer pickle? As many,
how much in the water. However, after the backs turn red, you need
let the dish stand. This will increase the cooking time by
half an hour.


• kilogram of fresh crayfish;

• one and a half liters of light fresh beer;

• one and a half liters of drinking water;

• three tablespoons of salt;

• a teaspoon of black pepper.

Cooking method:

In a large saucepan, mix water and beer.

Bring the liquid to a boil.

Salt, pepper and brine just a minute
to boil over.

Опустить в пиво crayfish.

After secondary boiling, cover the container with a lid and cook at
медленном кипении до readiness

Within half an hour, do not remove boiled crayfish from the beer
brine: they must be thoroughly soaked with the taste of spiced beer.

Crayfish in milk

It would seem that milk and crayfish are few compatible products. At the very
In fact, the taste is very thin, delicate, with a pleasant creamy
shade. how варить раков этим способом? All the same as in
previous recipes. However, there is a nuance: before boiling
invertebrates need to soak in cold milk.


• kilogram of live crayfish;

• two liters of water;

• two liters of milk;

• four tablespoons of coarse salt;

• dill to taste.

Cooking method:

Pour the prepared crayfish with milk and leave it for hours
three or three and a half.

Boil water, add half of the specified amount of salt and
boil the crayfish in the usual way (according to the first recipe, but without

Water pour.

Boiled crayfish again pour cold milk, salt
residues of salt and bring to a boil.

how только молоко закипит, огонь выключить.

Leave the crayfish in a bucket of hot milk for 20 minutes.

Remove and serve.

Crayfish in brine

Cucumber pickle – a very useful thing in the household. On
you can not only cook a wonderful pickle or knead it
dough on dry biscuits, but boil crayfish.


• kilogram of fresh crayfish;

• three liters of brine;

• three liters of water;

• Spoon of salt;

• fresh dill to taste.

Cooking method:

Cook the crayfish in plain water, salt it with a spoonful of salt.

Pour out the water and re-fill the finished crayfish with cold brine.

Onрубить зелень.

Bring the brine to a boil, put the chopped dill and boil
crayfish for a moment.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow the crayfish to stand in a little brine.
Fifteen minutes is enough.

Crayfish in white dry wine

Spicy wine aroma gives crayfish a special shade. Via
dry wine can diversify the recipe for cooking crayfish,
giving the dish originality. how варить раков в вине?


• kilogram of fresh live crayfish;

• two liters of water;

• liter of white dry or semi-sweet wine;

• three tablespoons of medium or coarse salt;

• seasonal greens to taste (bunch);

• a mixture of peppers to taste (teaspoon)

Cooking method:

Water and wine combined in a large container and put on medium
the fire.

When the liquid boils, it needs to be salted and pepper.

Throw chopped dill, boil a minute.

Запустить crayfish.

When the decoction boils, reduce the heat to a minimum, cover the container
a lid.

How much to cook crayfish after boiling? Until
shells do not blush.

Boil until cooked, then remove from heat and serve.

how варить раков — хитрости и полезные советы

  • If the crayfish are alive, they are best boiled right away: this is the most delicious
    option. You can cool the crayfish and keep them in the fridge, but not more
    two days. Frozen crayfish may lie in the freezer until
    three months without loss of juiciness and taste.

  • If you do not plan to boil the crayfish immediately, extend them
    freshness is possible with cold water. Onберите ее в любую тару и
    Run there a future lunch or dinner. Another cooling option is
    just put the crayfish in the fridge, putting it in the metal

  • When buying crayfish from hands or in a store, you need to pay attention to
    invertebrate activity. Healthy, newly caught cancer leads
    he is active, moving his claws, mustache and tail, trying to escape.
    If the cancer is lethargic or, worse, does not move at all, buy it
    can not. Sick and dead crayfish are harmful, dangerous ones accumulate in them

  • Only chilled cancer can move a little. But fall asleep from the cold
    he cannot, this is a cunning salesman trying to sell a worthless

  • It is important to choose a really high pot. If this is not
    do and not follow the process, stubborn crayfish scatter. Besides
    In addition, a sufficient distance between the surface of the water and the lid
    Capacity will allow crayfish to boil better.

  • Do not fill the crayfish in the pan too tight. If they will
    closely, the dish can remain damp. To crayfish enough
    boiled down, they should feel pretty free to
    boiling water.

  • Do not be afraid to add too much salt: spoons of salt per liter of liquid is just
    enough. The shell of the crayfish is dense, it does not pass salt well.

  • While cleaning the crayfish and lowering them into boiling water, you can put on
    hands thick rubber gloves to avoid pain from possible
    tweezers claws. If there are kitchen plugs, then run the crayfish in
    boiled bucket can be with their help.

  • Eating crayfish is hot. The meat will be juicy and very

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