How to clean the belly at home?

kak-ubrat-zhivot-v-domashnih-usloviyahDesire to make a belly
flat and fit at first may seem difficult enough
task, especially for women with a lot of accumulated
abdominal fat, but it is not at all.

Many people treat the appearance of belly fat as
an inevitable phenomenon that invariably happens to their bodies
upon reaching middle age, and prefer to somehow get along with
by this.

However, there is a natural way to remove the belly, which
you just need to spend a small amount of your time and

So, how to remove the stomach at home?

Abdominal fat anatomy

As for belly fat, you actually have
deal with two types of fats. Those folds on the stomach for which you
can grab your fingers are called subcutaneous fat
fiber. But there are deeper layers of fat
in the abdominal cavity and enveloping all your internal organs –
this is his visceral form.

Visceral fat leads to such changes in the body
which can cause an increase in cholesterol and increase
inflammatory processes – which in turn can lead to
the occurrence of various heart diseases.

Your tendency to accumulate visceral fat depends on
several factors: age, hormones and genetic
predisposition. Women who have gone through labor also have
the tendency to accumulate visceral fat, as well as women,
approaching middle age.


Fat burning

The best way to naturally tidy up the waist in
at home – burn excess fat with exercise.
Localized loads, such as squats or twists,
able to add tone to the abdominal muscles, but they will not help you
quickly reduce the belly.

Experts recommend first getting 30 – 60 minutes
moderate-intensity aerobic activity — for example, fast
walking, swimming or cycling – so many days a week,
as much as you can.

Muscle tone

Be sure to include in your own exercise program
and strength training, as an important component, allowing
effectively remove fat from the abdomen.

Strength training increases the percentage of muscle mass in your
body, which contributes to a faster metabolism.
Exercises that you must first turn
attention – squats or leg presses, various types of twists and
leg rises, and work with the thigh muscles.

Of course, for training with weights you can
go to the gym, but you can also just get
their own dumbbells and even special simulators for the home in
sporting goods store and perform all these exercises in
home conditions.

Do strength training 2 – 3 times a week, which will give
Your body can recover well between exercises.
Aerobic exercise and strength training can also help get rid of
or significantly reduce the manifestation of another unpleasant
phenomena like cellulite.

Healthy diet

All calories are exactly the same no matter what
the foods you eat. Therefore, there is no miracle food,
which you can eat and burn fat fast. Focus better
its focus on proper diet, rich
monounsaturated fats that can improve
health of your heart.

But, still be careful – any type of fat is still
is high-calorie, so do not overdo it. For
healthy weight loss calculate how many calories you need for
maintain current weight with your normal motor
activity. If you want to lose 0.5 kg per week, using
restrictions on nutrition and sports, reduce the number of
calories consumed at 500 every day. To lose 1 kg in
a week, subtract 1000 calories.


In addition to the ability to tidy up, regular
Exercise has other benefits – protect you from
heart disease and other chronic diseases that increase
endurance, keep your muscles and bones strong, and improve

However, if you have not received any physical activity in
over time and especially if you have chronic
disease, be sure to get permission from a doctor before
start doing exercises to tighten your

And what is the best way for you to remove the stomach?

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