How to clean masta pre cooking.Slippery oil can: how to clean a naughty fungus

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Fragrant boletus is very tasty in soups, roasting, pies, meat
dishes. But before using mushrooms for their intended purpose, they need to
Be sure to process. It’s not so easy how elastic
oiler: how to clean this mushroom, every hostess should know.

Why clean the oil

Pretreatment of the oil before implies not only
disposal of debris and sand. Many mushroom pickers advise to shoot
cap film. Opinions on such cleansing are different.
Someone does not bother themselves with such work and just washes mushrooms, and
someone scrupulously clean the cap. What for?

The meaning is as follows:

• a film that is not peeled from mushrooms can make them bitter

• released from the film boletus are more gentle;

• when the film covering the mushroom cap gets wet, it becomes
�”Snotty”, and mushrooms can stick together in one lump (especially
relevant for pickled butter);

• without a film, oils are white, beautiful, and with
film – dark.

Whatever it was, brushing oil was accepted. Small size
You can not touch the mushrooms, since you can remove the film from them almost

Harvested mushrooms can be cleaned on a dry day, in nature or
houses. If mushroom hunting was carried out in the rain, then boom oil
should be dried beforehand. This can be done under shady
canopy in the open air, spreading the crop on newspaper sheets, or

Some housewives dry mushrooms at a low temperature in
oven, but in this case it is necessary to lay several times
portions, which is not very convenient. Easier to spread mushrooms on the working
table surface or right on the floor and wait for the natural

If the oils are collected for drying, remove the film from them
need to. How to clean the oil in this case? Need to take pretty
tough brush and wipe off sticky oily feet and caps
twigs, grass blades, sand and other debris. If the dirt is stuck
thoroughly, you need to scrape it with a knife or just cut it off.
Wipe each fungus with a soft, clean cloth and
send to dry.

How to clean oiler in the forest

Harvesting mushrooms, you can right in the forest to do their cleansing.
If the day is sunny, the mushrooms are dry, much more comfortable and pleasant.
process them immediately. There’s no need to carry extra dirt into the house, and
working in nature is not so boring.

How to clean boletus in the field? All very

• the tip of the cap must be gently broken;

• pick up the edge of the film with a mushroom picking knife and
pull it off your hat.

Fresh peel is separated quite easily, and cleaning does not take
a lot of time. However, this method is not suitable if the weather
rainy. Soaked caps become very slippery, have to
Bring the harvest home and dry the mushrooms.

How to clean the butter at home

Brought home can be easily cleaned with
boiling water. To do this, just boil in a large saucepan.
2-3 liters of water and throw in boiling liquid oil literally on
half a minute. After such an extreme swim, clean off the film with
hats are not difficult.

Другой вариант — подержать грибы на кипящей
water Steaming time is the same – 30 seconds. The main thing is to steam
was solid, thick. In this case, the film will separate.

Многие грибники знают, как неприятно
the film sticks to the hands and the knife during the oil processing. Sticky
the substance literally sticks to the fingers and the cutting surface that
very difficult job. There is an easy way to make your life easier:
fingers and knife blade just need to grease with vegetable oil.
This prevents film from pouring and protects your fingers from coloring.
mushroom juice.

If you plan to clean the mushrooms in the forest, you can take with you
oil soaked fabric. It can be put in polyethylene
bag: it takes a little space, and cleaning really speeds up and makes
more comfortable.

How to clean boletus: tips for hostesses

About many things makes you think strong, but capricious
oiler: how to clean this mushroom, how to fry it, whether
marinate or easier to dry. However, there is another important point
which can excite beginner mushroom pickers: how to avoid
blackening of the skin on the hands and how you can wash your hands?

The fact is that after cleaning the dark is literally eaten into the fingers
mushroom juice. To get rid of him, hands need to be processed.
lemon juice or a solution of vinegar (take table vinegar and water in
equal proportion). Darkened skin should be moistened with an acidic substance.
After the acid has worked, you just rub your fingers
normal pumice or stiff brush. Then rinse everything off
Be sure to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

By the way, oiled fingers do not get dark
juice Here are some more important tips:

• In no case should the oil be soaked before cleaning. A business
that the structure of the mushroom cap is tubular, so it is easy
picking up water. At the same time swelling mucous-oily
cap film. In this condition brush the oil

• You can pull the film off the mushroom not with a knife, but with gauze. For this in
the hat of the cleaned mushroom must be pressed (quite noticeably, tightly)
a piece of ordinary gauze. Then pick up the edge of the oil film,
stuck to the fabric, and pull over the gauze edge;

• Larger parts are easier to clean. They need to be cut to
thick film, and then pull the halves in different directions. Sticky
skin will be removed easily and quickly.

Peeled from the film boletus obtained in the dishes more beautiful
and not so slippery. To clean or not to clean mushrooms, each
the hostess must decide for herself.

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