How to clean flounder – sequence and stepscutting. How to clean flounder and cook flounder fillets

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Flounder – inhabitant of the seabed, one of the few species.
fish found even in the Mariana Trench.

Gourmets consider it a delicacy and are called sea chicken, appreciating
for a delicate and slightly sweet taste.

Doctors classify meat as a dietary product. There is little
calories and lots of vitamins, easily digestible protein, minerals, fat
acids. Flounder is recommended to use for those who struggle with excess
weight – it will satisfy and not add extra calories. Fish is useful
people experiencing strong physical or intellectual
loads, restoring strength after an illness, children and

Despite the advantages of fish, it rarely appears on the table.

The reason is an unusual flat view, due to which housewives are not
know how to clean flounder. Meanwhile, nothing complicated in
there is no procedure.

It is only necessary to carefully study the sequence of actions and
follow the pattern. And then the marine delicacy will appear more often.
on the table.

How to clean flounder: proper defrosting

Experts advise to cook the fish immediately after the capture. Later than
proceed to culinary processing, the less will remain in the meat
beneficial substances. But few housewives go fishing, often
fresh frozen fish is bought for cooking. Therefore, before
preparation must necessarily defrost the “catch”.
Only in this case the maximum of vitamins, minerals and
other useful compounds.

• Natural defrosting will take a long time, therefore
This method is suitable if you do not need to hurry anywhere. Place
carcass in the package in the fridge on the bottom shelf and leave

• To speed up the process, flounder put in a cold salted
water Dissolve salt in water (for every kilogram of weight – 1 tea
spoon) and put the fish in it. Hot water can not be used: she
will destroy protein and nutrients, the meat will become flabby, and the taste

Rinse fresh or thawed carcass with water, remove sand,
mucus, algae residue or salt.

How to clean flounder from scales

Depending on the type of fish, it is with or without scales. AT
In the first case, the plates are peeled off, leaving soft and edible skin.
ATо втором — шкурку снимают, так как она слишком толстая, и в пищу
no good. In addition, the skin gives the dishes a characteristic unpleasant

So that the plates do not fly around the kitchen when cleaning, fish
process in a bowl with water or wrapped in a plastic bag.
To clean the flounder start from the dark side.

Turn the fish head to yourself and, holding your hand, scrape off
the scales. When finished, turn the bright side up and also
process the surface.

How to clean flounder: remove skin

Some types of fish have a specific iodine flavor.
To get rid of it and prevent the appearance
unpleasant smell when cooking, it is necessary to remove the skin from

1. Turn the fish upside down and its tail toward you.
Make a horizontal incision under the skin around the carcass, moving from
tail section.

2. Insert the tip of the knife under the skin and cut, separating from

3. ATложите большой палец между кожей и мясом и отрывайте шкуру,
moving to the head.

4. Firmly holding the fish by the tail, remove the skin.

How to clean flounder: cutting and gutting

AT магазинах обычно продаются подготовленные тушки рыбы: лишенные
scales and gutted. But if the counter is only
intact flounder, do not rush to give up the purchase.
Self-handle fish is not difficult.

• ATымытую тушку положите темной стороной наверх, ножом или
cut the fins and tail with cooking scissors.

• Head separated last. To do this
A v-notch on both sides of the fish and then gently separated from
trunk along with the viscera. If you immediately cut off the head, then
clean the carcass as it should not. The fact is that the structure
flounder is different from the usual fish species: the organs are immediately
under the gills and not at the bottom. When removing the peritoneum act
carefully, trying not to damage the gallbladder, so as not to spoil
the taste of the future dish. Try to pull the insides one

How to clean flounder: cooking fillets

To prepare the fillet is better to take large-sized specimens
The fish is cut with a thin long knife, after removing
skin, or cut it off after the resulting pieces.

1. Put the fish with the dark side up and, trying not
damage, run a longitudinal section along the ridge from the tail to

2. Make side cuts along the contour of the fish, sliding the blade along

3. ATложите кончик ножа в разрез и, делая короткие движения,
отделяя мякоть и скользя лезвием по bones. For convenience
lift the separated flesh with the other hand.

4. Turn the fish on the bright side and do the manipulations

Flounder Cleaning and Cooking Tips

• Scales are easy to clean while fresh. Therefore not
pull off the fish processing.

• If a scales dried and removed with difficulty, moisten it with water and
leave to lie down for 5 minutes. After that, things will go more fun.

• The skin of a flounder without scales is cleaned with a knife, cutting off protruding
tubercles, and if the fish is tender, the surface can be processed
metal sponge for washing dishes.

• To surely get rid of fishy smell, soak flounder
in milk for 20 minutes. The meat will become more tender, and the specific “flavor”
will disappear.

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