How to clean a perch quickly and efficiently withoutspecial effort. How to clean the perch and cut it for soup, frying androasting

Ср, 31 авг 2016 Автор: Валерия Дикарёва

Perch is a very tasty and nutritious fish, but problems with its
cleaning often occurs more than with the preparation itself.

The fins, and the scales themselves are very caustic, therefore inexperienced
sweeper very much injured hands. But this can be avoided if
take into account a few nuances that are important at the time of cleaning and cutting

So, the main question is how to clean the perch without harm to yourself, but
with high quality and fast.

Clean or not clean

In many cases, cleaning perch is not necessary. Wherein
dishes of such fish are no less tasty than if
underwent this procedure.

Cases where cleaning is not needed:

• When baking perch on the grill;

• In the case of salting and further drying the fish;

• If the perch is dried;

• When fish is used to make broth soup;

• Finished perch does not require cleaning.

In each of these cases, the removal of scales is not required, but still
requires some measures to eliminate the tripe. For example, for soup and
roasting внутренности и жабры полностью изымаются. If this is not
to do, then the dish can taste bitter or taste lake
Tina. In other cases, the perch is amenable to radial processing,
therefore does not require any measures for cleaning.

Rules for accurate and quick cleaning

If you need to fry fish or boil it and has impressive
size, you should clean the fish completely: remove the gills,
pull out the tripe, remove the scales. How to clean the perch in these cases
the preparation is correct, few know, but it is actually very

What rules should be followed in order not to
litter the kitchen with scales, do it quickly and will not get hurt when

1. When buying, you should choose fish as fresh as possible – it
cleaned much easier than frozen several times.

2. Before cleaning the perch, sharp fins are cut off. Usually this
do with scissors, but you can cut with a knife fin from the bottom
part of it.

3. During the removal of scales, you can wear gloves. So maybe
avoid injuries from fins and scales.

4. In order to clean the scales, you need to stretch
позвонок fish. Holding the tail tight, pull the perch by

5. It is necessary to remove the scales correctly: the procedure is sharp
a knife, and a tip; the direction of movement is diagonal – from
belly to back and vice versa; The rest of the scales are removed with a knife in
direction from tail to head.

It is the scales that cause so much trouble during
cleaning, so often it is pre-treated with several

• Perch can be covered with salt for 12 hours, then skin and scales
soften a little.

• Before cleaning, the carcass is slightly frozen.

• Rinse the fish with boiling water or keep it hot for a few seconds.

• Use special tools for removing scales. Their
You can buy in the store or make yourself. Home
the analogue is a beer cap attached to a stick.

• If you clean the fish in water or under a tap, the scales will not
scatter throughout the room.

Cutting methods

How to clean a perch becomes clear, but how to properly
butchering remains a mystery. This needs to be done in such a way that
damage the skin and do not tear the meat, otherwise the perch dish will have
unaesthetic look.

To cook some dishes from the perch is required to remove from it.
skin This procedure is performed in several

1. With the help of a knife, cuts are made along the spine from below.
and on top of the carcass;

2. Fins are cut completely;

3. The skin around the head is superficially separated from the body;

4. The skin is removed from the tail to the head;

5. When the process reaches the head, it is cut off along with
stocking made of leather.

Thus, you can avoid cleansing scales. Well separated
head and easily drawn innards.

Remove the entrails and separate the fillets from the bones, also very
easy. An incision is made along the abdomen along the vertebra. Via
spoons can be removed internals. To get rid of black film,
which covers the ribs, you need to clean it with a knife. When tripe
will be withdrawn you can start filigreeing.

This process is still more often done after
skin will be removed. Fish fit on a cutting board and tight
pressed against the top of the palm. For filing need a knife with a sharp and
wide blade. Starting from the tail and moving to the head produced
incision along the spine. This happens on the other hand.

When the spine is completely separated, you can proceed to
to remove the small bones that are in the back as well
ribs removed. This is done with the help of tongs. Check availability
the bones are simple – just hold it over the surface of the meat
with your fingers.

You can prepare such a tidbit in many ways and
absolutely no worries about the fact that in the dish will fall scales
or bone – it is excluded.

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