How to choose the right belly massage forlosing weight?

massazh-zhivota-dlya-pohudeniya-osnovnye-vidyAnyone who wanted to
would find the safest and most natural weight loss method
abdominal slimming massage can be real

Most people consider the task of getting rid of unnecessary
kilograms quite difficult and tense.

If you include in your day regimen a massage of the abdominal area, then this
can contribute not only to rest and relaxation. But it will help
It is easier to endure weight loss problems.

American Research Center for Control and Prevention
diseases in 2008 revealed that about 65-70 percent of the population
The US is overweight or obese. Not only employees
The center claims that these numbers continue to grow, reflecting
worsening situation.

How to deal with this situation? How to achieve recovery
among people prone to fat accumulation? Most experts
express the opinion that the best way to lose weight and avoid disease,
associated with obesity is the strict balance between
healthy nutrition and exercise.


What can give a massage for weight loss to each of us?

If you have tried to lose weight with the help of various diets and exercises,
but until now you are not satisfied with the result, then add to these
means of combating obesity and abdominal (abdominal) massage. is he
can provide you with the emergency help you need.
your body.

Abdominal massage provides a number of benefits:

  • Improving the digestive tract;
  • Stress relief;
  • Strengthening the muscle tone of the abdomen.

Scientists needed additional research to
confirm these and other abdominal massage benefits for

According to research by the American National Institute
Health, held in 2009, abdominal massage successfully coped
with constipation and pain in the abdominal region of the subjects, increasing the urge
to defecate. However, the fact of weight loss has not been established.

However, the American Association of Manual Therapists in
the result of numerous experiments proved that massage is only
body massage, including abdominal massage, is able to:

  • Effectively reduce blood pressure;
  • Increase the body’s immune defense;
  • Stimulate the acceleration of the lymph flow and, thus, eliminate
  • Reduce pain;
  • Relax a person and promote complete relaxation

Full body massage improves the metabolic process in the tissues and
human organs, while the abdominal massage is intended
mainly for the digestive system and muscle strengthening
only in a specific area.

Most experts уверены: воздействуя на функционирование
the whole body with the help of a general massage, you thereby increase
its performance, which leads to a real opportunity to reset

The main types of massage

There are many different types of massage. All of them
are beneficial. The doctors of manual therapy are sure that they are not
there is a universal massage that can replace everything

In other words, in order to pick up an individual
massage, it is necessary to take into account the person’s body type, his personal
preferences, weight loss goals and other factors of his lifestyle.
The correct technique will vary from these parameters.

According to statistics from the American Association of Manual
Therapists, the most popular 4 types of massage:

  • Swedish;
  • Deep wilted;
  • Sports;
  • Massage chair.


is heи определяют множество других специфических стилей, которые
match any of these four categories. Swedish,
deep-woven and sports massages (except massage chair)
necessarily imply visceral massage of the abdomen, if the purpose
is weight reduction.

  • Шведский массаж – самый популярный тип massage It’s easy
    massage, which is designed for rejuvenation and relaxation.
    Lymphatic drainage massage, massage with heated stones and prenatal
    Massages will also fit this category.
  • Deep and sporty massages mean more
    intensive techniques that have a healing effect. Deep pressure on
    tissue is a dangerous practice in the abdomen, as it provokes the risk
    the occurrence of injury. This category also includes: shiatsu, rollfing
    (structural massage of connective tissue) and myofascial (massage
    soft tissue). However, experts do not recommend these practices.
    использовать, если хотите просто снизить weight.
  • Massage chair, as a rule, includes a short session,
    focusing on the upper body: neck, back and shoulders.
    This massage is performed to a patient dressed as it does not require

Although all types of massage affect the human body in one way or another.
Thus, it is better to choose special techniques that will help solve
corresponding problem. For example, a person prone to
fluid retention and swelling, excellent
light lymphatic drainage massage will do.

is he поможет устранить избыток жидкости в тканях и избавиться
with her from toxins. This massage can either focus on
abdominal area or extend to all parts of the body that
will give the most effective result.

Besides, irritable, strong
stress, which increases the release of the hormone cortisol into the bloodstream,
provoking weight gain, deep-woven massage will
promote relaxation that can be a weight loss trigger
and bring the figure back to normal.

It is necessary to consider that all massage actions have something or
other pressure on the tissue of different degrees of impact. is heо может быть
focused on the abdomen or other areas of the body, however
it will stimulate blood circulation, improve lymph flow and
increase metabolic rate. Improved metabolism will help
normalize the balance of vital processes in the body that will help
him to function properly and hello to effective reduction

Abdomen massage is not only a matter of technique …

Comparing the different experiences of getting a massage, we can conclude
that it depends:

  • From the location of the medical institution and its reputation;
  • From the identity of the doctor performing these manipulations.

Massage can not be identical. Equal learning, theory and
practice, do not play a role when the interaction of the doctor and
patient, solving his problems and achieving goals. Two doctors,
doing the same lymphatic drainage massage will cause
patient different sensations. This does not mean that one of these massages
will be ineffective.

Before the massage, the doctor will discuss with you the goals (what do you want to get
from the procedure) and your health. It has
directly related to massage effects. Doctor can
interested in previous injuries and surgeries, childbirth and
pregnancy, health problems.

After the express survey, the doctor will leave the room so that you can
undress comfortably, lie down on the massage table and take cover
or a towel. Completely undressing is not worth it, even at the request
doctor, you can leave underwear. An experienced doctor works easily,
without affecting the wearable things.

Depending on the size of the treated area and
the duration of the procedure, you can start the massage from above or
from below. Although the main goal will be abdominal abdominal massage, a doctor,
most likely will offer to do a general massage to enhance

Such an approach is considered more appropriate by specialists.
as stimulates blood flow, lymph flow, relieves stress and relaxes.
At the end of the session, the doctor will leave again to give you the opportunity
quietly get dressed.

After the massage, you need to drink water! Going on
restoring lost moisture, lost while knead your

At the end of the massage session, you can discuss with your doctor your impressions.
find out his opinion, ask questions. After one or two sessions
A specialist can familiarize you with the duration of future treatment,
to achieve your goals, your body type and
recommended areas of massage exposure.

Safety procedure

1. Перед похудением всегда советуемся с доктором! AT
in particular, whether a massage of the abdomen is helpful.

2. Существует ряд противопоказаний к процедуре:

  • is heкология (даже доброкачественные новообразования);
  • Hypertension;
  • Pregnancy;
  • ATарикоз;
  • Thrombosis;
  • Recently transferred operations;
  • The presence of chronic diseases and old injuries (all these
    problems need to be coordinated with the doctor, putting it in
    fame before a massage session).

3. Убедитесь, что доктор имеет соответствующую
qualification and license. If there are no documents in the office (usually
hang on the wall) – a reason to leave the “specialist” than to risk
own health.

Tips for last …

Massage is not a treatment given by a doctor. This is also not a method.
быстрого избавления от лишнего weight. Keep balance

  • The amount of healthy food;
  • Regular exercise;
  • Vigorous movement throughout the day and sufficient intake
  • Control of stressful situations;
  • Disease prevention.

Massage is an excellent resource that can be added to your
усилия по снижению weight. is he поможет улучшить ваше самочувствие и
performance, as well as facilitate your way to a slim figure!

Abdominal massage for weight loss: video (visceral)

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