How to choose an exercise bike home

Home exercise bike costs from 5,000 to 120,000 rubles, and this is only
approximate price range. You ask why some simulators
sold at the price of a used car, while others are a bit more expensive
pairs of sneakers?

It’s simple – manufacturers in the fight for our attention with you.
come up with a variety of necessary and not very functions, use
different materials and manufacturing techniques. Let’s see
which of us will be really useful to us, and without which it is quite to itself
can do without.



What functions to pay attention to

When choosing an exercise bike, pay attention to the following

• Drive – it depends on the quality of the ride, or, more simply,
how the pedals will spin – softly or not. There are simulators with
mechanical (belt or shoe) and magnetic (as an option –
electromagnetic drive. Mechanical drive is noisy, yes
and train on this simulator will not be too comfortable –
pedals will turn with jerks.

Magnetic drive is better and more expensive.  Pedals will
rotate smoothly, without jerks, and the simulator itself will not
make a noise

The electromagnetic drive will work even better – you will
go “like clockwork”, and the unit itself will last a long time. But there are such
simulators are the most expensive, so if the price is important to you,
stop on a conventional magnetic drive.

• Lifetime or warranty. Diligent manufacturers will give
The warranty on the goods is not less than a year and a half.

• Saddle, pedals, steering wheel. These parameters must be chosen
focusing solely on their feelings. Saddle should nowhere
crush, and its height is adjusted for each user.
Pedals choose the most stable for yourself so that the foot does not
slid off. The wheel of a good simulator is regulated as per
height and position – it can be tilted down or
on the contrary, on myself.

• Ability to quickly configure for multiple users. Her
almost all simulators have – they have as an option “fast
start “, and many programs.

• Resilience – the simulator should not swing from side to side.
aside during the lesson or creak plainly under the imposing
weight. In general, simulators have a maximum load capacity, and
it is better to choose it with a “margin”, that is, if someone from your family
weighs 100 kg, then take a simulator designed for 120-150 kg.

Not so many requirements, and many low-cost Torneo models,
Oxygen, Kettler correspond to them. At the very beginning of the way you will
choose between vertical and horizontal simulator.

Vertical – this is a normal exercise bike, to which we are accustomed,
and at the horizontal pedal and seat (most often with a back)
located almost on the same level. Horizontal
strongly recommended for people with hip injuries
and 2-3 degrees of obesity. All the rest fit the usual
vertical “great.”

What options make a simulator more expensive

Some people think that for effective training you should
constantly monitor the pulse, and adjust the load. That’s just
built-in sensors of the exercise bike any, even the most professional
and expensive brands are not the best choice for control. Sensors take off
testimony from either hand or earlobe, and these zones sweat when you
move, which leads to data corruption.

Professionals never track heart rate with
built-in sensor. They use separate heart rate monitors.
The latter, by the way, cost from 1500 rubles, and are sold in any
sports shop. Therefore, overpay for the included
magnetic sensors, pens or any other kind of “controller” is not
worth it.

By the way, you can do without a sensor at all if you have everything
good with health. Rely on your own feelings – during
drive you should be able to breathe normally uninterruptedly but
unable to chat on the phone. Therefore, the pulse sensor is
a good thing to control your well-being, and “high
technology “leave professional athletes, our goal –
good health and a great figure.

Likewise, most people and firmware do not fit.
Suppose you want to lose weight. Then your training should
occur in the pulse zone from 50 to 70% of maximum heart rate
(220 is your age). Built-in program of the simulator automatically
changes the resistance of the pedals. However, not the fact that it is
resistance will be comfortable to maintain the target heart rate exactly
for you, it is possible that the pulse “beats out” beyond the scope of this zone. AT
On occasion, professionals advise testing an exercise bike with
heart rate monitor directly in the store, in most – to consider
firmware as an option – a way
to diversify the usual activities that will generally have a positive impact
on the weight loss process.

As I said earlier, too much reliance on the pulse does not
worth it, you just need to take into account a couple of nuances – the pulse is not too low
will allow you to lose weight, and too high will rebuild the body on
burning of carbohydrates, and fat will stay with you again. AT целом,
You can use all programs, but not forget about
your feelings – if the sensor indicates that your pulse is optimal for
fat burning while you are missing a simulator at this time or
sweat, trying to budge the pedals, then the benefits of
this occupation will not, and the desire to lose weight will be lost.

Displays with the ability to show videos, of course, excellent
entertain. But if you exercise at home, you can watch
movies on home TV, saving about 15,000

The function that displays the calories burned
looks very tempting, but no practical value
represents, because thinks inaccurate. However, as a motivating thing
can be very helpful.

ATелоэргометр или спинбайк?

Usually in the price range from 5,000 to 20,000 offer only
bicycle ergometers. This is an ordinary exercise bike with a wide saddle, and
the ability to pedal comfortably sitting. AT этом положении тело
relaxed, stable position, you do not need
make an effort to keep the body in the right position,
the legs and a little press will get. Slightly more expensive
spinbikes, but they are used for more diverse and
quality workouts.

The difference spinback is that it can go standing in the technique
�”Dancer” (so-called “pedaling” standing), behind the saddle, and
pedal with considerable speed. AT положении стоя в работу
additional muscles are included – press, triceps, upper muscles
parts of the body (chest and back), which increases the consumption of calories and
allows you to train almost the whole body at once.

Now let’s talk about using spinbike for weight loss. With
work on spinbike increases the pulse, and when it is very high
indicator (220 minus age, this indicator should be multiplied by
0.6 and 0.7 – between these two values ​​will be your zone
fat burning) the body stops wasting fat and moves on to
splitting carbohydrates and muscles. ATы это заметите сами – дыхание станет
intermittent, and the heart begins to beat wildly. The body will
there is no time to break down “heavy” fats, it needs energy quickly to
Maintain heart rate and workload.
Therefore, choose a workout of medium intensity and
lasting at least half an hour.

Naturally, spinback is enough for you not for one season of training, and
You can progress with it almost infinitely. So if you
want to buy a simulator more expensive than 20 000 r, better not overpay
for beautiful pictures on the display, and buy a functional

Before you buy an exercise bike

ATы вполне можете найти интернет-магазин со скидками, доставкой и
other joys of life. But before you buy something there, find
a similar model in a regular store and test it. Ideal
exercise bike should:

• create a comfortable fit. Sciatic bone
should not be felt at all when you are sitting in the saddle. If a
there is an unpleasant feeling – width and rigidity do not suit you
seats, and training for 30-40 minutes will be

• allow proper placement of the foot on the pedals. U very
Many models of pedal lock straps are not designed for people with
high rise of the foot. If a ваша нога в кроссовках «не лезет в
pedal “with the longest latch length, and” sticks out “on the most
tiptoe, leave the simulator to people with a slight rise of the foot. AT
Ideally, the center of the pedal should match the center of the foot, and the load
during rotation – to be distributed between the front and rear surfaces
thighs, and not go to the calf;

• be able to softly adjust the resistance of the pedals.
At first you will have to add resistance at all
slightly, too big moves “leverage” – this discomfort
during training, you will be hard to do.

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