How to charm someone who liked at homeconditions? Learning to bewitch a man who liked

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Many women face the problem of decay in their lives.
relationships, family.

Sometimes the right young person just doesn’t pay attention
wants to enter into a relationship, but the girl’s heart hurts over him and she
does not know what to do.

At such moments, many have the question of how to charm
кто понравился (мужчину, парня) в домашних conditions?


How to charm a man at home – the reasons for this

Today we can talk about the meaning of life and the fact that it
obeys the fate of every single person. Young girls
they began to look for not just a profitable partner and pure love, but also
the one who they promise the very fate. It would seem – it is logical, why
spend the precious time of your life on trivia and stupidity if
you can spend it on meaningful relationships with young
the man whom fate sent?

In fact, the heart really can not order, and it is better
knows what the mistress needs, but also insure against unrequited love
few can. But what to do when a person is expensive and
needed, but cold and inaccessible?

Then you should think about how to charm someone
понравился (мужчину, парня) в домашних conditions? Many people believe
love spell a great sin, but people dedicated to it know a few
methods that will not just zadurit head second
halves, but cause real feelings and create strong

How to charm a guy at home option one

Not always the girl has the opportunity to even communicate
with those who came to their liking. Sometimes the object of attention and love
is very far away either the bond between him and the girl wears
friendly character. In this case, you can use proven
For centuries the method of our ancestors, which guarantees almost
one hundred percent result of the object of sighing paying attention
and love with all your heart just you.

What is needed for the ceremony? Need to
know the name of the object and buy its nominal icon. Do not forget about
for yourself, you also need to purchase a personalized icon and an icon
Virgin of either the seven-shot or the cover.

Also need candles red, green, yellow church
every two. And you should also buy two wax ones separately.
church candles. This ritual is more like fate
people, so you do not need to hold it over an object whose heart
is busy. This can lead to negative consequences.
for a girl because this ritual blesses the couple on
joint future, but what will it be if the heart is occupied?

The ritual is carried out in the daytime and preferably in the wedding
time – at two o’clock in the afternoon. The best day will be Tuesday or Thursday. AT
the specified time, the girl should wear light clothes without buttons,
cover the table with a cloth or a handkerchief, put up candles
first one by one from right to left in the sequence:

• Red;

• Green;

• Yellow.

You should put an icon in front of you, put your photo and
chosen, and nominal icons under the photo. Next you need
Imagine the future that you would like to have with
his chosen one. It’s better to have enough time for this moment
so that the thought is clearly formed. After that, you need to knead in
palm wax candles and slowly twist them with the words:

�”Not candles but souls weave a slave” Name “and slaves” Name “

I make happy and long life

They went to one way

Under one crown with one threshold


Next, it is worth setting clockwise the candles set apart.
semicircle and twisted candles behind them! Burning, read
the plot, a total of read it worth nine times:

�”By the power of fire, in the spirit of the ancients, I pray I invoke

To wind in the heart of a slave “Name” melancholy fanned

For me, the slave “Name” so that his eyes and soul would yearn

To my feet just beat up the threshold

That the slave “Name” only wanted me alone and knew

And by the name I called one! True! ”

After the last reading it is worth a little more to sit in thoughts of
bright future with his betrothed. Further from the candles,
placed in a semicircle, candles are lit second
colors. After that, all the candles are put out with your fingers. ATсе, которые
burned during the ceremony is worth the same day to demolish the church and
put the icon of the Virgin together with candlesticks and
thank you speech to the saint.

Those candles that were set on fire from the already burning (second) ones are worth
Store at home in a red cloth and use them for rites of call
betrothed, to call him at your doorstep. The power of this rite
grows gradually and gaining a full revolution in one lunar
cycle. Do not tell anyone about the work done, it is worth
keep a secret.

How to bewitch a man at home simple

How to charm the one who liked (man, guy) at home
conditions, if the opportunity to conduct a full-fledged rite is simply not there?
Then it is worth taking a photo of the chosen one and for two weeks on
growing moon starting from the new moon before bedtime read the next
plot on a photo and a photo to put under a pillow:

�”As the moon grows, so the longing of you (Name) for me (Name)

Legs and heart to my door leads

ATо снах тебе я привижусь, явлюсь,

ATо веки от тебя, как ты от меня не отступлюсь!

It is worth reading three times and going to bed. This ritual works
solely on the power of visualization and the desire of the woman, so it’s worth
lie down before it, and imagine how your husband longs,
сердце его burns и как он к вам уже спешит, идёт. After reading
it is better not to allow unnecessary thoughts, but just to fall asleep.

Usually, the elect has already appeared within the first few
readings, if the rite did not work immediately – it is worth repeating
the next full moon.

Как приворожить парня в домашних conditions? What do you need

It is worth remembering the undeniable truth – in order to
to bewitch a man by yourself – you need to sincerely love him,
want. These are not games – these are ceremonies to unite people and if
man dislike, but just want to get him, the consequences for
you may be sad.

If after the ceremony comes a feeling of anxiety and somehow not on its own,
then it is better to wash your face and hands to the elbow with holy water with the words
�“Good work, love for yourself was beckoning, love for me goes, but for
God stands up with his back! Truly

If there is any doubt whether this is actually yours and
whether it is needed at all – it is better not to perform any rites. But if
really want to get a strong and happy family, the first
plot option for you.

The law of silence is very important so that the power invested in each word
when read, not dispelled. Do not read the rites every day,
if that is not spelled out in their performance, the more spells and
other rites on a man – so he and you worse.

Asking the question “How to bewitch the one who liked
(мужчину, парня) в домашних conditions?» стоит понять, что просьбы
They go to the higher forces and they decide to unite people
or not. You can also try the effective method held in
the birthday of a man or the day of his Guardian Angel. For this
you need to take his name icon and read it twelve times:

�”As you are a slave (Name) you are born on this day, so love for
my heart is born in my heart, the fire of passion burns in my veins and
come to me tells you! ”
It is also worth visualizing everything.
events that should ideally happen after. Like a man
suffers and longs for meeting, as he happily comes and stays. ATсе
the details are important, they are the key to a positive result.

In fact, nothing complicated is that the right person
came to life and stayed but it is worth remembering that if a man in
life appeared and the Force gave people a chance to be together, it should be
appreciate. The ideal man will not, he will just become the second
half, but will remain the same as it was at the beginning. Therefore worth
think many times and decide whether this person is needed in life
either you can endure the desire and feelings pass, or they are not
at all. AT любом случае, каждый союз имеет право на шанс. Use
your chance for happiness with the mind and fall into despondency and tears, because
that you need to fight for your happiness.

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