How to call sins in confession.The value of confession for an Orthodox person and how to properlycall your sins

Ср, 30 мар 2016 Автор: Наталья Даньчишак

What is confession?

What is it for, and how to call sins on

How much should a priest confess?

How to prepare the sacrament for those who want to repent

Sooner or later, all these questions are asked by every Orthodox

Let’s look at all the subtleties of this sacrament together.

Confession for an Orthodox person – what is it?

Repentance or confession is a sacrament during which a person
verbally reveals his sins to God in the presence of a priest who
has the power to let sins from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.
The Lord, during his earthly life, gave his apostles, and through
them and all priests have the power to forgive sins. During the confession
man not only repent of his sins, but also makes a promise
no longer repeat them. Confession is the purification of the soul. Many
They think: “I know that all the same, even after confession, I will be again
commit this sin (for example, smoking). So why should i
to confess? “This is fundamentally wrong. You do not think: “Why should I
wash, if I still get dirty tomorrow. ” You don’t care
take a bath or shower, because the body must be clean.
Man is weak by nature, and will sin throughout
own life. This is what confession is needed for from time to time.
purify the soul and work on your shortcomings.

Confession for an Orthodox person is very important, because during
This sacrament is reconciliation with God. Need to confess
at least once a month, but if you have a need to do it
more often please The main thing is to know how to call sins on

For some particularly grave sins, the priest may appoint
penance (from the Greek “punishment” or “special obedience”). it
there may be a long prayer, fasting, alms or
abstinence. it своего рода лекарство, которое поможет человеку
get rid of sin.

Some recommendations for those who want to confess

As with any sacrament, you need to prepare for confession.
Если вы first решили покаяться, то нужно узнать, когда в вашем
the temple is usually held sacrament. Basically it is carried out in
holidays, saturday and sunday.

As a rule, there are many who want to confess on such days. And this
becomes a real obstacle for those who want
исповедоваться first. Some are shy, but others are afraid
do something wrong.

It will be good if you address to the first confession
the priest asking you to set a time when you and the priest
will be alone. Then no one will confuse you.

It is advisable to read the Penitential Canon to the Lord before confession.
Jesus Christ to properly “tune in” to repentance. it
касается всех, кто готовится к confessions

You can make yourself a small “cheat sheet”. Write on the sheet
бумаги грехи, чтобы от волнения ничего не упустить на confessions

How to call sins in confession: what sins you need

Many, особенно те, кто только начал свой путь к Богу,
rush from one extreme to the other. Some dryly list general
sins, written, as a rule, from church books about repentance.
Others, on the contrary, begin to describe each of them in such detail.
a perfect sin that it becomes not a confession, but a story
о себе и own life.

Какие же грехи call на confessions? Sins are divided into three

1. Sins against the Lord.

2. Sins against neighbors.

3. Sins against your soul.

Let’s take a closer look at each separately.

1. Грехи против Господа. Most
modern people are estranged from God. Do not attend temples or do
This is extremely rare, and at best they have only heard about prayers.
However, if you are a believer, have you not hidden your faith?
Maybe embarrassed to cross in front of people or say that you
верующий person.

Хула и ропот на Бога — один из самых серьезных и тяжких
sins. itт грех мы совершаем, когда жалуемся на жизнь и считаем,
that there is no one more miserable about us.

Кощунство. You have committed this sin, if ever
mocked the customs or the sacraments of the Church in which nothing
you see. Jokes about God or the Orthodox faith is also
blasphemy It doesn’t matter if you listen to them or tell them.

Ложная клятва или божба. The latter suggests that
man has no fear of the greatness of the Lord.

Неисполнение своих обетов. If you made a vow to God
commit any good deed, but did not keep it, this sin
be sure to confess.

Не молимся ежедневно дома. It is through prayer that we
communicate with the Lord and the Saints. We ask their intercession and assistance in
struggle with your passions. Without prayer there can be no repentance
nor salvation.

Interest in occult and mystical teachings as well
языческим и инословным сектам, ворожба и гадания
. At the very
In fact, such an interest can be not only destructive for the soul, but also
for the mental and physical condition of a person.

Суеверие. Besides superstitions, which we got from
of our pagan ancestors, we began to get involved in ridiculous superstitions
newfangled teachings.

Небрежение о своей душе. Moving away from God, we forget
about our soul and stop paying due attention to it.

Мысли о самоубийстве, азартные игры.

2. Грехи против ближних.

Непочтительное отношение к родителям. We must with
reverence for their parents. it же касается и
student attitudes to their teacher.

Обида, нанесенная ближнему. By causing resentment to loved ones, we
harm his soul. We also commit this sin when
advise your neighbors something vicious or evil.

Клевета. Slander on people. Blame
man, not having confidence in his guilt.

Злорадство и ненависть. itт грех приравнивается к
homicide. We must help and sympathize with one’s neighbor.

Злопамятство. It shows our heart
overflowing with pride and self-justification.

Непослушание. itт грех становится началом для более
serious evils: audacity against parents, theft, laziness, deception and
even murder.

Осуждать. The Lord said, “Judge not, let us not be judged.”
you will, for with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and by what measure
measure it, and I will measure it to you. ”Condemning a person for this or that
weakness, we can fall into the same sin.

Theft, avarice, abortion, theft, remembrance of the dead
спиртными напитками

3. Грехи против своей души.

Лень. We do not go to the temple, we reduce morning and evening
prayers. Do idle talk while you need

Ложь. All bad deeds are accompanied by lies. No wonder
Satan is called the father of lies.

Лесть. Today it has become a weapon for reaching earthly

Сквернословие. itт грех сегодня особенно распространен
among young people. From foul language soul grows coarse.

Нетерпение. We must learn to restrain our
negative emotions not to harm your soul and not to offend
close ones.

Маловерие и неверие. A believer should not
doubt the mercy and wisdom of our Lord Jesus

Прелесть и самообольщение. it мнимая близость к Богу.
A person suffering from this sin considers himself to be almost holy and
puts himself above the others.

Долгое сокрытие греха. As a result of fear or shame,
a person cannot reveal a perfect sin in confession, considering that
he is no longer saved.

Отчаяние. itт грех часто преследует людей, которые
committed serious sins. He must be confessed in order to
prevent irreparable consequences.

Обвинение других и самооправдание. Our salvation
is that we can recognize ourselves and only ourselves
guilty of their sins and deeds.

it основные грехи, которые совершает практически каждый
person. If earlier during the confession voiced sins that
no longer repeated, they do not need to confess again.

Fornication (including marriage without a wedding), incest,
adultery (sex), sex between people of the same

Как правильно call грехи на исповеди — можно ли их написать
on paper and just give it to the priest

Sometimes, to tune in to confession and not worry that during
time of the sacrament you forget something, write sins on paper. In connection with
many ask this question: you can write sins on a piece of paper
papers and just give to the priest? Unique answer: No!

The meaning of confession is that a person voices his
sins, mourned them and hated them. Otherwise it will not be repentance, but
writing a report.

Over time, try to completely abandon any paperwork, and
telling at confession exactly what your soul is exactly
in this moment.

Как правильно call грехи на исповеди: с чего начать
confession and how to finish

Going to the priest, try to get out of my head the thoughts about
earthly and listen to your soul. Start a confession with the words:
�”Lord, sinned before You” and begin to list sins.

No need to list sins in detail. If you, for example,
something was stolen, you don’t need to tell the priest where, when and when
what circumstances it happened. Simply enough to say:
I sinned by theft.

However, it is not worthwhile to list sins completely dry. For example you
Come and say: “I have sinned with anger, irritation,
осуждением и т.д.» it тоже не совсем правильно. It will be better
say this: “I have sinned, Lord, with irritation towards my husband” or
�”Constantly condemn the neighbor.” The fact is that the priest during
confessions can give you advice on how to deal with this or that
by passion. It is these clarifications that will help him understand the reason.
your weakness.

You can finish the confession with the words “I repent, Lord! Save and
Have mercy on me a sinner! ”

Как правильно call грехи на исповеди: что делать, если

Shame during confession is quite normal, because there is no
such people who would be nice to talk about not the most
enjoy your parties. But you need not to fight him, but to try
survive, endure it.

First of all, you must understand that you confess your sins
not a priest, but God. Поэтому ashamed должно быть не перед
priest, and before the Lord.

Many думают: «Если я все расскажу to the priest he probably
will despise me. ” it абсолютно не важно, главное, выпросить
forgiveness with God. You must decide for yourself: get
deliverance and purify the soul or else continue to live in sins,
plunging into this dirt more and more.

The priest is only a mediator between you and God. You must
understand that during confession the Lord himself stands invisibly before

I would like to say once again that only in the sacrament of confession man
with contrite heart repents of sins. After which it reads
permissive prayer that frees a person from sin. AND
remember, the one who hides sin during confession will acquire more
greater sin before God!

Over time, you will get rid of shame and fear and will be better.
понимать, как правильно call грехи на confessions

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