How to build muscle legs girl? Yes withoutproblems!

kak-nakachat-mishtsi-nogIf you decide to find out how a girl
properly build leg muscles to allow yourself to wear in summer
open clothes and not be embarrassed for their
figure, then this article is for you.

So, in order to pump up the muscles of the legs, you absolutely do not
be sure to visit the gym.

Instead, make a small set of daily
exercises focused on all muscle groups of the lower
body parts to build slim and taut legs.


How to build leg muscles: a list of exercises

Pie squat

This wonderful exercise will help you simultaneously bring in
muscle tone of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

To do this, stand straight, feet at a distance of 70 – 100
see apart (depending on your flexibility), foot
rotated outward at an angle of 45 degrees. Crouch, bending your legs
lap and then return to starting position to complete
one repetition of the exercise. Perform another 15 to 18 squats.

Ass kick

The following exercise is aimed at the muscles of the buttocks. For his
run up on all fours, palms and knees rest against
floor shoulder width.

Lift the bent right leg behind you until
the thigh line will not be parallel to the floor, but the foot will look at the ceiling.
Return the leg to its original position and without touching the knee
surface, start doing the next repetition. Run 15 –
18 lifts and continue the exercise with your left leg. Side climbs

In this exercise, the entire load is focused on the external and
inner thighs. For his выполнения встаньте прямо,
feetи примерно на ширине плеч. Bend the torso forward 90
degrees and lean your arms on a folded yoga mat, back
straightened and parallel to the floor.

If you don’t have a yoga mat, grab the back of a chair.
Удерживая такое положение, вытяните в бок feetу, выдохните и
lift it up until it is parallel to the floor.
Задержитесь на несколько секунд и медленно опустите feetу. Repeat
10 – 12 раз и продолжите упражнение с другой feetи.

Squatting – jumping

Данное упражнение, позволяющее правильно накачать мышцы feet,
makes the buttocks, thighs and calves work. To do this, stand up
прямо, feetи на ширине плеч. Do a classic squat,
dropping down until the angle at the knees is 90

Затем, наклонив туловище немfeetо вперед, отталкивайтесь от пола,
jumping up as high as possible. Make a 15 –
18 repetitions before proceeding to the next exercise.


Put a training ball (fitball) and lie on top of it.
Ладони поставьте на пол (локти немfeetо согнуты), чтобы удерживать
equilibrium. Поднимите обе feetи, согните их в коленях и прижмите
foot to each other. Hold this position for several
секунд и опустите feetи на пол. Repeat упражнение 12 – 15


Для выполнения последнего из упражнений, направленfeetо на то,
чтобы накачать мышцы feet, вам понадобится гиря (гантель). Stand up
прямо, колени согнуты, feetи на ширине плеч, двумя руками
hold the weight in front of the thighs.

Lean forward until your back is
parallel to the floor surface. Lowering the weight try to hold it.
ближе к feetам. Then return to the starting position and repeat again.
12 – 15 time.

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