How to build muscle girl – tipstrainer

Many, after reading the title of this post, will be asked – why even
muscle girl? The question is certainly interesting, and I am ready for it.

First, let’s talk about aesthetics. Today with glossy pages
magazines look at us not anorexicly thin models like ten years
back, and beautiful women with pronounced forms, smooth features,
without protruding bones.

Of course, to each his own, but, in my opinion, they look where
prettier and cause my sincere admiration. Their beautiful figures
�”Forged” in the gym, at the gym, because it is the muscles
help us make the lines of the body smooth and sexy. Exactly
muscles give the figure a pleasant “fullness” and “juiciness.”

Дженнифер Гарнер в тренажерном зале

The second aspect is the health of both one’s own and future children.
Muscles help avoid fractures (yes!), Intervertebral and
umbilical hernia. Strong abdominal and pelvic muscles – excellent
assistants during pregnancy and childbirth.

More muscles are very important for weight loss. Muscles themselves
�”Consume” a lot of calories. And most importantly, it will tell you any
the doctor, the fat cells burn in the muscle metachondria. therefore
the better the person, the easier it is for him to lose weight.

So it is important to train muscles, especially after 30 years, when,
Alas and ah, the aging process begins.


How not to become masculine

Those who dare to swing, but are afraid to become “male” from
training with dumbbells, I can say the following – the female body
extremely reluctant to build muscle. therefore стать
female bodybuilder you are unlikely to succeed.

Know that even with very hard workouts and high protein
diet increase muscle mass you will be no more than 500 grams per
month. There were in my training practice two women who are from
strength training really became like “a woman with
paddle. “

But this is an exception – they had such a hormonal status, that is,
an excess of male hormones, visible to the naked eye. If you not
suffer from increased hairiness, the figure has traditional
женские очертания, то переживать не стоит.

How to swing

Best of all muscle growth is promoted by power trainings. This and
gym, and power yoga, pilates, exercises with
resistance (rubber band, expander). Do not think that
will have excessive weights – loads of 5-7 kg at first
pores will be missed.

Competent training even with small weights will give the result.
You ask, what does “literate” mean? First, with immaculate
technique. Do not make any movement by inertia. On the contrary than
the slower you do, the better for the muscles, and the risk of injury
going down.

Thirdly, follow the rule of the number of repetitions and
sequence of training muscle groups. Do 12-15 repetitions
three or four approaches to the simulator with an adequate load,
adequate means palpable.

Exercise three to four times a week for an hour. First day –
ноги, плечи и пресс, во второй –  грудь, трицепс и пресс, в
the third is the back, biceps and press. Stretch do after each
workouts, it is important in order to have smooth and long

An approximate set of training may look like this:

First day:

Squats, Lunges, Leg Bends, Leg Bends, Leg Reclining
back, dumbbell lifts in front of you, dumbbell lifts to the sides,
Thrust to the chin, Reverse twisting, Straight twisting,
The slopes with dumbbells from side to side.

Second day:

Bench press, Dumbbell bench press in the slope, Breeding arms in the slope,
Push-ups, pullover, arm extension in tilt, reverse push-ups,
Lifting your knees in a Vise, “Bicycle”, Turns the body with bodybuilding.

The third day:

A block for the head, a block for the chest, a dumbbell in the slope,
�“Dead” thrust, Hyperextension, Standing arm flexion, Alternating
bending of the arms, “Planck” 2-3 times for 30-60 s. Curling on fitball.

The complex can and even needs to be changed and supplemented as
you get stronger.

Nutrition for muscle growth in women

Beautiful elastic muscles can not be pumped without the right
power supply. Remember that muscles do not grow during exercise, but during exercise.
Time relax. And the material for their growth is food.

To become beautiful, healthy and energetic, you need
high-grade protein is meat, chicken, fish, dairy products,
the eggs. All these wholesome foods need to be eaten daily, consuming
day at least 60-70 g of protein.

You can get it from 100 g of cottage cheese, boiled eggs, 150 g of fish,
cups of milk, ryazhenka or kefir, 50 grams of bread, 50 grams of rice or
buckwheat, a small amount of meat and other useful products.

Drink plenty of fluids and eat protein foods with vegetables.
and complex carbohydrates.

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