How to become the very-most? .. In the footsteps of the great

Fri, Nov 04 2016

What does an ideal woman look like, how does she behave? For,
to answer this question, you can interview a lot of men, and
you can make it easier … Let’s turn to the list of great women and
Let’s see how they attract the male sex? What can they have
learn to us mere mortals?


None of the modern people have seen this woman, but absolutely
everyone is confident that she is incredible! Why is it that we generally
know about Cleopatra? The first thing that comes to mind is the secret
beauty formulas. The Queen of Egypt was very kind to her
body and took care of your skin.

Вот и первое правило: идеальная девушка должна следить за
своим телом
. All these masks, creams and other medical cosmetics.
Invented for a reason. How many men would not laugh
the number of bottles that are stored in the women’s bathroom – they
like when a lady cares for herself. No girl will be called
beautiful, if she has acne, dirty hair or nails.

Cleopatra многое знала о гигиене, красоте и… сексе! No matter how we
хотели от этого спрятаться, но идеальная женщина всегда
Do not confuse with vulgarity. Sexuality but not
licentiousness. Cleopatra никогда не казалась доступной женщиной.
The night spent with her was punishable by death for her lovers.

By the way, here’s another rule that makes a woman perfect:
everybody wants her, but she gets it to the units. This unavailability
and, if I may say so, the elitism of a woman and makes her stand out
a man from the army of her fans. Even the professionalism of the ladies here is not
with it Men generally do not like to spread about their
experience of communicating with real professional bedding

Marilyn Monroe

Истинная преемница Клеопатры, Marilyn Monroe подтверждает на своем
An example of all three rules that we deduced because of the Queen of Egypt.
She was undoubtedly caring for herself, was sexy and inaccessible.
Merlin shamelessly allowed men to look at

Many girls are embarrassed to look sexy. Confuses them
deep cleavage, high heels seem vulgar, and in dresses they
feel uncomfortable. Not the last role in laying these
complexes play grandmothers at the entrance and other evil female languages.
No woman can resist the temptation to find some
lack of a girl that guys turn around on.

Perhaps, I will surprise someone now, but the wardrobe and frequency
sexual relations – things are not interrelated. You may look like
gray mouse and throw in bed to the first comer, in an attempt
keep it with your skills, and you can be very sexy, but
constantly refuse.

Удивительно, почему Marilyn Monroe прощалось все? Filming in
Playboy, the well-known “awkwardness” with the wind, intimate details
of life. Of course, even then there were many evil tongues, but, nevertheless,
she was rich, famous and popular. She was already recognized
sex symbol, not a vicious girl of easy virtue.

Even now with photos from us looks playful, naive and
stupid child you want to take care of. I think in
этом и есть еще одна великая тайна идеальности: Мужчинам
like helping weak women.
Stupidity is not a vice, but
just a female trick.

Scarlett O’Hara

Yes, this is just a literary character. But you really
doubt that the creation of Margaret Mitchell can not be called
an ideal? Scarlett proves the fact that men like
silly women. How many times did she seem such as to achieve

But the main uniqueness of Scarlett is not even that. She shows
что для достижения своих целей женщина должна быть хитрой. She is
can deceive, frankly lie and dissemble.

Notice, since childhood, we are told that it is not good to deceive.
Most love articles write about honesty,
needing to be yourself. Perfect women dodge,
cheat and keep back. Seem more stupid when necessary.
Show more love than it really is. Admire
a man, even when you feel contempt. For all this
need a mind

Angelina Jolie

Of course, not all perfect girls have these traits.
Times go by, and some things go by the wayside. For example,
Angelina Jolie. Although there is a man next to her, and
what a! It does not feel like she really
needs him and his help. She is — идеал нового поколения:
strong for the sake of people like her ready to change and
to become better.
Feminists are happy.

All these women are 100% proof of
to be perfect is not always to be happy. Despite the fact that
all of these have already gone down in history, not all of them were lucky in
love or really happy with their own lives.

What to be – to choose only you. The main thing is not to be afraid. If a
you want to look sexy, you are not obliged to follow fashion
which is imposed on you by your friends. If a ты выглядишь распущено,
помни, что одеваешься ты не для бабушки и даже не для yourself
When dressing, you thought about being chained to you male views. Believe me
they are the least severe critics. Importantly, do not forget what to look like
sexy and vulgar – these are different things. You must leave after
yourself a lot of questions, you do not want to be just sexy

Well-groomed, weak, sexy and inaccessible – you should
speak with all your appearance if you want to be like the most ideal
women of all ages. And do not forget about brains!

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