How to attract money to the house: at homeancient rituals – to help! Magic works: we attract money inhouse

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Обеспечить достаток можно постоянным и усердным труhouse — это
know everything.

But sometimes it happens like this: work, work, and wealth

In this case, magic and ancient rituals for
привлечения денег в house.

They help only if you sincerely believe in them!

Believe it. And check.

Как привлечь деньги в house: способ 1

Привлекаем деньги в house в houseашних условиях с помощью необычной
cleaning up It would seem a routine everyday matter can serve
help not only to get wealth, but also a new job,

What do you need

For the ritual will need:

• A handful of copper coins (silver);

• Charged water (you can use holy water);

• Mood for cleaning;

• A clear statement of the goal of future changes;

• A little creativity.


To perform a ritual stands on the rising moon at dawn,
pre-clearing space from trash, unnecessary things. Worth
to focus the attention of housewives that you should not be placed in the corners of the home
any items, even household. This impairs the circulation process.
energy and leads to its stagnation.

The stagnant energy is able to oppress the inhabitants of the premises, even
cause physical and psychological illness. In this way,
periodic cleaning of space from unnecessary things will be
facilitate the acquisition of new and necessary purchases.

At dawn in the pre-cleaned room of trash and
clogged corners must first be read into a coin plot;
then on specially prepared water for the rite.

The following plot is read on the coins
three times:

«Как Луна в рост, так и Ангел Хранитель мне деньги в house
brought! So my money grow and be fruitful, do not stay out of my door!
All mine is on me, evil is a stranger – Satan. Ангелы, Архангелы house мой он
adversity is kept, and the money is ordered to come! True! ”

After that, the coins are lowered into the container with the prepared water.
It should be enough to wipe the floor in all
premises dwelling. On the water with the coins recite three times

�”Like with holy water, with divine dew, and from threshold to threshold,
let the anxiety come off the shelter, it is impossible the black one, the thought spoiled! To
ничто в houseе не мешало, а деньга серебряна закрома заполняла! Grow
income as the moon in growth! Verily. “

Further, this water is wet cleaning in the premises. Important
представлять себе во время ритуала как из houseа действительно уходит
all the negative and in its place comes the money supply. After
cleaning is complete, it would be best for another half an hour mentally
представлять себе приток денег в house.

After all magical manipulations have been completed, charged water
Pour under a dry tree, coins or spread out at the corners of the housing, or
hide in a white scarf in a secluded place and store it for one month.
Further, they can be used in other cash plots.

How it works

The ritual works on the personal strength of the performer, so the speed and
the volume of the result depends solely on how much
holding will be invested faith and effort. Often improvement
material situation is observed after a couple of days.

But do not expect that a treasure or a wallet will be found
with a million. Often, strength gives the applicant a chance to earn and
self-assertion in the workplace. Properly using
obtained chances of a person improves their well-being.

Как привлечь деньги в house. Магия в houseашних условиях: способ

Привлекаем деньги в house при помощи старинного ритуала, который
helps to attract the forces of the kind of one who asks. This method can
to clear the fate of a person from the turmoil and financial losses.
It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions given in order to obtain
desired result.

What do you need

It will be necessary for the ritual:

• The shawl is not black (new, bought without change);

• Green candle, you can take the church;

• Saucer;

• Seven silver coins.


The ritual is best performed in the first days after the new moon. At midnight
you need to sit in silence in a nightgown without buttons at the table.
Put a handkerchief on a table, put a saucer on it and
put on a saucer coin.

It is necessary to light a candle and driving clockwise over the coins.
стрелке читать семь раз conspiracy:

�”As the sun from dusk till dawn rests from labors
the righteous

So that the tongues are evil, my slanting eyes do not look beyond my threshold,
my affairs did not have!

As the Month has golden horns and growing, so will disappear
profligacy is damned.

To деньги у раба(бы) ИМЯ водились, приумножались да

As the moon in growth, and monetary bondage to the churchyard. Key,
castle language. Amen”.

Coins after reading should be attributed to the intersection and
прикопать со словами: «Чёрту плата, мне злата богато!»
Leave the intersection without looking back. This fee is given for
that all obstacles on the path to wealth retreat.

The handkerchief and saucer can be used for work in the future.
in other rites. Still thinking как привлечь деньги в house в
houseашних условиях? Then this plot is for you. He has a huge
impact spectrum. You can remake it for yourself and for the client.
Можно спокойно начитывать его на свой house, не находясь в нём.

How it works

This conspiracy works not only on the personal strength of the performer, but also
on the power of the moon, which is growing. The maximum effect is achieved
on the full moon. With the loss of the moon the plot will weaken its influence.
You can do it every lunar cycle. But no more than once to
he was able to earn correctly.

Get rid of the negative on the monetary sphere in this conspiracy.
Allowed at the intersection of the coin. They are carried on the same night.
Crossroads on foot. Usually a couple of days after performing the rite
there is an improvement in financial position. Like a stone from his shoulders.
To many, it may seem difficult, but in fact, having tried it
once and having felt its power, the majority will not need
apply other conspiracies.

Как привлечь деньги в house: способ 3

Mirror love spell money – tested not one generation
ritual. The power of mirrors is famous in many religious traditions.
Information can pass through them, spirits can talk about
past and future. In order to attract money you can also
use mirrors.

What do you need

For the ritual will need:

• Two small new mirrors;

• Three coins of silver color, the largest size;

• Candle green.

Be sure to use mirrors or new ones purchased by
special requirements (observing men’s and women’s days, without
change), or those that have already been used for
rituals. Do not use personal mirrors. Candle can take
as a church green, and simple paraffin green
a candle.


The ritual should be carried out in the daytime. When holding it
at dusk it is necessary to take a white candle and read it
prayer “Our Father.” After that, ignite it first and leave it burning
on your left throughout the ritual.

Next, you need to place mirrors opposite each other so
to get a mirror corridor. It will reflect the coins.
They are laid out in the middle between the mirrors, ibid
set candle green. A candle is lit with the words:
�”As the flame burns, so the Lord commands that I should go to me, as
this candle is burning out, so the anxieties and barriers recede from me. ”

It is necessary to make sure before the ritual itself that in
the mirror corridor reflects the flame of a candle and all coins without
exceptions. Then you can sit back and read forty times

�”As in the mirror silver was reflected, so that from the slaves (ba)
NAME it has not gone anywhere!

Liplo to hands, stuck to the bins. For joy, for him and for anger
the enemies.

Kohl grows the moon, filling the heavens. So, would the slaves
(ba) NAME opened white stripe.

Silver money sparkles, in the corridor wealth

Go money on the fire of the candle, all in my purse tight from bills
to the little things!

Guardian Angels, Soul Accompanyors, Wealth and Goodness
lead me to you! Now and ever, and forevermore. Amen!”

After the last reading of the plot, the candle must be extinguished and
carry her a candle to the church on the same day so that it can be lit there on
service. When the service will be corrected, it is necessary to say three times:
�“As a prayer for the health of the Lord is read three times, so the money in
my bins are coming! True! ”

Worth отметить отдельно нюансы работы. This plot can be read
как на владельца houseа, так и на себя лично, если есть необходимость
привлечь деньги в house, но возможности находится в нём в данный
moment of time is simply not there.

What to do with mirrors? They are needed immediately after completion.
work put the mirror surface down and no more in them
admire your reflection, unless it is required by another
conspiracy. Money must be worn with you.

You can sew a coin in the clothes, you can put them in your wallet. The most
главное — чётко и правильно выполнять ritual. The one who does not carry
Candle to the church – may incur disgrace higher powers. If a
the candle burns out during the ritual until its completion, then
the next candle is lit and the plot continues to be read.

Know the plot you need to remember not to be confused during
readings. It is also worth preparing well for the ritual. Tune in
on monetary well-being and spend it with full confidence and
we will tune in to a positive result.

How it works

This ritual is ideal for answering the question: “How to attract money in
house в houseашних условиях?». He has tremendous strength and is capable
dramatically change the events in the life of the artist. Ritual effect
may hold several lunar cycles. Practitioners recommend
fake it regularly. It is simple and relatively fast.
способ привлечь деньги в house в houseашних условиях. Together with money
в house придёт покой и счастье личное.

Это лишь некоторые из успешных ритуалов для привлечения в house
wealth. Check out their effectiveness! And remember: never anywhere else
don’t tell anyone and think negatively “I never
will not be money, ”“ I was a beggar, I was a beggar and I would die, ”remember – thoughts
material, so feel free to declare to the whole world – I am rich, very
a rich man … and so be it.

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