How to ask for forgiveness and forgive inForgiveness Sunday. Tradition: ask for forgiveness and forgive inPalm Sunday

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Lent is coming and on the eve of the Orthodox celebrate
Forgiveness Sunday is the last day of the Maslinic day
of the week.

Many people know about the existence of such a holiday, but not everyone knows
the value of this holiday, and even more so, how to ask
прощения и прощать в Forgiveness Sunday.


Forgiveness sunday – what is it?

The last day before Lent is called Forgiveness.
sunday This is a celebration that completes a long
preparatory period for the most strict post. For Orthodox
This is the most significant day, because without forgiveness offended and reconciliation with
enemies cannot reconcile with God. This is perhaps the kindest
celebration. He personifies the main value laid down in
Orthodox religion: the ability to leave offenses and not to keep
who is evil

Forgiveness Sunday reminds us of the day when from heaven
были изгнаны Адам и Ева
. This is a reason to remind people of what
lead disobedience and selfishness.

The tradition to ask for forgiveness on Palm Sunday comes from the ancients
the monks of Egypt. They spent the whole of Lent in the wilderness to
retire there for prayer. And not everyone returned from solitude.
Therefore, the monks, as before retiring, they asked a friend to
friend forgiveness.

Forgiveness Sunday falls on the last day of Shrovetide,
therefore, it is called a “cheese starter”. This is the last day you can
eat some food. But on this day they no longer taste meat and meat.

Forgiveness Sunday is a special day that requires
believer great work on yourself. On this day, you need not only
go to confession to the temple but also ask for forgiveness from those whom you
ever offended. And you need to do this so that the person
whom you hurt, forgive you with all my heart.

In Tsarist Russia, this holiday was given great importance. AT
this day the emperor himself asked for forgiveness from his subjects. Did he
this is personal: visiting the soldiers’ barracks and monasteries.

It’s very important to find the strength to sincerely forgive those
who will ask you for forgiveness. Therefore, it is very important to know how
правильно просить прощения и прощать в Forgiveness Sunday.

ATедь спасение, к которому стремится каждый православный,
possible only when the person has no desire
revenge or guilt feelings for their actions that destroy

What not to do on Forgiveness Sunday

We have decided to celebrate the end of carnival in a big way,
dances and songs, and in some regions even fist
fights However, the Orthodox Church does not approve such fun.
Burning stuffed and jumping over the fire are customs that
We got from our pagan ancestors.

AT сыропустную седмицу или масленицу, по уставу православной
church, every believer should gradually adjust to the post,
оставляя земные радости и успокаивая soul. This is a period of silence and
rest. ATремя прощения обид, поэтому очень важно примириться со
everyone you hurt.

The Orthodox Church gives a whole week to prepare for
reconciliation. So that a person can be cured of spiritual wounds and
forgive resentment. Forgiveness Sunday is a good reason to
destroy hostility. AT этот день нельзя оставлять без внимания просьбы
about forgiveness, and even more so to postpone reconciliation. Can’t be in
peace with God, not having peace with people.

How to ask for forgiveness: to whom and how to contact

Unfortunately, apologize on Forgiveness Sunday for
many have become a kind of tradition, such as “swimming in
to the baking hole for baptism ”or“ consecrate Easter cakes ”. Many are asking
forgiveness on this day simply because it is necessary, and not because
a person is really aware of his guilt. Of course,

Forgiveness Sunday is another opportunity to pay attention.
to your loved ones. It is them that we most often offend. Not necessary
in a rude word, sometimes just inattention or indifference. Having hurt,
we think: “you need to ask for forgiveness”, but behind the bustle and haste
forget to do it.

Forgiveness Sunday is the day to stop,
look back on the days lived and remember who and what we offended. ATедь
good relations with people who are dear to us – this is a big
value. Human life is short and not worth these precious
spend minutes on quarrels and offenses.

In the morning, after the prayer rule, ask for forgiveness from your
close ones. It is better to apologize for something specific:
rudeness, paid little attention or refused to help. Common phrase
�”Forgive me for everything” is practically the same thing as to say in confession.
�”Sinful in all.” In either case, it is unlikely to be real.
repentance. Therefore, if you know what specifically offended a person
ask for forgiveness for that.

But often we can offend a person without even noticing it.
Say something rude, dismiss requests for help or even
just a cold look. Therefore, you need to ask for forgiveness from all
my acquaintances.

Try before apologizing stop and
remember those moments when you were wrong. A man must
humbly ask for forgiveness saying: “Forgive me if I offended
intentionally or unintentionally. “

AT этот день старшие первыми просят прощения у младших, а
chiefs have subordinates. It is very important to visit this day
elderly relatives to ask for forgiveness. ATедь эти
people at any time can go into eternal life, having a grudge in their hearts,
and this can not be allowed.

Special attention should be paid to those with whom you are in a quarrel. ATедь именно
asking them for forgiveness is the hardest. It’s always easy to offend, but
first to ask for forgiveness, even if you are wrong, it is very difficult. But in
this is the meaning of the holiday, to measure their pride. For
humility is the main enemy of pride.

Forgiveness is asked not only from the living, but also from the dead. For this
visit the graves of those who can no longer be seen. ATедь часто, именно
only when we lose a loved one, we begin to understand how
we have caused him many offenses.

How to forgive forgiveness Sunday: what to say

On the request for forgiveness on this holiday, it is customary to answer: “God
forgive, and I forgive “, thus you testify that
The Lord has forgiven repentance, but you do not hold on to evil.

Asking for forgiveness, we are not waiting for a trial or want to find out why
it happened, but we recognize that we have offended and sincerely regret
their actions. The answer “God will forgive” means that we are all sinners,
and only the Lord can judge us.

For forgiveness not to become hypocrisy, you need to distinguish two facets
forgiveness is a wish that the offender may God forgive your personal
forgiveness. For example, someone offended you and asks for your forgiveness, but
you have no power to forgive (even though you understand that this is wrong).
But at the same time, you know that if this man repents, his God
forgive, and saying: “God will forgive,” you wish him that

If the request for forgiveness of a person whom you can not yet
forgive me answer honestly: “I can’t forgive for my weakness
you, but with all my heart I ask God to forgive you. ” Such
The answer will bring you closer together than the hypocritical “Forgive”. And of course, you need
work harder to work on yourself to overcome your pride and
forgive the person.

Another important point. When you come to ask for forgiveness,
you must be prepared for the fact that a person cannot forgive you
right away ATот тут главное, не впадать в отчаяние, а терпеливо
treat the feelings of another person. Time will pass and he
be sure to forgive you. No need to think: “so I went to him
towards, and he so-and-so rejected me “, otherwise it would mean
that you did not forgive anyone, but engaged in self-deception.

Do I need to forgive forgiveness in the church: from whom and by what
in words

AT церкви день берет начало с вечера, поэтому первая служба
ATеликого поста — это вечерня Прощеного воскресенья. From this service
fasting begins, and services become longer. AT этот день
the rite of forgiveness is accomplished through which a person receives
the opportunity to start fasting, clearing your soul of insults and
reticence to calmly concentrate on their
relationship with God.

After the service, the priest of the temple addresses the congregation with
a sermon at the end of which the first asks for forgiveness from the people.
The abbot of the temple comes out with a cross, and the believers take turns coming up
к нему, а затем и к другим прихожанам со in words «Простите меня».
At the same time, responding to this: “God will forgive, and I forgive.”

And even if you rarely go to the temple, and do not know anyone there, everything
equally be sure to visit this service to start your
repentance, asking for forgiveness from the priest.

Go to the commemoration table, put a candle and mentally
ask forgiveness from your dead friends or loved ones whom you
once offended. Attach to the holy icons. Preferably in this
confession day to be completely cleansed and with a pure heart
join the post.

We have no right to judge anyone, only the Lord can do this,
so let’s be merciful and forgive all the insults from pure
hearts, for all of us are not without sin.

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