How the needle Mukhina works

The application of the famous “golden needle” promises easy weight loss, without
no effort. All that is needed is to simply insert the needle and wait.
result. But is it really that simple?

Так выглядит игла Мухиной для похудения

The method of weight loss “Golden Needle”, the author of which is
Acupuncture therapist Mariyat Mukhina is one of the most controversial
methods of losing weight.

The needle Mukhina affects biologically active points ear
shells associated with the hypothalamus. Gentle braking occurs
feelings of hunger through the brain centers – because of this, the patient’s appetite
significantly reduced, you eat less and lose weight.


How the needle Mukhina works?

The technique is scientifically based: having a degree
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Mariyat Mukhina published more than four
dozens of papers on overweight adjustment

In addition, the effectiveness of the impact on the active points
confirmed at the highest professional medical level.
Acupuncture or reflexology is one of the most popular.
methods of rehabilitation, for example, in professional sports.

Simplicity and safety of use of a needle attract patients:
no surgical or other intervention in the body
required. The gold needle of the 750th test is introduced into a certain area.
auricle, and the needle simultaneously acts on two
acupuncture points responsible for the work of the so-called. �”Appetite center” in
the brain.

The material was not chosen by chance – according to many practitioners
reflexology, gold has the selective conductivity of the weak
electrical signals, and “extinguishes” the command of the “center of appetite” on
hypothalamus level.

The use of the “golden needle” is not procedural in nature – its
set for a sufficiently long period (up to six months),
необходимый для достижения необходимого result.

During treatment there is no need to take any
chemical preparations, which is also one of the advantages

Secret needle

And now it’s time to mention the shortcomings. Or rather, not
as much about the flaws as to provide information to
meditation. �“Golden needle” gives good results – this is what
called a scientifically established fact. However, there is
An interesting moment, which is unknown to the general public.

For example, a “special reminder” is included in the kit with a needle, and
rather, the whole nutrition program
needles require very tough.

Its main principles – the rejection of alcohol, chocolate, sugar,
bread, late dinner, fatty and flour dishes. You can only eat
on a strict schedule, using as many vegetables as possible, low-fat
cottage cheese and products rich in fiber (bran). Drink – no less
2 liters of water per day … Does this not remind you of anything? If not,
take a look again – before you the most classic low-calorie
diet, and quite tough.

What does Mukhina herself say

Even Mariat Mukhina herself does not refute this: “the needle blocks
excessive appetite, but the patient himself must get used to healthy
food and the method of its reception – the only way you can achieve and keep
positive result”.

As a consequence, the question immediately arises, which, alas,
remains unanswered: “Does the needle itself have any influence on
the result achieved, or, following a similar diet can lose weight
and without her? “

Secondly, the cost of installing the “golden needle” is very high –
this, however, is understandable and easy to explain. In fact, why
the provision of an exclusive, ultra-efficient service should
be carried out at a low price?

Especially, if the “golden needle” program also includes
additional tightening “saggy” after losing skin with

But try to answer the question: is it worth paying a lot
money for what you can get for free? After all, all that
need to do is try a little: add to
the above physical exercise diet, and you get so
coveted slim figure and taut skin.

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