How not to scare a guy on a first date

Fri, Nov 04 2016

The first date is very exciting. You already incredible
like a guy, but you still do not know how to behave with him.
Some young ladies are too shy, others, on the contrary, show
its dark sides. Let a man know with whom he will have
a business.

Many argue that it is best to be yourself. Probably they
just never fell in love or have already forgotten when we went to
date for the last time. It’s impossible. I want to seem better.
How to realize your desire and appear in front of him a princess, and not
one of the evil sisters. After all, even they had good intentions!


What to wear on the first date – one of the most difficult issues
for any girl.

– Надень самое лучшее нижнее белье, даже если не
going to show it to anyone. So, you will feel
much more confident. The girl in expensive and beautiful clothes never
will be in a stupid position, well, you never know what. Even under the clothes you
incredibly charming.

– Перед ответственным свиданием купи новые колготки. how
often you would not go on first dates, you can afford
on packaging new stockings – without holes and stains. By the way, not bad
option to grab a spare pair, just in case.

Не стоит надевать неудобные туфли, прилипающую юбку и
any elements that will annoy you and force yourself
feel not quite comfortable. If you scratch forever
correct the dress or pull the uncomfortable collar he can
think you’re nervous or have lice. He certainly won’t
run around the restaurant like a little shouting “Seth”, but the second time
may not call.

– Не делай ставку на экстравагантные детали. Keep it simple.
Do not pin chic brooches, big flowers to your dress
or wear a hat. The first time is better not to shock a guy and
look like a simple girl from the people.

Leave a hand-made second and third date, when a man is already
can hint to you that these ridiculous little things make him laugh. And what
different men are! Not everyone is ready to sit next to SO bright
a girl.

Надень платье. Modern women rarely wear
dresses You will look feminine. This is what you need for
first date A man will certainly appreciate. Note that girls with
glossy magazine covers rarely wear pants.


Учись у звезд. Have you seen how celebrities behave?
They are the most simple things, they do not pathos. No matter how
their clothes cost, they do not defile in it, do not carry it, as on
exhibition. THIS IS JUST A DRESS, and they are ordinary people. Only much
more self-confident than us, but why? No it’s not because of the price tag or
the quality of their clothes, they look premium in home clothes. A business
that the rich know the price of the contents of their clothes, that is
YOURSELF. Не выпендривайся.

Разговаривай так, чтобы тебя слышал только твой
A man can tolerate what you do not know how
use a knife and fork, it is not so important to him exactly how you eat
mussels, but he never can endure a loud woman. Watch carefully
behind the voice and laughter, it is not necessary to attract attention to SUCH
in a way.

Even он тебе ну очень нравится, старайся
улыбаться реже и хихикать как можно менее глупо. You do not
little fool. He went with you on a date, he is no better than you. You
he already likes you very much. Be calm, do not spoil everything. More often
repeat to yourself something life-affirming. “I’m Angelina Jolie! I’m
Angelina Jolie! Я Angelina Jolie!”. Правда, не стоит вести себя
like a stone statue. Naturalness, only naturalness.

What can not talk with a man?

Oh ex!

Это золотое правило first date Do not. Nothing good
this will not work. You are not close enough to share this
side of life. Is it really important to you with whom your potential
the guy met and what is the reason for their break?

Do you think he will tell you the whole truth? Will tell about how she
stopped feeling his love, began to eat a lot and get fat. His
It has become difficult to show your love for this fatty woman, but she doesn’t
appeased … As a result, they started having problems in bed. He did it
through “I do not want.” She was becoming less satisfied, and he
all the more miserable. Why do you need to know all this? You хочешь заставить
him back to her?

Leave it. His attitude towards you will not be like the old stories.
If he is smart, he will try to change everything and not step on old ones
rake. If he starts asking these questions, answer with a smile that
he is your first. Let him know that your past is left.

Football, cars and beer

You should not talk on men’s topics with a new acquaintance. You еще
argue with him about the silicone chest at the waitress or real!
Even if you know cars and you know a lot about football,
leave these topics for other meetings.

He still does not know you, and most likely he will think: “Here she has
problems in your personal life. She had killed so much time to study.
these boring topics. And this is all in order to talk to a man?
Interested in yourself? These are complexes … “

You woman no one expects you to have a fundamental knowledge of
the structure of the cardan shaft. You создана для других разговоров. You же
do not want to be with this man in the garage. It’s so romantic
repair his six and sip vodka with it. Successful men
give their iron horses to mend, and there they conjure
magic fairies in oily overalls. Not worth living
stereotypes, not all men love football and know where the car

What to talk with a man

Usually, on first dates it’s customary to ask about life.
interlocutor, seek common interests (usually reading) and
tell some nonsense about yourself. You можешь действовать по
This proven over the years scheme. The main thing is not to be silent. If he is a man,
This does not mean that he should entertain you and pull you from
some information. We are created to help the stronger sex, and that’s
help me Just in case, remember all sorts of stupid questions so that
if anything, they could be asked and saved the conversation from the minute
silence for at least another 5 minutes.

Where did you rest for the last time? -> О, а меня больше
привлекают европейские достопримечательности – > А ты бы
agreed to live in another country? – > how ты думаешь, почему все
so eager to leave Russia.

Bring him to general, global, discussion topics. Even
you agree, remember about other points of view (“I’m with you
I agree, but I recently argued about it with a friend and she thinks
what … An interesting opinion, don’t you find?).

Instead of digging into his past, put him in
unusual environment. Suggest situations in which he never
turned out, and perhaps never will. So you can find out
about him is much more interesting information than having asked about

Do not be afraid to look eccentric. By the way, one of the most
interesting questions that I asked, picking up this
Behavior strategy: “If you were in the past and saw
little Hitler, would you kill him? “Agree, such talk
difficult to forget, like the person with whom they are being conducted. You выводишь
its beyond the limits of reality.

Be unpredictable and stunning, but simple and
natural. It is most important. He will definitely be yours
just try a little.

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