How not to get better in the winter !? It’s simple!

kak-ne-popravitsya-zimoy-eto-prostoSometimes when outside
the snow is spinning and the sharp wind is already pinching the cheeks
quickly sit in front of a warm fireplace and brew a cup
hot tea with milk and cake, enjoying the lovely winter

But such a seemingly sweet and carefree situation is overshadowed by
the fact that in winter many people tend to recruit

Therefore, many of our readers quite reasonably appear
the question is how not to get better in the winter !?

First and foremost, this is due to a significant reduction
physical activity, as there are no longer those familiar daily
walks in the fresh air, which is so nice to spend in the warm
summer time. Accordingly, we already meet with friends wrong.
Often, as we would like, because not everyone will risk a walk in
public places during the epidemic of influenza or acute respiratory infections

And in order not to die of boredom, we begin to actively
eat various snacks while watching interesting programs and
exciting films that are known to have quite
high calorie. As a result, sitting on the couch and eating
Another sweet, our body turns the calories into fat

Tips and tricks how not to get better in winter

The following recommendations concern the correct approach
this problem and the mistakes that we often make precisely in
winter time.


Above, we have already said that in winter many people
just die of boredom, especially those who are used to
regular walks and meetings with friends. That’s why when
the cold comes, they do not know what to do, because on the street it’s not
especially take a walk.

In order to get out of such an awkward situation, such people
you must occupy yourself with something interesting. Learn to knit or
embroider, draw or master a new language, for example, Chinese,
which, according to experts, will be very relevant in the future. it
will help you forget about food, and therefore about extra pounds.

Vacations and travels

If you like tourist trips, plan your plans.
right now, for example, make a plan for yourself
in the warm season to start traveling.

Or think about where you can go on summer vacation
for example, explore all the interesting places, so that later does not arise
doubt which one is more preferable for relaxing.


Girls are not just saved from depression with the help of timely
shopping, in which case he will be able to come to your aid.
Walk through the shops, especially during this period very often
entrepreneurs make huge discounts on summer collections

itт вариант вам подойдет весьма кстати, ведь прикупив,
for example, a small neat dress, you protect yourself from
overeating Put it on in the evening, circling 15 minutes before
a mirror and you will realize that you should not eat sweets. Otherwise
you just can not wear it.


Winter walks

As often as possible, try to go out, let it be
even a banal trip to the store, but, nevertheless, it will be the best
the decision than just sitting at home. Also, do not forget that
shopping only needs to be fed, because on the hungry
stomach you can buy a lot of things superfluous.

Sports, dancing, games

Sign up for a gym and attend it regularly. If there is no such
Opportunities in the evening
own home.

To do this, turn on an interesting entry with the program of classes,
which is now not quite problematic to find, for example, in the network
The Internet is freely available a lot of such lessons, and even though
would be half an hour every day. Dance, play with your children,
just do not sit at the TV with the next portion of cake.

The following advice will be relevant absolutely for all girls –
try to wear tight clothes that will be best for you
controller and not allow you to eat a single gram of excess, because
it will immediately become noticeable in tight jeans or tight fitting
the dress.

And imagine that if you eat a lot, then
in the summer you won’t be able to get into your favorite short shorts, and
the more you can’t proudly put on your favorite brand
swimsuit Remind yourself of this every time you
want to devour something sweet!

Winter games outside

Winter is a great time when you can find a lot of hobbies,
especially girls. You can safely go skiing
even if occasionally, but still meeting with friends, for example, for
going to the skating rink or to the nearest park to make a snowman,
just like in childhood, and much more.

it все-таки намного интересней, чем сидеть дома у компьютера и
eat everything that comes to hand.



Keep a permanent record of nutrition. After all, when we start ourselves
sorry, we immediately want to pamper yourself with something delicious.
And so you understand what all this can affect for you, and how
a lot you make yourself rewards write down all eaten dishes in
your diary

And if possible, replace the usual food with something more useful,
for example, a kiss with a loved one or a conversation with

Fractional nutrition

Create a meal schedule by dividing your daily volume.
products for 5 or 6 small meals during the day. Strictly
stick to this rule of fractional nutrition and do not allow
no more snacking anymore.

And then you will not be afraid of the problem, how can you not get better
in the winter. Since such a regime will enter your normal course, and you
just get used to it.

Fasting days

Do yourself periodic fasting days that will help you
cleanse your body of toxins and control
your weight.

Quality sleep

In winter, you can fully enjoy your sleep. It’s getting dark early
so you can afford to go to bed early and well
get enough sleep.

After all, many people in the modern world suffer from constant
lack of sleep, which, as you know, can lead to development
obesity. it связано с тем, что у человека, не получающего
sufficient amount of night sleep, marked by elevated levels
hormones in the blood that have a positive effect on appetite.

How not to get better during the winter: special meals

  • As often as possible give preference to the first dishes: it can
    be a light soup, vegetable, tomato or chicken broth and much
    another. It has long been proven that during lunch, if a woman
    first of all she eats a liquid dish, then she will eat less
    calories for the second. In addition, the feeling of satiety is preserved
    much longer because the fluid that is contained in
    first, it will be absorbed by our body much slower than
    plain water
  • Learn how to cook healthy food that will not contain
    yourself a huge amount of fat and cholesterol. Eat more
    fruits and vegetables, and still try to eat foods rich
    on tryptophan, which is one of the sources of serotonin,
    cheering us up. it рыба, красное мясо (желательно
    lean), chicken, eggs, cheese, grains and nuts.
  • When cooking in winter, you can have a good time.
    pepper. Scientists claim that with the help of spicy food a person
    warms up well, metabolism accelerates, besides, it is very
    effectively burns fat.
  • Everyone knows that the intake of easily digestible
    carbohydrate is associated with active production of serotonin, which
    fully responsible for feeling happy. In order to in winter
    you were not so sad and even more so that you do not fall into
    depression, you need to eat them regularly.
  • Another very important point for lovers of aromatic coffee.
    Many girls in the cold love to pamper themselves
    A cup of hot coffee with milk or a cappuccino. So, better
    refrain from this lovely drink, because in it
    contains a large number of calories, besides, according to
    some researchers, caffeine is the main culprit in
    fat accumulation. Replace it better with herbal infusion or green
  • Do not forget the main rule – a person needs to drink in
    a day at least two liters of pure water. Our biggest mistake is
    that we simply do not do this in winter.
  • Eat bright foods. Scientists have concluded that orange
    color is an excellent therapy to deal with excess
    kilograms. As a result of research, it was determined that, if
    put something orange on a plate of food and give to the person, then
    he will be filled much faster. In addition, such products
    considered low-calorie, such as orange, mandarin, persimmon,
    which, by the way, also helps to lose weight very well.
  • In every New Year’s Eve according to the old tradition we are used to
    arrange a feast of the belly, because how are we without the usual
    Olivier or herring under a fur coat and a couple of glasses of champagne.
    All this, of course, great, but try to treat it more
    wary – before you go to visit, do not eat heavy
    food, a good option would be an apple or low-fat cottage cheese. BUT
    choose a meat dish and some light one already at the feast
    salad, do not mix it with potatoes, cake and sweet

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