How much can you pump press? (wordto the reader)

za-skolko-mozhno-nakachat-pressToday on the email box
editorial staff we received a letter from one of our permanent
readers. In it, the author shared his practical experience of having
how fast the abdominals can be put in order. Publish
preserving the spelling of the original.

Hello! I want to tell you about how much you can
to pump up a press in the conditions of the house.

Different situations happened to me: sometimes a couple was enough
weeks to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and sometimes you had to start
from scratch. How I worked with the muscular system, and what
it turned out – in this story.


So, for how much time can you press the time?

The ideal chiseled figure for me is not so much a gift of nature,
how much painstaking daily work. Just relax and
�To “charge” for exercises, how immediately the muscles become flabby, the skin
begins to sag in folds and a belly appears from nowhere.

I try, of course, not to run this process, but after giving birth
I once had to face it.

What does perfect press mean to me?

In my opinion, the girls’ press is inflated enough, if the stomach
it becomes flat, fit, and the waist remains an “aspen”.
Male “three rows of cubes” though look sexy, but add
a few extra inches on the waist. And if men can
allow yourself not to pay attention to it, for women it is often
becomes a problem.

I have always adhered to the “golden mean” when instead of fat on
tight muscles appeared in the abdomen, and the press cubes remained
barely noticeable. They acquire a clear relief only when the voltage
muscular corset. Constantly protruding cubes seem to someone
organic, but neither me nor my boyfriend (future husband) this form
I did not like the belly, so I was not fond of bodybuilding, but
rocked the press at home, considering that it was a matter of taste.

To pump relief press, a girl or woman will have to
contact the fitness center to the experts, to follow the diet and schedule
workouts, follow the advice of instructors. If you want this
do, then the cubes can be pumped up like a “lady bodybuilder.”

How much you can pump them depends on the initial state.
muscles, the individual characteristics of the organism and many other
factors. Since I had a completely different goal, so I
studied at home. How long does it take to train the press?

I got the fastest pump press when I was at
good physical condition. In youth, it’s enough
30-40 days. It is better to train every other day, or 3 times in
a week

I knew that in this case it is necessary to eat healthy
balanced food, so if you eat fast food and other
high-calorie meals and foods, even the most beautiful press
will be hidden under the thick fat layer. No wonder they say that
the ideal figure is only 20 percent dependent on training and on
80 percent – from food.


How to download the press at home?

In native walls, I usually shook the press, lying on a rug on the floor –
rigid horizontal surface. I tried to do it a couple of times.
on the couch, but immediately got a backache, because the soft
the base injures the spine.

Engaged in the morning on an empty stomach or a couple of hours after taking
food. If it was necessary to train in the evening, it did not
later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Important note! You can not swing your abdominals in
critical days. Start training should be no earlier than two
days after their completion.

Warm up and breathing

Before pumping the press is important to warm up. Someone likes
bending, squatting, body turning and other exercises. I am
I love to dance for 5-10 minutes to the music – it gives not
only warming up the muscles, but also a great mood for the whole workout.
Sometimes I add a spin of hula hoop or active jumping rope
(if the class goes on an empty stomach in the morning, then it helps the body
noticeably waste fat reserves).

Good pumping press is possible only with proper breathing:
inhale with a minimum load of muscles, exhale – at maximum
their tension. When I started breathing the first time, then
She quickly got tired and stumbled until she learned to control her breath.
and exhale.

Abdominal training usually includes exercises for oblique, upper
and lower abdominal muscles:

  • For the direct superior muscle supporting the internal organs, I
    doing such a simple exercise. Become straight, heels connect legs
    together and put the socks apart. Hands put over your knees (on
    a couple centimeters above), sit down slightly. Exhale actively and
    hold the breath. Then as much as possible you pull in and belly out
    alternately, not breathing. After completing 5-6 such approaches, you can go
    to the following exercises.
  • Twisting the press I did, lying on his back. Bending legs
    knees, feet set on the floor. Hands led the head, but in the castle
    they are not squeezed. On the exhale, straining the press, with her left elbow I reached out
    right knee, then right elbow – left. When i got it
    it is easy to get, I later kept my legs on a chair under straight
    angle, and the head is not lowered to the floor so that the muscles were in
    constant voltage. The next stage is when I removed the chair, and my legs
    held parallel to the floor due to the muscles of the press.
  • I shake the lower press by raising my legs to a height of 15-20 cm from the floor
    from a prone position. Moreover, as soon as the legs were raised, they should be
    keep at an angle as long as possible. In the same position you can
    add cycling movement over time, but do not increase
    acute angle between the line of the legs and the floor. When and this load
    will seem simple, you can add weighting, tying
    Elastic band, for example, a bottle of water, behind the legs. Their
    can be crossed for convenience.

Если поднимать ноги под straight углом, держась руками за
the crossbar, then the perfect press is guaranteed! Husband made horizontal bar for
myself, and I immediately joined the classes.

Fitness-тренеры утверждают, что отдельно верхние или нижние мышцы
it is impossible to pump, as they are arranged vertically and
overtightened. Therefore, loading one of them, we
we train others in parallel.

The oblique abdominal muscles on the horizontal bar swing, if you make turns
legs bent at the knees, right and left. Yes, it’s not easy
but very effective!

And how to tighten the stomach after childbirth?

Female press after the birth of a child is a “field
not plowed, even if there was a flat stomach before pregnancy.
It is possible to restore the former beauty of a figure and a relief of muscles, but it
will take a lot of time. Starting classes is allowed only after
consultation with your doctor.

I fed the child in a natural way up to a year, so about
there was no talk of intense training so that the milk would not disappear.
Therefore, it took me half a year only to strengthen the abdominal muscles. When
my baby began to eat “grown-up”, I was able to afford
train more actively, use weighting agents to
thoroughly pump up the abdominal muscles.

Husband gave me another great tool to strengthen
abs and back muscles – fitball. This fitness ball helps more
train effectively due to the additional load on smaller ones
muscle stabilizers. Being engaged with a fitball, you notice that while
hold it, the load on all muscle groups increases.

  • Lie back on the ball;
  • Put your hands behind your head or cross your chest;
  • While straining the press, lift the body straight up or twist
    its for training oblique muscles;
  • Keep your feet on the floor and prevent the fitball from rolling.

I repeated this exercise 10-16 times, with short pauses.
did 3-5 approaches. In addition to fitball training, I gradually
She also mastered the usual exercises described above.

Three years have already passed since the birth of my crumbs, abdominal muscles
very well fortified. The abdomen remains flat, but due to the female
physiology I have to keep myself in shape so that fat
did not accumulate in the abdominal area.

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