How many times a year can x-rayan adult. Possible risks: how many times a year can x-ray be doneto kid

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How often can x-rays be performed on a person to avoid
unwanted health problems?

It is well known that you can not do x-rays more often than once a year, this
This is true, but not for all groups of individuals, so the answer to
the question will be purely individual and depends primarily on
doctor’s appointments and patient health features.

Let’s determine how many times a year are allowed to do
x-rays for different groups of people.


How many times a year can x-ray (взрослому, to kid):
determine risks

Radiation is actually a great danger, but only in those
cases in which the dose in the amount will exceed its permissible
threshold. For example, in the Russian Federation this level is defined in
Federal Law “On the radiation safety of the population.” The
The law states that the permissible dose for an adult and relatively
a healthy person should not exceed the permissible rate, which
equals 1 millisievert (1 mSv).

The law specifies medical exposure, which
significantly different from the background of the planet, for example, in that it is
ionizing. The distinctive feature of the beam is that it is eliminated
5 minutes after exposure to an x-ray tube.

How to correctly calculate how often allowed
the passage of radiography?
The вопрос может особо
to become acute in cases when the chest should be enlightened
several doctors regardless of each other (for example,
surgeon, cardiologist and pulmonologist?). Unequivocally answer this
the question is impossible, since each particular case may differ,
everything will depend on the general condition of the patient, nature and stage
diseases, and also features of radiological equipment.

Determine the acceptable frequency of radiography
for different groups of people:

  • for a relatively healthy person for preventive purposes
    X-rays should be carried out no more often than once a year. Year will be
    be reckoned since the last x-ray

  • persons who are not in any risk group (harmful
    enterprise, smoking, the wrong way of life and so on)
    you can not be irradiated more than 1-2 times a year;

  • individuals who work directly with children or in the fields
    power to do the lighting x-ray need every 6 months;

  • if the patient is seriously ill, for example, with a complex form
    pneumonia, in this case, the procedure can be done very often,
    up to 2–3 times a week. Despite the harmfulness of such frequent
    exposure is a necessary measure to assess the state of
    patient, as well as the dynamics and productivity of the treatment course. AT
    in any case, the risk of harm from developing pneumonia (or another
    diseases) and radiation from x-ray equipment is just
    not comparable.

In addition, if we are talking about modern X-ray machines,
they are much higher than previous ones,
obsolete with time models. This means that harm from their
radiation will be several times lower.

The patient before the examination can ask the radiologist
several clarifying questions. He also has every right
require an indication of the date of passage of X-ray procedures and size
received level of exposure.

So, we make an estimate of the frequency of permissible X-ray

1) the purpose of the appointment – therapeutic or diagnostic;

2) the level of patient exposure during the last procedure
(determination of his individual radiation passport);

3) assessment of the benefits and harm of the study.

How many times a year can x-rayографию

As for children under 18 who have a suspicion of
lung disease, they are allowed to take a X-ray image, but
x-rays they are forbidden to do, as this may be bad
affect their health in the future.

Some doctors believe that diagnostic x-rays need
do the patient as many times as the situation requires
at detection of pathological abnormalities. ATпрочем, данное суждение
can not be called rational, since most diseases of the chest
cells have the ability to define more secure methods
such as:

  • listening;

  • Ultrasound;

  • blood test from a vein or finger.

Such a judgment can be considered rational only in the case when
there is a suspicion of a serious stage of pneumonia or lung cancer and if
There is no positive dynamics in the treatment of the disease.

X-ray gives a certain radiation load on the human
an organism. If possible, frequent exposure, of course,
it is better to avoid, however there are situations when there is an acute
need. Beyond this, there is always the danger of “natural
background “radiation of a polluted environment, which is especially applicable
to any major industrial cities.

Modern X-ray machines have a large
advantage over standard equipment as they are
can minimize the dose of radiation ions that have
impact on the patient. Radiation exposure becomes dotted so
as the study is subjected exclusively selected zone.

How many times a year can x-rayографию: профилактика

The effects of irradiation vary widely, from imperceptible to
terrifying, for example, the development of cancer. but
worry too much for it is not necessary – the probability of occurrence
malignant tumors are very low, but still better extra
Take care.

To do this, follow a few simple

  • before and after the procedure it is recommended to strengthen
    organism with antioxidants;

  • eat more vitamins of groups A, C, E, this will help increase

  • add to your diet more all kinds of fermented milk
    products: milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and so on;

  • oatmeal, prunes, will help to get rid of harmful substances
    grainy bread.

Thus, a healthy person is not recommended
X-ray of the lungs more often than once, in rare cases – 2 times a year.
Суммарная доза exposure не должна быть выше 1 мЗв.

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