How many carbohydrates do you need to eat?lose weight

Before you tell you about carbohydrates, their role in the body, and
также о том, сколько углеводов нужно есть, чтобы lose weight, хотелось
to pay attention to this: for slimming it is more important to determine not
what and in what quantities you need to eat, and what it costs
completely refuse. And this, above all, fast carbohydrates –
sugar, white sifted flour, any roll, muffin and
sweets, white polished rice. If you хотите lose weight, об этих
products should be forgotten completely. But slow carbs can be eaten.
In what quantities – now tell.

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The brain requires about 150 to perform its function.
g carbohydrates per day. Most of them enter the body with food,
a little more is obtained as a result of the breakdown of its own fats, plus
a certain amount is synthesized by the normal microflora of the thick

To once again not to risk and not rely on their
little friends (germs), you need to secure yourself and
to build on this figure – 150 g. This is the minimum
which will allow in the absence of serious physical exertion
maintain normal mental activity and do not drive themselves into
depression due to lack of glucose.

The same amount of carbohydrates – no more than 150 g per day –
recommends the popular preacher of the paleo-diets Mark in the West
Sisson. In particular, he writes:

�“By consuming 300 grams of carbohydrates per day, you put yourself at risk
get obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

Eating 150-300 g of carbohydrates per day, you will slowly but
confidently gain weight (one kg of fat per year). If not
exceed the figure of 100-150 g per day, will be able to maintain weight in
limits of normal.

Reducing the amount to 50-100 g of carbohydrates in
, вы снизите уровень инсулина и усилите сжигание
own fats.

Less than 50 grams of carbohydrate puts the body into a state of ketosis, but
this is allowed only for one or two days to launch
the process of losing weight, and while taking food

Low carb diets

On the principle of reducing the amount of incoming carbohydrates based
popular low carb diets, for example, the Kremlin diet and
Dr. Atkins diet. At the first stage, patients will have to sharp
restriction of carbohydrates (up to 20-40 g per day), which translates the body
in a state of ketosis and starts the process of losing weight. On subsequent
stages the plank rises to 60 g per day, which contributes
weight conservation.

The bad thing is that supporters of these diets do not limit the amount of
eat fat, absorbing fatty meat products and sausages. Besides
In addition, there are other disadvantages, the main of which I would point out
polydeficiency of vitamins and microelements. No wonder in their works
Dr. Atkins points out a long list of all kinds of food additives,
strongly recommended for use, otherwise the body
have a hard time.

Yes, and his own negative example – Dr. Atkins died at 73
года, и  в конце жизни имел вес равный 120 кг, — особо не
causes confidence in this technique, as well as its Russian
analogue – the Kremlin diet. However, the principle itself is less
carbohydrate foods to cause weight loss – true. If you
хотите lose weight, уменьшать количество поступающих углеводов

I do not see much point in counting carbohydrates in natural food
– fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in any quantity.
Judge for yourself to get 100 grams of carbohydrates you have to eat
two kilograms of cabbage or one kilogram of apples. Therefore, vegetables and
fruit should not be afraid. The only exception is products with
high starch content (potatoes and other root vegetables, peas,
legumes), the reception of which should be limited and controlled. When
store food the necessary information can be found on
the label.

Take, for example, whole grain rye bread. We are looking for on the label
carbohydrate content. Suppose it is 40 g per 100 g of product.
To save the figure, we can eat no more than 150 g
carbohydrates per day. This number is contained in 375 g
whole grain bread.

Чтобы lose weight, следует съедать менее 100 г углеводов в сутки,
which corresponds to 250 grams of such bread.

How much carbohydrate can you eat to fit that
the very figure of 40 g, which is recommended in the first stage
low carb diets? Actually quite a lot.

For example, two green apples in the morning (200 g = 20 g carbohydrates), 300
Mr. green salad in lunchtime and 200 g zucchini for dinner (10 g).

Counting carbohydrates in white bread, pastries and pastries is not worth it.
Let me remind you that any refined and heavily processed
Products are not suitable for diet food in principle.

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