How many calories in marshmallow

Marshmallow – a delicacy familiar from childhood, made by whip fruit puree, sugar and egg whites. As thickener can be used agar-agar, pectin or gelatin. Thanks to whipped proteins, the product gets porous and airy. structure. Marshmallow is a favorite sweetness of children and adults. Special it is useful during diets, as it is used as alternatives to harmful and high-calorie confectionery. We invite you to find out how many calories in marshmallow and learn self prepare an exquisite delicacy.

How many calories in marshmallow

Composition and nutritional value

During the heat treatment of the product all the vitamins are destroyed. Therefore, only riboflavin (B2) and niacin are present in marshmallow equivalent (PP). 1.4 grams of sweet dessert are contained in 100 g milligram of iron (8% of daily need), 25 milligrams calcium (2.5%), 27 mg of sodium (2.1%), 46 mg of potassium (1.8%), 12 mg phosphorus (1.5%) and 6 mg of magnesium (1.5%). Protein content estimated 0.8%; carbohydrates, 78.5%; fats are virtually absent.


Calorie marshmallow per 100 grams

The average energy value of natural marshmallow is 300 kcal per 100 grams. But she may fluctuate in one way or another. side depending on the ingredients used. Popular Marshmallow Jaco has a caloric content of 305 kcal. Most food The value of the product is affected by the thickener. If it is agar, calorie product is 290 kcal, it is gentle and not cloying by taste. If pectin, dainty gets sour and contains 304 kilocalories. Most calories in gelatin based product – 325 kcal per 100 grams.


White marshmallows have neither flavors nor chemical dyes. It is traditionally prepared on the basis of agar-agar, enriching the composition product of useful iodine. This delicacy can be given to children starting from two to three years. However, choose a product that does not contain additives. powdered sugar or marmalade filling.

If you care about a healthy diet, eliminate from the diet marshmallows, in which there are dyes. Visually evaluate quality treats before buying. It should not be gray shade testifying to the use in the process the production of components such as vinegar or cream powder. Consumption of this product can cause frustration. digestive system.

How many calories are in white agar based marshmallow? 290 kcal 100 gr. Given that one piece weighs 70-80 grams, you can make the conclusion that its caloric content is from 213 to 237 kcal. AT half marshmallow – from 106 to 118 kilocalories. So if you want lose weight, it is not recommended to consume more than 1 pc per day. Not forget that pectin and gelatin based product will contain more calories: 304 and 325 kcal per 100 grams respectively.


White-pink marshmallow consists of two colored halves. AT industrial production to give color to one of them used artificial dye. And from what do marshmallows with pink shade at home? You can color the product, Mixing in the process of cooking applesauce with raspberry, strawberry or cherry. Note that the composition of white and pink marshmallow may include both agar-agar and gelatin. Pectin used less often.

ATыбирая бело-розовый зефир, обязательно проверяйте свежесть delicacies. To do this, gently push your finger on the surface dessert. If, after pressing, he quickly acquires the initial form, so marshmallow is fresh. The energy value of the product – 305 kilocalories per 100 grams. AT 1 штуке (2 половинки) – от 210 до 240 kcal

Since we are talking about colorful treats, consider in This section and the product called Marshmallow. It is chewing marshmallow, which in reality does not have with the original product nothing in common. AT его состав входят сахарный песок (реже – corn syrup), gelatin softened in warm water, dextrose, colors and flavors. ATсе ингредиенты тщательно взбиваются, thanks to which Marshmallow acquires air-sponge structure.

Калорийность 100 граммов этого продукта — 318 kcal


For the preparation of vanilla marshmallow traditionally used citrus pectin. A pleasant vanilla aroma is given to the product with using flavoring. Carbohydrate content in this type of treat reaches 79.73%. Therefore, 115 grams of dessert (3 halves) provide the body with the third part of the daily need for this substance.

Калорийность ванильного зефира — 321 ккал на 100 grams.

Chocolate Marshmallows

How many calories in marshmallowIt has arrived time to find out how many calories are in a marshmallow in chocolate. Product is made from a whipped mixture of proteins and fruit puree, after which covered with chocolate icing. The role of thickener in the classic the recipe is given agar-agar. Chocolate marshmallow is different airy консистенцией и нежнейшим by taste. The sweetness of the treat is wonderful It is combined with a bitter chocolate flavor.

If you do not want to get better, consume dessert in moderation. quantities. Pay attention to the appearance of the product. Chocolate glaze It should shine like an advertising photo. If not, it means that a harmful confectionery was used to produce marshmallow glaze на основе сои и жиров.  AT 1 зефире в шоколаде contains 135 kilocalories.

Caloric content of 100 grams of a product – 396 kcal

The benefits of marshmallow < / h2>

Marshmallows at times more useful buns, cakes and other confectionery. AT состав продукта входят полисахариды, улучшающие мозговую деятельность человека, повышающие иммунитет и снижающие концентрацию холестерина в крови. In addition, they help to reduce blood pressure and normalize the work of the stomach. Iron, phosphorus and other marshmallow components have a beneficial effect on the condition of blood vessels, nails and hair. ATо время диеты натуральное лакомство (без добавок, шоколадной глазури и кокосовой стружки) можно иногда потреблять в качестве альтернативы калорийным кондитерским изделиям.

A commonly used component of natural marshmallow is agar-agar. AT этом продукте высоко содержание йода, кальция и железа – элементов, улучшающих работу печени и очищающих этот орган от токсинов. Agar-agar is harvested from algae. The mineral composition of the thickener is useful for both children and adults. Note that the agar-agar-based marshmallow has a denser consistency.

Slightly less often pectin acts as a thickener. This product has a beneficial effect on the human body. Pectin reduces cholesterol, cleanses the body of salts and slags. It helps to better resist all sorts of infections. Marshmallow, prepared on the basis of pectin, is considered light and airy, the taste is characterized by a pleasant, pleasant sourness.

In addition to the thickeners listed above, gelatin is used in food plants for this role. Marshmallow, which includes this substance, more high-calorie, has a “rubber” consistency. However, due to its high glucose content, the gelatin-based product quickly improves brain activity. It is recommended to consume sweetness from 4 to 6 o’clock in the afternoon – during this time interval the concentration of glucose in the blood decreases.

ATред зефира

Notвзирая на невысокое содержание сахара, калорийность продукта высока. They should not be too carried away by at least for the reason that it is fraught with obesity. Natural marshmallows harmful to diabetics. However, they can choose a product in which fructose is present instead of glucose. The use of marshmallow should be limited to people suffering from disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. The fact is that there are too many simple carbohydrates in the product.

When buying marshmallows, pay attention to the colors. If you do not want to use with the sweetness of additives and artificial colors, buy only the product of white color. AT розовом или желтом лакомстве гарантированно содержатся далеко не самые полезные для организма химические компоненты. Notкоторые ингредиенты продукта могут вызвать аллергические реакции. Excessive consumption of this sweetness leads to the development of caries and metabolic disorders. |

Recipe for this marshmallow at home < / h2>

Nutritionists advise and consider the need to make a natural marshmallow in the daily diet. This useful product will reduce the desire to consume other, more harmful sweets. In addition, he will fill the calorie deficit without harm to your figure. Preparing apple marshmallows at home is not difficult. Предлагаем вашему вниманию простой десерт аппетитного delicacies.

How many calories in marshmallowATам понадобится:

  • Apples – 300 grams; < / li>
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons; < / li>
  • Egg white – 2 pcs; < / li>
  • Agar-Agar – 1.5 tablespoons. < / li> < / ul>

    Preparation: < / strong>

    1. Peel the fruit, remove the seeds and center, bake in the oven. < / li>
    2. Using a blender, turn baked apples into mashed potatoes. < / li>
    3. Add sugar to puree and 1 protein whipped in a blender. ATзбейте смесь.
    4. AT кастрюле смешайте 80 миллилитров воды с агар-агаром, варите на протяжении пяти минут.
    5. ATлейте в яблочное пюре еще один белок, снова взбейте миксером.
    6. Immediately after this, pour the mixture into a warm syrup in a thin stream. ATсе время помешивайте ее.
    7. Wait until the resulting mass acquires the desired consistency and stops falling from the spoon. < / li>
    8. Now mix the mixture with a cooking syringe and squeeze it onto a base covered with parchment or food paper to form a marshmallow of the desired size. < / li>
    9. Billets will be ready for consumption in a day. < / li>
    10. If you wish, you can combine the halves with each other and roll them in powdered sugar. ATот и все, зефир по ГОСТу готов!
    11. < / ol>

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