How many calories in fat

Salo is a product whose high gastronomic qualities valued in the countries of the former USSR, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and other states. It is popular not only in Ukraine and Russia. Another name for bacon is pork fat. He is soft but dense subcutaneous pig layer. Pork nashpigovyvayut meat, it is added to meat products, is used when stewing vegetables or refueling some first courses. Mixing fat with meat stuffing, you turn a dry mixture into a juicy and fatty. This product Eat with bread, garlic or other snacks. We are offering to you find out how many calories are in fat.

Calorie fat per 100 grams

Fresh lard contains 797 kilocalories per 100 grams. AT Russia and Ukraine, it is more often consumed in smoked and salted form, less often – fried and boiled. Taste depends on the processing method quality and energy value of pork fat AT каком виде он contains the least calories, and in which – the most?

How many calories in fat

AT жареном

Some people prefer to consume pork fat in fried the form. The dish has another common name – “cracklings”. Salo – almost the only product, energy value which is reduced during frying. Protein in it – 2 g, fat – 84 g. Persons prone to fullness or losing weight should be strictly limit the use of cracklings, and ideally eliminate them altogether from the diet.

Calorie fried fat – 764 calories per 100 grams.

AT копченном

For cooking smoked bacon is used pre salted pork fat After the slaughter of the animal subcutaneous fat it is separated from the carcass itself and prepared for smoking. is he salted for 2-3 weeks, washed, completely dried. It is then processed on smoke or using special liquid smoke. The average duration of the process of smoking – from 1 to 1.5 weeks. is he завершается, когда копченое сало приобретает delicious golden color.

The benefits of a smoked product are less pronounced than of fresh or salty. AT процессе копчения внутри могут образовываться вредные oxidized fats or even carcinogens. Do not forget about high energy value of the product.

Calorie smoked fat – 785 kcal per 100 grams.

AT варенном

For cooking boiled bacon pieces, with its skin spread in an enameled container so that they occupy approximately 50% of its volume. is heи обильно пересыпаются солью и pressed down on top of something heavy. One day pork fat It is filled with water and boiled for about an hour. AT кастрюлю добавляются black pepper, bay leaf, washed onion peels. After cooling product is taken out, stuffed with thin slices garlic. It can be stored for a long time, so often harvested for the winter period. Some vitamins during heat treatment are destroyed, so boiled bacon loses part of the useful properties.

Калорийность вареного сала –  460 килокалорий на 100 grams.

AT соленом сале

Previously, pork fat salted to extend shelf life. Today, when everyone has a refrigerator at home, the need for this No, but people are in no hurry to refuse this product. Why? The fact is that salted lard is more tasty than fresh. With the energy content of the product does not undergo special изменений.AT нем присутствует ценная арахидоновая кислота, которой no in oils of vegetable origin. Pork fat is important to raise the vitality, strengthen the immune system.

Calorie salty fat – 810-820 kcal per 100 grams.

Composition and nutritional value < / h2>

Despite the high calorie content of the product, it is well absorbed by the body. Almost 88% of the composition is made up of valuable animal fats containing saturated and unsaturated types of fatty acids. Продукт богат жирорастворимыми витаминами A, Е и D. AT нем присутствует арахидоновая кислота, обладающая противовоспалительным воздействием, укрепляющая иммунную систему и помогающая организму эффективно противостоять вирусам и инфекционным заболеваниям.

AT свином шпике содержится ценное вещество селен, являющееся мощнейшим антиоксидантом. Scientists from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences claim that over 80% of Russians lack this substance, since the products included in our daily diet are not its sources.

Salo is many times more beneficial for the body than modern sausages. We finish the assessment of the content of BZHU. Most of the product contains fat: 89%, proteins – 2.4%, but there is no carbohydrate at all.


Rules for the use of fat < / h2>

It is most useful to eat fat, salted by the dry method, with the addition of your favorite spices. Магазинный же продукт, копченный жидким способом, утрачивает part of the useful properties. If you like lard and want it to bring only benefits to the body, follow the rules listed below: < p>

  1. Eat in moderation < / strong>. Fat is harmful only when overused. The daily rate in this product is only 30 grams, this weight has a piece 1 cm thick. However, if you are overweight, limit yourself to a portion of 10 grams. < / li>
  2. Do not heat treat < / strong>. AT процессе жарки или копчения он утрачивает часть полезных свойств, образовывая вредные канцерогены. Исключите эти виды сала from the diet.
  3. ATыбирайте продукт, в качестве которого уверены. AT свежем сале могут присутствовать паразиты гельминты, потому обязательно проверяйте ветеринарные сертификаты в точке продажи. The product with a pinkish tinge is not recommended for consumption. is he свидетельствует о попадании в шпик крови свиньи и увеличении вероятности инфицирования паразитами.
  4. Eat organic lard < / strong>. This is a layer of subcutaneous fat on the skin of a pig. Europeans for the most part consume bacon or carbonate – a product with meat layers, therefore they are more likely to suffer from overweight. < / Li>
  5. Match correctly < / strong>. A slice of black bread and a piece of bacon is a great option in terms of benefits and gastronomic qualities. Useful product with additives such as garlic and pepper. Withправленные минимальным количеством нерафинированного растительного масла и уксуса, они способны нейтрализовать вред сала, улучшая процесс усвоения.
  6. Nutritionists recommend to consume pork fat with hot spices < / strong>, natural adzhika or vinegar. Such seasonings have pronounced antioxidant properties and prevent an increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. < / Li>
  7. Eat alcoholic beverages < / strong>. Entering the body with food and alcohol, the product “envelops” the walls of the stomach, not allowing you to quickly get drunk. Under the influence of alcohol, pork fat itself is absorbed many times faster. It’s not just about vodka. The product goes well with dry red wines. < / Li> < / ol>

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