How many calories in carrots

Carrots are common root crops in Russia (along with potato and beetroot). The weight of one fruit is 40 to 250 grams. Carrot has an elongated conical shape, less often – cylindrical type. The color of the fruit ranges from yellow to saturated orange. Root crop is widely used in cooking, it comes in The composition of the first and second courses, salads. Consume carrots and in raw. We suggest you find out how many calories are in carrots and what benefits the body brings its use.

Calorie carrot per 100 grams

There are dozens of ways to cook carrots: he consumed in raw, boiled, pickled, canned, stewed, baked form. Korean carrots, carrots are popular steamed and even roasted carrots! Do not forget to mention the healing the juice of this vegetable. The calorie content of each of these dishes will be differ. Let’s learn about the energy value of carrots, cooked the most common ways.

• Fresh • Boiled • Baked • Stewed • Carrot Juice • Carrot по-корейски

In fresh

How many calories in carrotsEnergy the value of different varieties of carrots ranges from 32-40 kilocalories. In the tables of calories indicated average: 35 ккал (продукт низкокалорийный). Main The source of the energy value of the vegetable is glucose, which is why it gives large amount of energy. The calorie content of carrots depends on sweets varieties. The more sugar in the product, the higher it is and the more energy value.

In 1 carrot orange (sweet) weighing 50 grams содержится 20 килокалорий, менее сладкой – 16 kilocalories. Weight a large root can be 300 g, respectively, raw large carrots (1 pc) contain a little more than 100 kcal. Due to the low calorie content of a vegetable, you can consume a carrot in unlimited, not afraid to get better.

In boiled

How many calories in carrotsCarrot boiled as part of dozens of popular salads, in including vinaigrette, Olivier, herring under a fur coat. Boiled Vegetable used for decorative decoration of dishes, cooking first dishes, side dishes, appetizers, aspic. Boiled calories моркови – 35 kilocalories.

The benefits of boiled carrots are several times higher than raw root vegetables. When boiling root vegetables (at temperature processing vegetable) increases the content of valuable antioxidants – substances slowing cell aging and considered effective prophylactic against cancer. Mashed out boiled carrots contain phenols that protect people from senile diseases. The product in this form must be included in the daily diet of people with heart disease, vitamin deficiency, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease.


How many calories in carrotsCalorie content запеченной моркови оценивается диетологами в 29 ккал на 100 грамм готового продукта. However, such a dish looks too bland and eat it with an appetite is not easy. Big Carrots baked with coriander are popular. It is prepared as follows:

  1. Vegetable washed, peeled from the skin and cut slices.
  2. In a frying pan, coriander seeds are roasted for 2 minutes along with pepper (peas).
  3. Spices are poured into a mortar, crushed and poured into a bowl with carrot slices.
  4. Garlic and salt knead until smooth, added olive oil. Puree mixed with carrots and spices.
  5. The entire contents of the dish is laid out on a baking sheet and baked on over 30-40 minutes. Willingness is determined by the degree of softness carrots.
  6. This dish is very tasty and healthy, and its calorie content составляет 80 килокалорий на 100 грамм.

In a stew

How many calories in carrotsCarrot in stew is often included in meat dishes. Consume it in food can and separately.

Calorie content 100 граммов тушеной моркови в сливочном масле makes 102 kcal, on sour cream of 10% of fat content – 65 kcal, on water – 45 ккал. Even less energy value продукт, тушеный с капустой – 39 kilocalories.

In carrot juice

How many calories in carrotsNatural carrot juice is an incredibly healthy product. Consume it necessary for children (older than 1 year) and adults. Carrot juice valued for its high carotene capacity, however for good digestibility of this substance by the body must be shortly before drink consumption eat a product in which there are animal or vegetable fats.

• Energy ценность свежего натурального морковного сока – 56 kcal per 100 milliliters.

In carrots in Korean

How many calories in carrotsCalorie content моркови по-корейски с маслом составляет 112 килокалорий на 100 граммов. This savory dish has become incredibly popular. You can buy Korean carrots on any рынке или  в продуктовом супермаркете. But many mistresses prefer to cook it yourself.

Have patience (which you will need to cut vegetables on straw with a long knife or special grater), prepare vegetable oil and the necessary set of spices.  List spices used to cook Korean carrot – garlic, ground black pepper, red pepper, salt, vinegar, sugar, and crushed seeds coriander.

Chemical composition and nutritional value < / h2>

100 grams of carrots contain 88 grams of water, 1.2 grams of proteins, 7 grams of carbohydrates (6 grams are monosaccharides and disaccharides). Fat: 0.1 g. Dietary fiber is present in carrots (just over 1 gram, when the daily rate is 9 grams), pectins (0.6 grams), vegetable organic acids and ash.

Carrot – a rich source of nutrients. From vitamins in it there is only B12. Among the wide list of microelements and macroelements only silicon is absent. Eating 100 grams of carrots, you consume 2.2 times more vitamin A and 2.4 times more beta-carotene compared to the body’s daily need for these substances. 0.1 kg of vegetable contains the 3-day norm of vanadium.

Among other vitamins present in carrots, K (11% of the daily requirement for 100 grams of the product), B5 (6%), C (5.6%), PP (5.5%), B6 (5%), B1 (4%). In the list of macro- and microelements, we highlight a high content of molybdenum (28%), cobalt (20%), boron (10%), manganese (10%), magnesium (9.5%), copper (8%), potassium (8%), phosphorus (6.9%) and chromium (6%). Impressive composition, isn’t it?


What is useful carrot < / h2>

The sweetness of some varieties of carrots due to the high capacity of sugars, especially glucose. The composition of carrots are starch, pectins, fiber, lecithin. The vegetable contains a record content of carotene and vitamin A. What is the use of an orange vegetable?

Carrots need to be eaten to improve vision and prevent vitamin deficiency. Beta-carotene and vitamin A are good for the eyes and ensure the normal growth of the young body. The vegetable strengthens the tooth enamel due to the fluoride it contains, energizes and nourishes the body with essential vitamins, helps to improve the metabolic processes.

Carrot полезна при заболеваниях сердечно-сосудистой системы и плохом самочувствии. B vitamins accelerate the process of splitting fats in the body, contribute to a better absorption of protein, strengthen the nervous system, improve the condition of nails, hair, provide elasticity and healthy skin color. Vitamin K is responsible for normal blood clotting. Iron is useful for anemia, magnesium speeds up metabolism, zinc strengthens the body’s defenses, sodium and potassium remove salts and slags, and are responsible for the growth and strengthening of muscle tissue. Calcium is useful for bones and teeth, phosphorus – for nerve fibers. Selenium tones, contributes to a good mood and the extension of youth.

Vegetable cures bronchitis, promotes accelerated healing of wounds, reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. The product has an antiseptic, anthelmintic, choleretic, mineralizing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Carrots need to be consumed during epidemics of influenza and colds, as the vegetable strengthens the immune system.

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