How many calories in a cucumber

Cucumbers are the most popular summer vegetables on a par with tomatoes. Their consume directly in food and used for cooking dozens of first and second courses, salads and appetizers. This vegetable low-calorie, this is due to its widespread use in dietology. Let’s find out how many calories are in a cucumber, prepared in different ways, and we will review the list of useful properties of this product.

How much does a cucumber weigh?

The quick answer: the weight of 1 large cucumber – 120 grams

How many calories in a cucumber

Calorie cucumber 1 pc – 18 kcal


Chemical composition and nutritional value

95% of the cucumber composition is water. In the vegetable, the content of enzymes is high, accelerating the uptake of animal proteins. Therefore, it is useful to consume with meat dishes. In cucumbers there are vitamins C, A, B5, B9, PP, but most of all vitamin K (in 100 g of the product – 20% daily needs). Note that vegetable is a source of fiber, stimulating intestinal motor function.

The concentration of trace elements in the cucumber is low, trace elements – more significant. It is about calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and, of course potassium. В 100 граммах огурцов 147 миллиgrams калия – 7% от daily need for this substance. Now about BZHU. Content in fresh vegetable fats are estimated at 0.1 grams, proteins are presented in more: 0.8 grams. Lead carbohydrates – 2.8 grams.

Cucumber calories per 100 grams < / h2>

Name < / th>

Calories per 100 grams < / th> < / tr> < / thead>

Fresh < / td>

20 kcal < / td> < / tr>

In salt < / td>

15 kcal < / td> < / tr>

In salted < / td>

15 kcal < / td> < / tr>

Marinated < / td>

18 kcal < / td> < / tr>

In cucumber juice < / td>

27 kcal < / td> < / tr> < / tbody> < / table>

Since fats, carbohydrates and proteins are minimal, the energy value of cucumber is low. This vegetable потребляется в соленом либо маринованном виде не чаще, чем в свежем. But worry about the content of calories is not necessary: the cucumber calorie remains low regardless of how you cook it. And one more thing: the energy value of greenhouse and vegetables grown under normal conditions is not at all different.

In the fresh

People on a diet are interested in the caloric content of all consumed foods. So how many calories in a cucumber? 15 ккал на 100 grams. It is so small that it is not worth considering this contribution to the overall nutritional value of the daily diet. Cucumber can be consumed in any quantities, without fear of getting better. Even 1 kilogram of the product will enrich the body by 150 kilocalories. Even a cucumber salad and tomato with mayonnaise has a low nutritional value! Estimated nutritionists, it reaches 53 kilocalories. < P>

1 огурец крупного размера весом в 120 grams содержит 18 ккал. Вес маленького овоща составляет 40-50 grams, калорийность – 6-7 килокалорий. We will answer another popular question often asked by lovers of Japanese cuisine. Calorie rolls with cucumber (called “Kappa maki”) is 90 kcal per 100 g.

In salted < / h3>

Salting fresh cucumbers in a special brine and adding the necessary spices and seasonings, you turn them into salted. Vegetables in this form are used to make salads, first courses, side dishes, pastries, even sandwiches and savory sauces! And this list is far from complete. Canned cucumbers are excellently combined with products of any origin (both vegetable and animal). Caloric content of such vegetables is lower than fresh ones. Она составляет 11 килокалорий на 100 grams. In a pickle of medium size (1 pc.) 8 kcal.

Before you begin the process of salting the product at home, you need to pick vegetables of the right size and color. Ideal for preservation are considered to be rich green cucumbers with small black pimples. The presence of white formations is undesirable: it is desirable to consume these vegetables only fresh. A special delicacy – small cucumbers with a dense structure, tender skin and no seeds are a delicacy.

In lightly salted < / h3>

Salted cucumbers – a traditional dish of Russian cuisine, prepared with the help of short-term salting. Short terms salting – the difference between such cucumbers from salted ones. All sorts of spices are added to the pickle brine, starting with bay leaf, salt, garlic and cloves, and ending with currant leaves and cherry leaves. The finished product is stored in glass jars. Nutritional value of salted cucumber – 11 kilocalories per 100 grams.

There are 2 different methods of cooking cucumbers. The first is called brine and is divided into 2 categories. In cold cooking, salted cucumbers are ready for consumption in 3-4 days. Hot is considered faster: boiled water-filled vegetables can be eaten in 12-40 hours. The second method is called dry, it is good and fast. Prepared cucumbers are laid out in dishes, where they are poured with salt and spices, while the vegetables themselves produce the necessary the juice. You can consume them in 2-3 days.

In pickled < / h3>

Pickled cucumbers are a sought-after ingredient in Russian cuisine. They are used as a full-fledged snack. The effort expended in cooking vegetables is rewarded, with the result that you get crispy fruits that have a pleasant sour-sweet taste. Marinated cucumbers are used for making sauces. They are harmoniously combined with meat and fish dishes. How many calories in pickled cucumbers? 16 kcal per 100 grams.

For the preparation of vegetables used marinade – water with vinegar. In addition to these ingredients, spices and spices are used. Popular among them are salt, sugar, ground cloves, bay leaves, cherry leaves. Note that some housewives prefer to replace vinegar with citric acid. According to nutritionists, vegetables cooked in this brine, softer effect on the stomach. Marinade inhibits the activity of harmful microorganisms, so cucumbers are stored for a long time.

In cucumber juice < / h3>

Cucumber juice is not very popular (compared to carrot or apple juice). Nevertheless, it is unique in its vitamin-mineral content of the drink. A useful ingredient of the product is structured water, which removes all toxins and accumulated toxins from the body. Juice must be taken for gout, rheumatism, kidney disease. It normalizes blood pressure, improves vision and has a beneficial effect on digestion. Caloric content of 100 ml of natural juice – 14 kilocalories.

Daily rate of use < / h2>

The beneficial effect of cucumbers on the body, due to the presence in their composition of vitamins and nutrients – a good reason to include them in your daily diet. Useful home-grown vegetables without the use of harmful chemicals. For the same purchased cucumbers should be wary, if they are imported. It is undesirable to eat vegetables with a bitter aftertaste.

There are varieties of the cucumber diet, during which it is recommended to eat as many green vegetables as possible. But nutritionists warn that their excessive consumption in the absence of protein foods can lead to irritation of the stomach. If you keep in mind this rule, you can not worry about such a thing as the daily norm. The single use of a large number of fresh vegetables will not have a harmful effect on your body. Соленые же и маринованные огурцы следует дозировать: не более 200 grams в сутки.


The useful cucumbers < / h2>

Despite the fact that this green vegetable is 95% water, it contains substances that have a beneficial effect on health. It is time to learn how a cucumber brings benefits to a person:

  • Improves the condition of the skin, providing a cooling and soothing effect. Thin circles of the vegetable are placed on the eyes to reduce puffiness. They are also used to soften, moisturize the skin, treat sunburn. < / Li>
  • Adding cucumber to the daily menu will protect you from dehydration in the hot season. < / li>
  • Due to the high content of structured water, the vegetable cleanses the body from harmful toxins and slag deposits. The diuretic effect of cucumber also prevents the formation of kidney stones. < / Li>
  • The fisetins present in the cucumber heal the brain. They help improve memory, protect cells of the nervous system from age-related disorders. Also fitesin prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease and brain tumors. < / Li>
  • Polyphenols lignans contained in vegetables reduce the risk of developing breast, uterus, ovarian and prostate cancers. The phytonutrients included in the composition of cucumber have anti-cancer properties. < / Li>
  • Potassium has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, strengthening the heart and blood vessel walls. < / li>
  • Vegetable is rich in antioxidants that slow down the process of cellular aging and bind free radicals. We are talking about vitamin C, beta-carotene. < / Li>
  • Cucumber can give you fresh breath. Hold a slice of peeled vegetable on the tongue for 10 minutes, and it will destroy the harmful bacteria that cause bad breath. < / Li>
  • B vitamins protect the nervous system from stress, reduce anxiety and irritability. < / li>
  • The vegetable skin contains fiber – a substance that has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive system. < / li>
  • Eating low-calorie cucumbers will help get rid of excess weight. If we exclude products containing harmful fat from the menu and do not forget about physical exertion, the results will be even more significant. < / Li> < / ul>

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