How many calories are burned during squats

kalorii-pri-prisedaniyahSquats are a basic type.
exercise, the popularity of which only increases. With his help
working on the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks.

Like any exercise, squats are great.
way to burn calories. This indicator depends on different
factors, the key of which is the technique of execution. Besides
him, the result is influenced by weight, age, intensity of employment and type

Squats stand out the possibility of variable execution.
It is enough to change the position of the legs to activate not only
outer but inner thigh.

Exercise can be combined with others, at once
work through different areas of the body, such as arms and legs.
Despite its simplicity, this base load is very useful for
body and allows you to burn a lot of calories.

Why do squats?

Standard squats can be found in almost any
training, but most often they are approached by women. For most
of these, the hips, legs, and buttocks are problem areas. TO
Fortunately, such exercises help to touch on several
muscle groups:

  • Squats make the calf muscles, quadriceps and
    hamstrings, thanks to which the legs and ankles become
    stronger. The effect can be even more pronounced if
    squats slowly.
  • This load tightens and works the buttocks. To
    to help this process, you need to further compress the buttock
    muscle when returning to standing.
  • Squats affect the abdominal muscles, as they are required for
    maintaining balance. At the same time, the musculature of the lower
    parts of the back, the stomach becomes flatter. To улучшить
    result, you can retract the abs while squatting.
  • The runtime improves the flexibility of the ankle, thigh,
    knees and lower back.

Squats are not only working through many muscle groups, but also
make joints stronger. Hips, knees and ankles work
at the same time, when a person lifts or carries loads. For
This process also requires the work of quadriceps and popliteal
tendons, and squats work through them all. Finally, such
Exercise develops endurance.

TOак правильно выполнять приседания? Standard equipment

For начала нужно поставить стопы слегка шире плеч, при этом
the hips should be above the knees and the knees above the ankles. Important
lower shoulders, do not pull them up to the ears, so that once again
strain your lower back. Hands pulled forward, parallel
semi, palms look down. It is permissible to bend the arms in the elbows and
turn palms to each other.

Execution process:

  • Squatting begins with a stomach inhale.
  • The hips are pulled back slightly to start the knees.
  • The pelvis back, shoulders and back while remaining
  • While lowering the eyes should look forward, and the back
    stay neutral.
  • If no discomfort occurs, the hips drop a little lower.
    knees. To следить за тем, сколько осталось до пола, можно
    use the box behind you.

Being in the lower position, you need to strain the abdominal muscles, exhale
and using heels to return to the original position. Based on such
technicians can calculate how many calories are spent when squatting.
To увеличить показатель и эффективнее провести время, отведенное
for training, it is worth using burdens.

Weight must be selected in such a way as to be able to do
twelve reps per set. For начала лучше попробовать
comfortable weight, and then gradually pick up one with which
hard (but really) to perform the twelfth repetition. Not bad
the decision for practicing in the hall will be squats with a barbell,
Tak-Squat and Smith simulator.

How many calories are burned during squats? Time to count …

The human body constantly burns calories, even during
recreation. They are required to maintain the functioning of the body.
To узнать, как много приседания сжигают калорий, используется
metabolic equivalent. Although the exact number can not be obtained,
You can calculate the approximate amount.

The metabolic value of standard squats is 5.0, and
complicated with the help of burdens – 6.0. To узнать количество
calories burned, the following formula is used: metabolic
the value is multiplied by the product of body weight in kilograms and 3.5.
The resulting figure is divided by 200 and multiplied by the duration

For подобных расчетов не имеет значения, выполнил человек 1
squats, 50 squats or 100 squats. Are used
temporary indicators. For example, if an athlete weighs about 60 kg
performed squats for five minutes then he burned about
sixty calories. In twenty minutes they will be gone

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