How long does it take to run to lose weight?

Regular jogging will help you to easily get rid of excess
kilograms. To lose weight, you need at least several times
week to pay attention to running training. Such periodicity
practice allows you to quickly get rid of excess weight, adds
energy and improves the tone of the whole organism.

How long does it take to run to lose weight?


  • How to train
  • Workout program for a beginner
  • Medium and high running load
  • Treadmill training
  • What results can be achieved?
  • How to run to lose weight, video

The duration of the workout and the distance depends on your physical
preparation. It is recommended to start with 2-3 kilometers, gradually
increasing the distance. If you give jogging 20-30 minutes a day,
You can lose 5 pounds or more per month. Regular running
training gives a huge charge of cheerfulness. Let’s talk about how
correct and how much you need to run to lose weight.


How to train

To lose weight by running, you need to do this type of activity
his habit. Remember that to form any
sustainable skill takes time. Take your time and do not force
exercise, in this case, regular exercise will be
to bring you pleasure, and you will quickly achieve good
sporting result.

Lesson plan

Before starting workouts, we recommend to make a clear plan.
occupations. Keep a diary and plan on days of the week physical
load, depending on your daily daily routine. AT
during the month, record your actual workouts and be sure to
track well-being. This will help determine the individual
program of running and other physical activity, which
most effective for you.

ATремя пробежки

Running training at different times of day have different
effects on the body. ATыбирайте наиболее подходящий период в
depending on the goals and objectives of your sports.
This will help increase the effectiveness of training for weight loss, and
quickly achieve the desired result. Read more about running efficiency.
in the mornings, in the afternoon and in the evening, read the article “Running for
losing weight.

Class frequency

If you are just starting to run, we recommend
conduct at least 2-3 workouts per week. After a period of muscle
adapt and with well-being, gradually increase
number of runs If you are in good shape, feel free to
increase the frequency of training up to 5 times a week. With such
regular physical exertion, you can lose weight quickly and easily.


The duration of the running workout and distance pick up with
considering your current physical condition. If you are new to sports and
just starting to practice, we recommend running 1.5-2 kilometers
at once. To reduce the load, you can alternate running with walking
or jog at a slow pace. The optimal distance for
average level of physical fitness 4-5 km. Well trained
fitness lady fit interval runs with an average distance
6-10 kilometers. To lose weight and quickly bring your body to
good physical condition, you need to run from 30 to 90 minutes in

Workout program for a beginner

Compiling a training program is important
preparatory stage before playing sports. For beginners
It is recommended to gradually increase physical activity in order not to
lose motivation and avoid overtraining. To lose weight,
beginners need to run at least several times a week.

Example of running training for beginners:

  • Warm up and warm up. Duration 5-10 minutes.
    The main emphasis on warming exercises for the joints.
  • Ходьба с постепенным ускорением – 500
  • Бег в спокойном темпе – 2 kilometers
  • Ходьба с постепенным замедлением – 500
  • Stretching Duration 10-15 minutes. Main
    It is recommended to pay attention to stretching the leg muscles (thighs, buttocks,
    calves and ankles).

AT зависимости от выбранного темпа такая тренировка может длиться
from 20 to 60 minutes. Duration of the distance is 3 kilometers. First
several classes must be performed in the most relaxed
rhythm, so as not to overload the muscles, cardiovascular and
respiratory system. Subsequent runs run with more
high speed, gradually and smoothly increasing physical

ATо время тренировки обращайте внимание на свое самочувствие.
If you are choking or feeling pain and discomfort, then reduce
run speed or go for a brisk walk. Having rested and partially
after regaining your breath, return to your original tempo. If unpleasant
sensations do not pass, then continue to slow down, up to
full stop and stop training.

Medium and high running load

If you are physically fit and program for
beginners seem easy, then boldly increase the distance and
number of workouts. For example, to lose weight or maintain
weight at the right level, you need to run at least 3-4 times a week for 4-6
килоmeters For one such training (30-40 minutes) at high
run speeds can burn up to 450 calories. Excellent result for
the process of losing weight gives the inclusion in the run of high-intensity

Running training program for the average level of physical

  • Разминка может включать в себя небольшой
    a set of exercises for warming up ligaments and joints, plus running
    jog 10-15 minutes.
  • Бег в привычном темпе – 1,5-2
  • Интервалы с ускорением – 2 км (100-200 м
    sprint plus 300-500 m normal pace).
  • Бег в спокойном темпе с постепенным
    замедлением – 1,5-2 kilometers
  • Растяжка основных групп мышц.

The program is designed for good physical preparation.
Длительность дистанции 5-6 килоmeters This kind of training
suitable for any time of day. AT зависимости от вашего обычного
pace duration of one class can vary from 20 to 30
minutes If the body quickly adapted to physical exertion, then
увеличьте длительность и количество высокоинтенсивных intervals.
Thanks to this you can easily maintain your weight on the right

Treadmill training

If you do not have the opportunity to play sports at the stadium or in
the park, then the workout for weight loss can be carried out on the treadmill
track in the fitness club. Such runs can be wonderful
addition to the complex of exercises on simulators or group
fitness classes.

An example of a workout on a treadmill:

  • разминка – ходьба в быстром темпе 10-15
  • бег трусцой – 1 километр;
  • спринт – 400 метров;
  • бег в привычном для вас темпе – 1-1,5 km;
  • спринт – 350 м;
  • обычный бег – 2 km;
  • спринт – 250 м;
  • бег трусцой с замедлением скорости – 1
  • упражнения на расслабления и растяжку.

Длина дистанции составляет 6 килоmeters This training on
The treadmill is designed for an average level of physical
preparation. Based on your current level of fitness,
increase or decrease the amount of high or low intensity
periods. Listen to your feelings before and after training,
чтобы подобрать для себя наиболее эффективную схему occupations.

What results can be achieved?

Regular jogging gives a good result for losing weight.
If you run several times a week,
gradually increasing the load, then you quickly get rid of excess
weight. Remember that to achieve a stable effect is necessary
review your diet. Eliminating from consumption high-calorie
food products (sweet, flour, fat) and regular exercise,
You can lose weight up to 5-10 kg per month.

If you combine jogging with other types of fitness activity, you can
several times increase the effectiveness of the fight against excess weight.
For example, strength training in the gym perfectly complements
running training. AT результате таких занятий ваши мышцы получают
complex physical activity, which accelerates several times
the process of losing weight.

How to run to lose weight, video

Make regular runs, adjust your nutrition and
then you will easily and quickly achieve good results in the process
losing weight

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