How long can you sit at a computer for an adult andto kid? How to reduce harm when you sit at the computer?

Чт, 12 май 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Modern life is hard to imagine without

This is entertainment, and means of communication, and business, and

It is strange to see a threat in such familiar equipment, but
she is.

How much you can sit at a computer directly depends on
age, nature of work and knowledge of basic health and safety.


How long can you sit at a computer and why is it dangerous

If older people have become friends with computers,
talk about youth and teens? They hardly think themselves
existence without monitors, tablets and virtual world.
And if some people work with computers, others spend
virtuality free all the time, playing or chatting for hours.
Risks and those and others.

First of all, electromagnetic radiation, which is capable of
cause chronic fatigue, increased headaches
nervousness, reduced immune defense. Constantly
a person exposed to radiation is at risk for cancer
diseases. The radiation acts in a rather large radius.
and a half meters from the monitor, so that the harm is done and most
the user and the people around him.

Of course, manufacturers are seriously engaged in the protection of screens
to reduce the power of radiation from the monitor. But what to do with
other parts of the monitor, as well as the system unit? All of them too
are sources of radiation.

Do not hope for the safety of laptops: emit, and more
as! Moreover, the laptops are closest to the human body,
which clearly does not reduce the degree of danger.

Radiation affects children more strongly than adults. Bones
their skulls are thinner, and the medulla has a greater
conductivity. Hence the harm that a computer can do
(or rather, radiation) at the stage of embryonic development, from miscarriage
before the pathology of the fetus. How long can you sit at a computer pregnant
woman? Do I need to explain …

Increased eye strain is the second major problem
connected with computers. Yes, the obvious harmful flicker that
sinned the first monitors, today there is no and the eye strain is akin
the one that gives ordinary TV. But time uncontrolled
being behind the monitor is fraught with an overstrain of the optic nerve,
decreased vision, the development of myopia – myopia.

The computer is especially dangerous to children who already have a decrease
view. It is the eyes that suffer primarily if the person is not
observes the elementary mode of work with the monitor.

The question of how much you can sit at a computer, directly
concerns the development of varicose veins, scoliosis and osteochondrosis. If an adult
or the child sits in front of the monitor for hours, broken
blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The habit of snacking is not
moving away from the workplace or the playing field leads to obesity,
potentially dangerous in terms of developing problems with the heart, blood vessels,
hormonal system.

If a child has a curvature of the spinal column,
deal with the problem yourself is impossible. Treat scoliosis
you need a complex: daily gymnastics, massage, permanent
posture control, swimming.

Do not overlook such an important moment as
development of computer addiction, similar to alcohol and
narcotic. It may appear in an adult, but more often
children suffer. Closure, lack of interests and friends in
real world, sociopathy, loosened nervous system – such is
payment for the time spent at the monitor. In adults on the background
full insomnia in the virtual world often develops,
what interferes with proper work and rest.

How long can you sit at the computer: instructions for adults and

It is easy to understand that the question of how much you can sit at
computer, and the answer is: the less the better.
However, there are specific medical recommendations, in
according to which you should plan your work and

Adult users should be guided.
following rules:

• work behind the monitor for no more than two hours in a row;

• every half an hour to do visual gymnastics;

• after two hours of work, be sure to stop at least
Twenty minutes. Break – means get up, walk, do
exercises to disperse blood in the legs and pelvic area;

• just a day to spend at the computer for an adult
can be no more than six hours. Exceeding this rate is fraught
the occurrence of serious health problems.

Standards for the monitor children even more
. How much you can sit at the computer depends
прежде всего от возраста baby. Until he was five years old,
can not let the monitor. Subsequently it is worth adhering
The following ophthalmology recommendations:

• children of preschool and primary school age up to
ten years can spend at the computer no more than half an hour a day,
however, one session should not exceed ten minutes;

• children from ten to 14 years old can work approximately hour doing
mandatory break every twenty minutes;

• from 15 years of age to adulthood, the total time can be increased by
for half an hour a day.

If the computer clearly has a detrimental effect on health.
baby, нужно исключить его из жизни школьника.

How long can you sit at the computer and how to reduce the harm

Adults often ignore the recommendation about active rest from
work at the computer, but in vain. Just get away from the monitor
not enough: to minimize harm to your health, you need
just walk, ideally take a short walk to
fresh air.

Зрительная гимнастика тоже очень важный
health component. What can be done:

• close your eyes and sit for a few minutes;

• make rotational movements of the eyeballs in different
side, then down-up;

• looking out the window, look first at the point in it, and then, not
changing the position of the head, look further behind the glass, on
subject in the long run. Work with focus far, far away

How much you can sit at the computer depends еще и от того,
how well the workplace is organized. Should
adjust the height of the chair and table, the position of the monitor,
be sure to provide good, even lighting, and the source
should not be near the monitor. Every two hours you need
air the room. By following all these rules, you can really
reduce the harm from working with computer equipment.

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