How etiquette helps to lose weight

The French table is a technique that nutritionists use to
to teach a fat man to eat less.

�“Everything is not like yours,” said Sharikov, “there is a fork there,
napkin over here. ” Еще бы,  ведь держать локти прямо, есть левой
hand, cut off the meat bit by bit, holding it with a fork, not
open your mouth wide, in general, is according to the rules of the classic
Etiquette is not very convenient, and much longer in time. This is exactly
need nutritionists.

Following etiquette, a person puts himself in a certain frame,
which interfere with eating and putting pieces in your mouth.

Cover the table, put a glass of wine, put on your knees
napkin, cook appliances and start the meal. When eat
first, hold the spoon parallel to your mouth, hold it not
tapering, and the side, eat from the edge of the spoon, without thrusting
spoon in your mouth. Spoon never fill to the brim so as not to
spill the soup.

The poor do the opposite, because if you follow the rules, in the mouth
gets less food. Aristocrats do not seek to get as much as possible
more calories, because they are not engaged in physical labor. AT
Michelin-based restaurants, portions are small, and in cheap eateries
big ones. The poor man tries to fill the stomach, and the aristocrat
enjoy the taste. Nutritionists offer to be an aristocrat, for
in order to lose weight.

Try to feel all the flavors of the dish you
eat Many people say they love to eat, but in fact,
swallow food and nothing but the feeling of overcrowding
feel, because we get all the buzz from food only while it
is in the mouth. Those who actually love to eat, that is
gourmets, eat slowly. Relish the food, chew slowly,
long. Remember, before you swallow, food must pass through.
mouth for at least 17 seconds.

�“The longer you chew, the less you eat,” says
nutritionist Anastasia Pirogov, – The secret is that when we
chew, saliva is secreted. Saliva already contains some
enzymes, and the breakdown of certain substances to glucose begins already
in the mouth. Under the tongue, glucose is absorbed, and in the brain immediately
there is a signal that hunger is satisfied, and to fill the stomach, as with
the hungry land is no longer necessary. “

Educated segments of the population have always sought to comply with etiquette,
because manners allowed them not only to enjoy the food, but also
to keep healthy. Try to set yourself a French table, and
eat like a princess.

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