How does the boomerang law work?

How does the boomerang law work?

Every person sooner or later notices very
mysterious and interesting phenomenon: the act committed by him
relation to another person, with time repeats, but by
relation to him. In this case, under the action
implies not only any physical movement, deed,
but also the words spoken, desires coming from the heart – in a word,
energy moving from one person to another. Such a phenomenon
called the boomerang law.

Many of us have heard and encountered this law more than once, but
Few people can explain the principles of his work. So what is the law
boomerang and how does it work in everyday life?

The essence of the boomerang law and its features

Humanity has known about the boomerang law since ancient times.
People have always known about the existence of some kind of guide-returning
forces, but could not give her a precise definition. If you look deep into
Bible, you can find the boomerang law: to other people need
treat the way you want to treat you yourself.

The essence of the boomerang law is that words, actions, thoughts,
deeds belonging to one person and addressed to the world early
or later return to his master. Scientists, physicists,
astrophysicists, psychologists have long studied the principles of the law
boomerang and came to the conclusion that it is directly related to
The universe and the laws reigning in it. The universe is
infinite, constantly in development and improvement
space with such energy that the human brain is not in
able to present and realize.

The universe consists of an infinite flow of energies, their
interactions between themselves and with the universe. The concept of “energy” can
include everything that is addressed to the outside world, including thoughts,
words, deeds. The energy emanating from a person is directed to
assigned point and always comes back.

This theory can be tested using the usual
crystal glass and a teaspoon. If on the inside
glasses to hit a teaspoon, a sound is heard that
spread from a teaspoon to the end point located on
the opposite side of the glass, then come back

How profitable to use the boomerang law

Speaking of the boomerang law, people most often mean
negative energy emanating from a person (evil thoughts,
curses, betrayal, lies, murder, etc.). In fact
directing-returning force can be as negative
energy, so and positive. The universe does not choose the type of energy
which comes from man. She catches the signals, regardless of
they are positive or negative. Both positive and
negative energy works on the same principle. They
return to his master. This fact is well laid out in
proverbs telling that good always gives birth

Properly using the boomerang law, you can qualitatively
improve your life, bring into it all that a person does not

How to do it?

  1. You must try to save yourself from everything.
    negative and negative. Stop frustrating, forget about such
    emotions, like anger, resentment, annoyance, hatred, anger, envy and

All negative emotions begin to count their actions from within.
of a person, thereby causing harm to his mental and physical
health. For example, if a person spends a huge amount of his
energy on envy, concentrating on what he has,
Suppose there is no apartment, but a relative has one, the Universe catches
given negative energy and materializes it. She hears
not that a person would like to have an apartment like a relative,
and the fact that it is not. One fact – no apartment. It will not be because
the strength, thoughts and energy of a person are focused on the absence of an apartment
while someone has it.

It will be much more useful to periodically imagine an apartment
dreams, draw her, look at the images and try
rejoice for a relative. Surely, she put a lot
effort to have this apartment. A relative released into the world
positive energy in the form of efforts, aspirations, desires, actions
and received in response to the apartment. The best thing you can do in this
situations – to gather strength and sincerely choose some
a useful or pleasant thing for a relative’s apartment, for example,
dishes, toys or flowers.

  1. Лучшая положительная энергетика – это good. Important
    try to do good from the heart, sending a smile to the world,
    joy and positive. The effect will be much brighter if the person is
    do good to those who are so positive
    energy in life is not enough (older people, orphans,
    sick, lonely).

For example, a man sincerely helped an elderly woman who remained in
alone He bought food for her, escorted her home, cleaned the
her apartment. Where replenishment occurs chronically missing
positive energy is formed huge creative
the force that returns to the point of reference, that is, to the person
сделавшему good.

Misconceptions related to boomerang law

  1. I do good, because the Universe will certainly make me
    it will reward.

Once again it should be reminded of the energy in which all
our actions. The good man that he did for a specific purpose
receive feedback, cannot be pure, positive
energy. After all, the universe clearly catches our true desires,
needs and thoughts.

  1. I did a good deed, now soon I have
    everything will be great.

There is no time frame in the law
boomerang. The energy given by the man of the universe is always
returns correctly, that is, when a person is in this energy
most in need. For this reason, people often do not notice
действия закона boomerang. For example, a man repaired without charge
friend machine, now sits and waits for the reaction of the universe, suggesting
that she will respond with lightning speed and the person will also find help in that
he can’t do it. Help, support, attention, welcome
any kind of positive energy in response to clean energy
will return when the person most in need of it.
Perhaps in a month, and perhaps in a year.

Man can never live and exist
apart from the laws of the universe. The faster he realizes this fact and
learn to interact with it harmoniously, the better it will be

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