How does a slimming belt work?

If you are considering to buy a slimming belt, do not rush. let’s
first consider all the pros and cons of the operation of this device,
let’s analyze how effective the belt is and, last but not least, is safe
for our health with you.

How does a slimming belt work?



There are two main types of belts for weight loss. To the first
include the so-called warming belt or sauna belt. With
wearing this product in the area of ​​contact with the body increases
temperature. Promotional articles state that
metabolism is activated, and fats are burned intensely.

Наиболее честные производители всё же ставят  покупателя в
fame that the main effect of the belt-sauna is to
increased sweating. But only.

In fact, such belts are more likely to prevent weight loss. �”How
so what happens? ”- you ask. Indeed, adjacent to
zone temperature increases, but this in no way increases
fat burning rate neither in problem areas nor in the body in
whole Weight may be slightly reduced due to water loss, however
everything will be back to square one in a day, maximum two. Organism
will try to restore the water balance and with the help of thirst will force
drink you more.

Common sense

There is not a single study that would prove useful
belt saunas for weight loss. Spectacular photos “Before” and “After”,
manufacturers are widely used in promotional articles not
more than a marketing trick. In reality, a fashion model is losing weight.
in any other way, using a normal low-calorie diet.

If the lack of effect does not stop you from trying
on a belt-sauna, you should at least be aware of the possible risk to
health Prof. Harry Hunter (Gary Hunter) from Alabama
University claims that using a sauna belt may
cause dehydration or even cause heat stroke.
Modern man drinks too little, meaning ordinary
water. Because of this, many people have blood that thickens, which is negative
affects our well-being.

Unfortunately, the hidden lack of fluid in the body can
determine only with the help of analyzes. Thirst mechanism doesn’t work
is always. Therefore, it is better to take as a rule to drink at least 1.5-2
liters of water per day. You will not only feel better, but
and improve skin tone, and also contribute to weight loss.
Not everyone knows that burning fat requires a lot of water, and when it is
shortage fat burning slows down dramatically.

Miostimulyator belt

However, back to our belts. The second view is as follows
called miostimulators. The range of such products is quite wide. They
are very simple and compact, often work from tiny
batteries. In cosmetology centers you can be connected to powerful ones.
professional units, such as Futura Pro.

Withнцип работы у всех подобных устройств одинаков. AT
certain areas on the skin cling electrodes, which are served
weak electric current. With этом ритмично сокращаются мышцы
skeletal muscles (most often it is a press, buttocks or thighs), and
according to advertising, fats are burned intensely, improves
blood circulation and blah blah blah. Now let’s see if this is true

Muscles contract, their tone increases with time, but fat in
The abdominal area does not go anywhere. AT одном единственном
study of the effectiveness of miostimulyatorov, scientists admit that
although their experimental and felt the increased tone of the abdominal muscles, but neither
loss of weight or thickness of the skin fold in this zone
could not boast. Certainly, the electric current acts
also on the muscles of the vessels, thereby, improving the local

Does myostimulator help you lose weight?

However, for effective weight loss this is clearly not enough.
Fat cells should receive a strong and steady signal that
the body lacks energy. For this, there must be a lot of blood.
�”Hungry” hormones. Simple current supply and amplified
muscle contraction does not achieve this. No wonder the instructors for
fitness and nutritionists in one voice claim that physical
loads, the analogue of which is myostimulation, increase the effect
from the diet no more than 10%.

In other words, on a regular low-calorie diet, you are quite
You can lose 10 kg per month. And if at the same time connect also
regular exercise – at least three hours of training
in a week, then as a reward you will throw as much as one! bonus kilogram. ATот и
Think – Is the game worth the candle? The effect of myostimulation in
the problem area will be even less.

Summing up, I note that lead using myostimulator
muscle tone is not bad. But much more physiological shake
пресс простым дедовским способом или на тренажере в жиме, тем
more than that, in my opinion, any energy impact, in that
числе электричеством местно, несет в себе, пусть небольшой, но
risk of damage to cell membranes and DNA.

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