How do girls take protein forlosing weight?

Many girls are interested in whether they can take on weight loss.
protein, and whether there is a risk of “fat”. In fact, while losing weight
girls can drink protein, because it’s just a protein isolated from
dairy whey, eggs, soy and other natural products. How do
it works, and what types of protein supplements exist, consider

How do girls take protein for losing weight?


  • How is weight loss with protein?
  • Types of Protein Supplements
  • How to take protein supplements?
  • Protein Weight Loss Rules
  • Video: Well-known fitness blogger about proteins

How is weight loss with protein?

To understand the mechanism of weight loss using protein
additives, it is worth a little dip in nutritsiologii – science, which in
among other things, studies the nutrients and methods of their absorption
by the body.

For vital activity, the human body needs macro-
and trace elements, the main source of which is food.
Trace elements are vitamins and minerals. Macroelements are proteins,
fats and carbohydrates. Of the first, tissues of the body are built, the latter play
crucial role in the transport and absorption of nutrients and also
participate in the formation of tissues, and the latter is the fuel
spent on energy supply of all occurring in
body processes.

It is clear that the task of “energy supply” is the most important
therefore, the body is able to produce energy not only from
carbohydrates intended for this, but also from fats and even from
proteins. When enough or too much is supplied
carbohydrates, energy is produced, of course, of them is the most
simple process. The excess, as we know, is transformed into fat and
postponed “in reserve”.

If carbohydrates are not enough, they start to “burn muscles”. So
Thus, the body solves two problems at once: it reduces the volume of the most
voracious muscle tissue, thereby reducing their need for
energy, and produces energy by splitting protein. Least willingly
our body breaks up with adipose tissue, because it is the body’s reserve “on
rainy day, for example, in case of a hunger strike.

What happens when on the background of regular workouts and a small
calorie deficiency diet, we enter into our diet
extra protein? First of all, we save muscles, because
carbohydrate shortage the body will now produce energy not from
own tissues, and from the incoming protein from outside. Besides,
make the body work extra for energy production –
it is harder to get from protein than from carbohydrates. And in these conditions
already have to use the fat depot, because protein activates
production of growth hormone, which with the participation of the same protein
repairs damaged muscles during workouts and stimulates
fat splitting.

Types of Protein Supplements

Depending on the original product, which is the source
protein, protein supplements are divided into:

  1. Яичные. Supplied in the most complete
    set of amino acids. Egg protein is almost pure protein in it.
    contains all the essential amino acids that are needed
    the human body.
  2. Сывороточные, произведенные из молочной
    serum. This is a complex of essential amino acids that are important for
    human life, a completely natural product, beneficial
    characterized by low price. Lack of pure protein in
    such an additive is not more than 60%.
  3. Казеиновые добавки производятся из творога.
    They are slightly more expensive than whey, although they contain all the same 60%
    pure protein. Casein is digested long enough, making
    its best option for evening use. Such an additive in
    overnight stimulates the production of growth hormone, while
    active splitting of adipose tissue occurs and recovery
  4. Соевые протеины наиболее выгодны по цене, но и
    very scarce on the set of essential amino acids. This option
    least complete as a source of protein – in fact, like any
    proteins of plant origin. Pure protein in soy
    cocktail only 50%.
  5. Изолят сывороточного протеина максимально
    it is cleared of any “extraneous” substances, for 90% consists of protein,
    quite expensive.
  6. Гидролизат сывороточного протеина,
    representing pure protein by almost 100%. This additive
    usually used by professional bodybuilders.

When choosing protein supplements and schemes for their use, you can
rely on the opinion of the coach. Also use the following

  • The more pure protein is added, the more effective it is.
    both for the purpose of gaining muscle mass, and to reduce
  • Animal protein (whey, casein)
    more effective soy.
  • Whey protein more efficiently equivalent in quantity
    protein food sources (however, this does not mean that it can
    completely replace them).

Протеин для похудения

How to take protein supplements?

Practice shows that in order to lose weight the most
it is advisable to use protein three times a day: in the morning as
first breakfast, a couple of hours before training and an hour after
her Along with a cocktail nothing more is needed.

When planning a diet count the amount you need
протеина как 1,5-2 г на килограмм идеального веса (не того,
which is yours now, and the one that is the norm for your
height and age). With at least half of the protein you should
receive from food, the rest – from additives.

During the day, food is distributed as follows:

  1. Slow carbohydrates (porridge) to use in the morning (on
    breakfast or lunch).
  2. For lunch, combine a small amount of carbohydrate food with
    protein and a good portion of non-starchy vegetables.
  3. Dinner should be predominantly protein. Welcome also
    vegetables rich in fiber.
  4. During the day, it is important to use the rate of healthy fats,
    sources of which are seeds (for example, flax), nuts,
    растительные масла (очень полезно оливковое масло), жирная
    sea ​​fish.

Many slimming ladies complain about the lack of energy to
training while taking protein two hours before it – they simply
have time to get hungry. It is not advisable to reduce the time to an hour –
protein is still not fully digested, and you never get
the energy you need. Better drink protein shake in two
an hour before class, and an hour before him eat some fruit.

Учитывайте, что за один прием может усвоиться не более 30 г
protein, regardless of its source – whether it is meat, fish,
cottage cheese or protein shake. So there is no point in increasing
doses above this norm.

Protein Weight Loss Rules

As already mentioned, for successful weight loss on protein
it is not enough only for himself, it is also necessary to observe several
mandatory rules:

  1. The maximum amount of carbohydrates per day does not exceed 150 g,
    which corresponds to 600 kcal and is about 40% of the nutritional value
    ration. It is extremely important to eliminate the use of fast carbohydrates.
    If you leave in your diet the simple sugars contained in
    confectionery and bakery products of the highest grade, carbonated
    drinks, juices and sweet fruits, you risk not only not to lose weight,
    but also gain too much.
  2. Lack of caloric intake should be 20%. No more and
    не меher Too much deficiency will create a state of stress that
    slow down losing weight. A slight reduction in calories
    will lose weight, but too slowly.
  3. It is very important to increase the general physical activity and enter into
    practice strength training 2-3 times a week. So you are not only
    strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system, but create
    negative energy balance without the risk of losing muscle
    masses. This will allow you to lose weight beautifully and maintain up to standard.

Compliance with these three rules in combination with the intake of protein
additives will increase the body’s energy consumption and reduce
energy intake from food. At the same time slowly digestible protein is not
gives muscle burn and provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

Video: Well-known fitness blogger about proteins

Tatyana Fedorishcheva – a fitness blogger with more than half a million
subscribers In her videos, the girl reveals many topics
concerning the construction of a beautiful and slim body. Of course not
she could get around and the topic of the use of protein girls

Protein supplements in the form of powder concentrates for
making cocktails enrich the diet of slimming girls
essential amino acids contribute to the preservation of muscle mass
и потере fatty. However, they are effective only if
balanced diet with a 20 percent calorie deficit and
subject to regular workouts.

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