Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics

  • 1 Tibetan hormonal gymnastics for healing and

    • 1.1 The Eye of Revival
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Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics- это уникальная практика для
recovery and rejuvenation of the whole organism. Designed in Tibet
doctors, it consists of a set of simple exercises that
should be performed early in the morning every day.

It is advisable to wake up before 6 am and not get out of bed,
takes 15-20 minutes. After practice, you should lie down for another 15 minutes.
For the best effect, you need to do 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening on
empty stomach.

Tibetan gymnastics is aimed primarily at
restoration of human hormonal background, as well as internal
organs (heart, lungs, lymph, digestive tract).

Positive effects:

  • normalizes the work of all body systems, especially
  • gives the body flexibility, restores human energy;
  • improves vision and hearing;
  • accelerates the treatment of diseases;
  • strengthens blood vessels;
  • tightens the skin, relieves the double chin;
  • smooths cellulite;
  • improves mood for the whole day.

People who have long practiced Tibetan hormonal gymnastics
note that regular exercises contribute to the rejuvenation of the body
for 25-30 years, and also, to increase the life of up to 30 years. More
In addition, regular practice contributes to weight loss.


Tibetan hormonal gymnastics for health and

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics for health and сохранения
youth will bring a good result if you follow
simple recommendations:

  • eliminate from the diet alcohol and tobacco
  • it is advisable to perform exercises lying on a hard surface
    face up;
  • observe deep and even breathing;
  • Each exercise consists of 30 identical movements;
  • At first, there may be unpleasant and painful
    sensations, but quickly pass;
  • after practice you need to drink a glass of warm purified water.

Hormonal gymnastics designed by Olga Orlova includes
себя комплекс из 13 упражнений:

1. Первое упражнение позволяет определить
state of human biofield. To do this, raise your hands and rub
good palm Dry and hot palms say that a person
healthy; warm biofield reduced by half; wet and cold
vegetative-vascular dystonia, that is, there are problems with the vessels;

2 Положите ладони на закрытые глаза и несильно
press them 30 times;

3. Перенесите ладони на уши, надавливайте 30

4. Согните пальцы, кроме больших. Do them
30 pressing behind the ears, and press the fists to the cheeks and move to

5. Положите на лоб правую ладонь и прижмите ее
left. Start moving them from one temple to another;

6. Прижатые друг к другу ладони поднимите над
naked on 5cm. Move your hands in the air from the neck to the forehead and
vice versa;

7. ATыполните предыдущее упражнение только уже
from one ear to the other;

8. Прижатые друг к другу ладони положите на
thyroid gland. From her hold your hands to the navel and back. On
with the last movement, hold your hands on your stomach;

9. ATыполните ладонями 30 круговых движений по
clockwise, pressing them against the stomach;

10. Поднимите кисти вверх и сделайте ими
several circular movements in different directions. Then shake
brushes a couple of seconds;

11. ATыполните то же упражнение, только с
raised feet;

12 Сидя, разотрите стопы ног;

13. Плавно разотрите голени, колени и

Performing this gym every day, you will make a contribution to your
health and beauty for many years to come.

Eye of rebirth

Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics Eye of rebirth прорабатывает
immediately physical, energy and information levels. AT
тибетскую гимнастику Eye of rebirth для похудения и омоложения
входит комплекс из 5 упражнений:

1. Onчните медленно вращаться вокруг своей оси
clockwise. As you get used, increase the amount
turns (up to 21 times). The arms of this are set apart;

2 Лягте на floor. Put your palms down
along the body. Fingers clenched. Hold your chin against your chest. On вдохе,
lift straight legs up. On выдохе, опустите ноги и голову на
floor. Repeat a few time;

3. Сядьте на разведенные на ширину плеч колени.
Упритесь руками в заднюю поверхность thighs. On выдохе, прижмите
chin to chest. Slowly inhale, tilt your head back, breast
reach up, bending the lower back. ATернитесь в исходное положение и
повторите упражнение несколько time;

4. Сидя на полу, разведите немного ноги. Back
straight. Place your palms with clenched fingers on the floor under the shoulders. On
выдохе, прижмите chin to chest. On вдохе, закиньте голову
back and lift the pelvis, bending the legs at the knees and resting on the feet and
palm Hold your breath and hold the position for a few seconds.
ATернитесь в исходное положение. Repeat a few time;

5. Лягте лицом вниз и разведите ноги на ширину
shoulders. Поднимите таз и колени с пола, упираясь на носки и palm
Bending your back, throw your head back. On вдохе поднимите таз
up, legs and back straight, head down, shoulders straightened.
Hold and return to the starting position. Repeat a few

Be sure to watch your breath when doing the practice. Also
помните, что эта гимнастика делается на empty stomach.

ATывод: Тибетская гимнастика для похудения
Eye of rebirth помогает пробудить в нашем организме застоявшийся
energy reserve, so regular daily practice
will help you regain strength and health.

For the spine

Hormonal gymnastics Tibetan monks have a positive effect on
spine, relieves muscle tension, opens joints, improves
blood circulation. Due to this increased efficiency
the brain.

To avoid spinal problems, follow the set below.
these effective exercises.

Tibetan gymnastics for the spine:

Take a special position: legs are wider than shoulders,
knees bent, pointing to the side. Back straight.

1. Руки на the belt. Onчните медленные круговые
head movements clockwise and counterclockwise; 2
Get up on your socks. Hands simultaneously pull up through
parties. On выдохе, опуститесь на стопы. Hands slowly lower
down in front of you; 3. Опустите руки вниз. Slow
start making a wave of the spine; 4. Руки на
the belt. Onчните движения тазом по и против часовой стрелке. Then
back and forth.

Regular workouts will relieve problems in the cervical, thoracic and

For eyes

Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics для глаз настолько эффективна,
which contributes to a significant improvement in vision, elimination
spasmodic and organic vision disorders.

ATыполняя комплекс упражнений каждый день, со временем можно
forget about glasses.

Tibetan eye exercises:

1. ATыставите перед собой 2 указательных пальца
on distance. Look straight ahead and slowly spread your fingers.
on the sides, until they disappear from view. Brush back
in front of; 2 Держите пальцы перед собой.
Translate your gaze from your fingers to the object that is next.
Hold the view on the subject, notice back on your fingers.
Repeat a few time; 3. Закройте глаза и 6 раз
lightly press them with your fingers. Open your eyes and don’t blink
few seconds. Повторите пару time; 4. Зажмурьте
eyes hard, open up. Repeat a few time. Then откройте
eyes and do not blink a few seconds; 5. Slow
rotate the eyes, lingering at every point. Look ahead and
start spinning the other way; 6. Onчните
часто моргать, не зажимая при этом сильно глаза. ATыполняйте 2
minutes; 7. ATыполните медленно глазами фигуру знака
infinity, then change the trajectory, performing eight.

Between the exercises take a break for half a minute with closed


ATыполнение тибетской гормональной гимнастики может привести к
the development of chronic diseases, therefore, with deterioration
consult a doctor.

Contraindications тибетской гормональной

  • heart disease;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • ulcers;
  • hernia;
  • high pressure;
  • arthritis;
  • spinal disorders;
  • rehabilitation after operations.

In the absence of contraindications, Tibetan hormonal
gymnastics is of great benefit to the body, especially if you combine
her with fitness and proper nutrition.

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