Homemade Mint Lemonade

Proper nutrition in the heat is not industrial soda in
bottled, and clean water, herbal infusions or homemade natural
lemonade. Today we will make mint lemonade with lemon
and lime.

This recipe includes sugar. If you are on a low calorie diet,
just don’t put sugar, the drink will be very good anyway


на 1 литр напитка

– 1 крупный лимон – 1 средний лайм –
пучок свежей мяты – 20-25 гр –
веточка свежего тархуна – мед или
сахар – 2 ст. ложки  – вода 



Листья свежей мяты (без веточек) помыть, обсушить.

In a bowl of the mixer pour sugar and mint leaves. Can add
tarragon leaves, they will fill the drink with a special taste and


Из лимона и лайма выжать сок с мякотью.


Сок влить к сахарному песку и свежей мяте.


Смешать ингредиенты на средней скорости в течение 1-2-х минут.


Разбавить концентрат мятного напитка простой или,
if you want to get soda, carbonated water in the ratio:
на 1 порцию концентрата 1.5-2 порции воды.
Ready to put lemonade in the cold for an hour or two. If you want to,
lemonade can be drained. Mint lemonade served in glasses with ice
and a slice of lime / lemon.


If you lose weight, it will be useful to add to homemade lemonade.
ginger. To do this, take a small piece of the spine, clean it
and squeeze the juice in the juicer. Add ginger juice to lemonade, but not
a lot – the taste of ginger is very intense.

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