High hemoglobin in men – how to lower and notharm health High hemoglobin in women – is it dangerous?this?

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About what harm brings low hemoglobin, certainly known
to many. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows, because of what men and women
hemoglobin increases.

It is believed that the most common cause is physical
load, but is it really?

Can the propensity for elevated hemoglobin be transmitted by

High hemoglobin in women: causes

In an attempt to be perfect, many women and girls begin
to train, while absolutely not thinking about your body,
can he move it.

Another familiar factor to all of which is
increased hemoglobin level is living in a mountainous area.
The fact is that the air there is discharged and the lungs absorb it
much more, and therefore more hemoglobin needed. In this way,
the body tries to adapt to its environment.

High hemoglobin in women is the norm only for those who live.
in the mountains. In other cases, increased hemoglobin indicates
about the malfunction of the internal organs. Such a state may become
the result of two mechanisms at the same time. Firstly, women have such
condition is a compensatory phenomenon when blood is supplied
hemoglobin is not sufficient for the body. Second, increase
red blood cell count may be due to a decrease in
amount of plasma in the blood. There are other reasons
due to which the hemoglobin level in women rises:

1. Smoking. To date, doctors can not say for sure
how such a mechanism affects hemoglobin. But many scientists believe
that the thing is that in the lungs there is practically no clean

2. Dehydration. Due to lack of fluid in the body
hemoglobin may increase. But right after the water balance
will be replenished, everything will come back to normal.

3. Acceptance of certain drugs, as a rule, him
include anabolic steroids.

4. There is a lack of vitamin B 12 in the body, as well as
folic acid.

5. Diseases – tuberculosis, asthma, pneumonia and much

6 Often, hemoglobin levels are inherited if
one of the parents, he was always promoted, then most likely,
you will happen the same.

These are the main reasons why hemoglobin increases.

High hemoglobin in men: causes

In men, hemoglobin rises several times more often than in men.

If the patient is not involved in such sport as mountaineering, do not
bothers your body with excessive exercise, then
elevated hemoglobin suggests that the body has
any disease or disorder that needs treatment
engage as soon as possible. In men, the most
Common causes of elevated hemoglobin:

1. Diabetes, because of this, there is an excess in the body
glucose content.

2. Obstruction in the intestine.

3. There is an excess of vitamins in the body – B 12 and B 9.

4. There are oncological diseases.

5. Erythrocytosis.

6 Smoking, especially if the experience is already more than 3-4 years.

Every patient, especially if he is at risk,
It is recommended to have blood tested at least several times a year.
in order to constantly monitor hemoglobin levels.

High hemoglobin in women: symptoms

The main symptoms of increased hemoglobin in women

1. The skin reddens.

2. The urinary system begins to work with failure.

3. Vision deteriorates dramatically.

4. Sleep problems, many are tormented by insomnia, and some are vice versa.
constantly wants to sleep.

5. The general state of health worsens, apathy is noted,

6 Immediately after taking a bath, the skin begins to itch.

7. In the abdomen severe pain.

8. The limbs are cold, the fingers and legs turn pale.

9. Due to impaired blood circulation, the mind is confused.

In order to confirm the diagnosis, patients must pass
general blood analysis.

Important! If a pregnant woman rises
hemoglobin, the newborn will have the same problem.

Pregnant women need to be more careful about this, because
harm is caused not only on the mother’s body, but also on the state

Increased hemoglobin in men: symptoms

Often elevated hemoglobin in men is caused absolutely
other pathologies. In exceptional cases, a man may
feel good Doctors distinguish several major
symptoms of elevated hemoglobin in men:

1. Performance decreases. Many men with such a diagnosis
note that their performance decreases several times.
There is a feeling of apathy, lethargy.

2. Loss of appetite. Appetite may disappear completely or

3. Vision deteriorates. It falls gradually, so many
pay no attention to the symptom, or rather do not feel

4. The skin turns pale. The thing is that blood circulation
is broken.

External symptoms do not cause concern, therefore many simply
Do not pay attention to them. Serious consequences develop
inside the body. Because hemoglobin is elevated, blood
becomes viscous, which means the cardiovascular system cannot
fully ensure its circulation.

High hemoglobin in men and women: how to lower

In order to reduce elevated hemoglobin levels, you need
change your diet.

1. Limit fatty meat intake.

2. Meat products can be replaced with soy or legumes.

3. Refuse from fruits and berries of red color, exactly in them
high content of substances that contribute to the production of hemoglobin.
The best fruits for men and women in this case are bananas.

4. Useful seafood, but in addition to seaweed.

5. For some time you can become a vegetarian and eat only
what can they.

6 Dairy products reduce hemoglobin well.

7. If the hemoglobin level is very high, then every day you need
drink at least 3 liters of water.

8. Refuse from taking vitamins, especially for B2 and B

For some patients, doctors prescribe medications, under
exposure to which blood is thinned, and the probability of formation
blood clots reduced to zero. These drugs can be attributed –
aspirin, chimes.

Not always diet and medications help lower hemoglobin. AT
only erythrophoresis will help.

Folk remedies

AT народной медицине много эффективных средств, с помощью которых
can lower hemoglobin. Each recipe is tested by time and
is completely safe.

You can achieve the desired result after hirudotherapy, this
leech therapy. Few people know, but there are large leeches in saliva
the amount of a substance called hirudin. Under his influence
viscosity and coagulability of blood decreases. AT результате этого
microcirculation returns to normal, swelling subsides. During
conducting a single session, the leech sucks approximately 5 milliliters
blood, and within one day about 150 more will flow out of the wound.
Such blood loss may scare many, but in reality it’s
allows to reduce the level of red blood cells, and thus lower

Another good remedy to help lower high hemoglobin
– this is a mummy. ATещество можно добыть в скалах и пещерах Азии. But
as not everyone can afford such a trip, the pill mumie
You can buy at any pharmacy. Dissolve it in a small amount.
water at room temperature, drink every day, before
going to sleep The general course of treatment is 10 days, after which
one week break is taken and the procedure is repeated again.

In the treatment of such a way to give up sleeping pills, alcohol,
smoking and any sedatives.

Fruit salad

A salad made from fruits is good to eat every morning.
right after sleep. To make it, take the following

1. Two bananas.

2. Two apricots.

3. ATинограда, в равном количестве с остальными фруктами.

Crush finely each fruit, remove the existing bones. ATсе
mix well and eat in the morning!

Temper your body, if possible, go to
pool. ATсе ваши действия должны быть направлены на то, чтобы
normalize the work of the bone marrow, since it is he who is responsible for
correct hemoglobin production.

If you follow all the activities, diet, give up
bad habits, then very soon the hemoglobin will return to normal, and
along with it all the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

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