Herpes – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Mar 23, 2016

Герпес — это вирусное заболевание, которое
characterized by excretion on different skin areas, as well as on
mucous membranes.

Most often this disease affects: – the skin; – the eyes (manifested
in the form of conjunctivitis, keratitis); – central nervous system; –
mucous membranes of the genital organs; – mucous membranes of the face; –
hair roots.

As an independent disease in medicine distinguish simple
herpes and shingles. Herpes simplex is manifested by a group of small
bubbles containing a transparent substance. As a rule, this view
herpes mainly affects the lips, eyes, nose wings,
mucous membranes of the oral cavity, genitals. Shingles
herpes is provoked by the varicella-zoster virus and is only observed in
adults. In children under 10 years old, this disease does not occur,
but in contact with such a cold sore child, children can get sick

Herpes – causes of the disease

Infection with this infection occurs by direct
contact with a person who has exposed skin,
affected by herpes. The herpes virus very quickly settles in the skin
cages and there intensively multiplies. If the condition is immune
systems are bad, then exacerbation of the disease is possible. Process
The following factors may also contribute to exacerbation: – stress; –
hypothermia; acute respiratory infections; any
infectious diseases that suppress immunity; – excessive
alcohol consumption; – various body poisonings.

Herpes – Symptoms

Herpes can be detected quite easily in the early stages, but for
This need to know some of the nuances of the course of this disease.
This disease has 4 stages of development, each of which
characterized by its symptoms.

Stage 1 – tingling. Before the appearance of lesions
a sick person will feel tingling, tingling, slight pain,
itching in some places of the skin or tongue. Since times, the skin in place
The potential recurrence will turn red.

Stage 2 – inflammation. A small painful vial appears,
which gradually begins to increase in size. Content
the bubble is first transparent, but later becomes cloudy

Stage 3 – ulceration. The enlarged bubble is breaking. Wherein
clear liquid containing billions of viral
tel disease. At the site of the rupture, an airway is formed.

Stage 4 – scab formation. Over the formed sore
a crust appears, the damage of which is accompanied by pain and

Herpes – diagnosis of the disease

Examination of a person suffering from herpes is carried out comprehensively.
method that includes several multidirectional
research to determine with maximum accuracy
typology of the virus. Diagnosis involves the following tests: –
virological technique for the detection of herpes simplex virus; –
polymerase chain reaction (PCR); – detection of herpes antigens; –
registration of the immune response to the herpes simplex virus;
cytomorphological methods; – immunofermetny analysis (ELISA).

Герпес – treatment и профилактика

Today, there are no medicines in medicine yet.
able to completely kill the herpes virus in the human body. But
There are a number of special antiviral drugs that can
effectively inhibit the reproduction of these viruses. Any relapses of this
diseases that affect the lips or nasal mucosa are amenable to
topical treatment with ointments. The effectiveness of the treatment of herpes depends on
timeliness of treatment to the doctor, because in the early stages
the number of viral bodies is not so large that allows you to quickly
extinguish their reproduction.

The main preventive method is to strengthen
immunity. Therefore, it is necessary to always comply with the regime of sleep and rest,
and also do not forget about tempering the body. Risk zone
crowded places, especially during influenza epidemics and


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