Hepatitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sun, Mar 20, 2016

Гепатит — это воспалительное заболевание
the liver. Viral hepatitis is a major cause of acute
поражения the liver. Acute hepatitis can also be caused
novteroviruses that are pathogens of intestinal infections,
leptospira, viruses of infectious mononucleosis, some
tropical parasites as well as septic bacterial

There are also acute toxic hepatitis, which are caused by
drugs, industrial poisons, mushroom poisons
pale toadstools and morels, and also due to radiation or
radiation damage in severe infectious diseases and
toxicosis pregnant. Hepatitis also leads to
alcohol consumption.

Hepatitis – symptoms

In mild cases, hepatitis can be almost asymptomatic, with
this can only be detected in a random or targeted
examination. In the most severe cases, the symptoms of this disease
begin to develop faster and sometimes in combination with signs
intoxication. In the midst of hepatitis, icteric staining is characteristic.
mucous membranes and skin, stool white-clay color, urine color
dark beer, as well as hemorrhagic phenomena.

Skin color can be saffron or orange. In mild cases
hepatitis is visible only in good daylight, and at the beginning
there is staining of the mucous membrane of the sky and sclera. Often
manifested nasal bleeding and petechiae, patients with hepatitis may
to disturb the depressed mental state, skin itch, insomnia
and irritability, as well as other signs of damage in
central nervous system. Spleen and liver a little
will increase.

Гепатит – treatment

With proper and timely treatment, complete
recovery. But in some cases, acute hepatitis can go
в гепатит хронической формы, а после в цирроз the liver. In some
Acute degeneration of the liver with acute
failure to die from. Sick and
infected with acute hepatitis necessarily
hospitalized in a specialized department of infection
hospitals, and in the outbreak of infection must be held
sanitary and epidemic measures. Patients with toxic hepatitis
need to be hospitalized in the poisoning center where they need
conduct activities to remove poisons from the body.

Patients with acute hepatitis must be prescribed
bed rest as well as a sparing diet with a limited amount
fat and increased carbohydrate content. Required
consume a large number of different fruit juices. AT
severe cases of severe vomiting and anorexia
it is necessary to introduce intravenous drip method from 5 to 10%
glucose solution to 500 milliliters.

When signs of coma or congestion appear during urgent
indications must be massive plasmapheresis. Via
special separator or centrifuge must be removed 1.5-2
liters of plasma and enter 2 liters of fresh frozen plasma. Forecast
may depend on the etiology of the disease, as well as the severity of the lesion
liver and timeliness of therapeutic measures.

Hepatitis – Prevention

Patients with chronic hepatitis without exacerbation must comply
special diet with the exception of spicy and spicy dishes, animals
fat and fried foods.

It is highly recommended to use daily cottage cheese up to 100-150 g,
cheese, lean fish in boiled form. Patients with chronic hepatitis
need proper employment, there should be a limitation when
severe physical exertion and must comply with the diet.
Patients with aggressive hepatitis are transferred to disability III or II

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