Hemorrhoids got out: what to do at hometo relieve pain. Hemorrhoids got out: what to do inavoid complications

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Hemorrhoids are a disease that develops gradually.

However, sometimes it happens that the disease becomes acute very sharply and
nodes fall out of the anus suddenly.

The cause of inflammation can serve as regular long-term constipation.
due to eating disorders, and even sexual intercourse with anal

With sharp pains you should not panic.

More important to think when hemorrhoids got out, what to do in order
to relieve discomfort and alleviate the condition before visiting
the doctor.

First step: recognize the disease

It is very important to recognize hemorrhoids in time so that you can
was to start treatment and prevent the complication of the development of the disease.

Main symptoms

1. Severe discomfort at the anus. It seems to man
that he has a foreign body inside. This suggests that
the hemorrhoid has not yet become inflamed, but it has already begun

2. Blood excretion – most often occurs after emptying.
intestine. On the fecal masses you can see the scarlet dense clusters,
which indicate that hemorrhoids got out. What to do in
This case will advise a professional doctor.

3. The aching pain in the anus begins to bother
patient when the node has already inflamed.

4. Itching is a side effect of hemorrhoids that starts.
bother a person with skin irritation around anal

These are the main symptoms that speak of inflammation.
hemorrhoid. We must not forget that everyone
patient they manifest themselves individually. For example, pain
may fade occasionally, then revive with a new force. Can’t not
pay attention to it to avoid more serious

Causes of Hemorrhoid Inflammation

The main reason for the development of the disease is a violation
proper functioning of the vessels. First comes strong
inflow of arterial blood, and at its outflow the node is formed.

Negative factors that contribute to the development
inflammation in the anal area:

• regular constipation;

• pregnancy and the postpartum period;

• work associated with frequent weight lifting;

• Weightlifting;

• problems with diet;

• predisposition to the disease at the genetic level;

• passive lifestyle;

• abuse of alcoholic beverages;

• инфекции intestine.

If hemorrhoids come out, what to do is a question that a person
should ask after finding out the cause of the disease. For
each patient can have a reason. That is why very
It is important to consult a doctor, to pass all the necessary tests.
Only after receiving the results will the doctor be able to announce his
verdict, identify the source of the problem and assign the correct

Hemorrhoids got out: what to do? First aid

When hemorrhoids begin to inflame, for
man is not dangerous. If urgent to take
correct measures, the disease can be stopped, which will
avoid its further development.

However, if blood was still seen on the feces
the masses after emptying, you can not lose heart. In such situation
the main thing is to be able to provide first aid. When pain and unpleasant
feelings will pass, followed by a consultation with a doctor to eliminate
focus of the disease.

1. If a person experiences debilitating pain in the area
Anus, remove it will help a cold compress. For этого
need to take a piece of gauze, moisten it in a solution of potassium permanganate
and attach to the problem area. This tool relieves pain
syndrome, swelling and inflammation.

2. With long-term constipation, it is best to take a laxative.
remedy to clear the intestines.

3. It is not recommended to be long in a lying or sitting position.
When hemorrhoids are useful walking in the fresh air, swimming.

4. Cold bath – another way to relieve pain in the anal
hole. For большего эффекта в воду можно добавить лед.

Hemorrhoids got out: what to do and how to treat ailment in various

Doctors identify 4 main stages of the disease, for each there
your treatment methods. If hemorrhoids got out, what should be done
уточнить у the doctor. For начала врач определит тяжесть заболевания,
после этого посоветует правильное treatment.

1. Initial stage

Characterized by rare bleeding and swelling.
hemorrhoids. When a patient finds symptoms in himself –
he has a real shock, because how to act in such a situation is well known
far from everyone. You should not worry, at the initial stage of high
Chance to recover from the disease. Usually, doctors prescribe pills,
rectal suppositories and analgesic ointments, which also relieve

2. Second stage

Hemorrhoids at this stage are increasing and increasingly
start to go outside. You can also notice the blood is not only
after emptying, but also if the person is in a calm
condition. The treatment is the same as in the initial stage.
if necessary, add sclerotherapy sessions.

3. Third stage

At this stage, the person will not be able to work independently.
set the nodes. The disease is gaining momentum more and more often.
режущие боли в области анального holes. Even with a small
load the hemorrhoid falls outside, which is accompanied by
by blood. Doctors prescribe surgical procedures.

4. Безысходная последняя stage

Hemorrhoids fall out regularly, anus
constantly bleeding. Четвертая stage считается самой запущенной
a form of the disease and without surgical intervention is not enough.
Radio wave treatment and laser coagulation are often used.

Folk methods of dealing with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids got out – what to do and whether people can fight it
methods? Можно, если stage заболевания начальная. There are a few
useful recipes that reduce inflammation of hemorrhoids
and relieve pain.

1. Herbal compresses. They can be made with plantain decoction,
nettle or Hypericum.

2. Yoga. There are special exercises,
направленные на стимуляцию работы мышц анального holes.

3. Ice Putting a piece of ice to the anus can
temporarily get rid of pain and relieve inflammation of the node.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Very often hemorrhoids get out in pregnant women – what to do
ladies in an interesting position? The use of drugs
undesirable, so doctors advise to follow simple

1. Take a cooling ointment.

2. Put sea buckthorn candles.

3. Apply compresses with a solution of potassium permanganate.

4. Exclude from the daily diet all foods that
provoke constipation.

When bumps appear hemorrhoids – it is very unpleasant as with
moral and physical point of view. The main thing is not
postpone the solution of the problem, and as soon as possible turn to
the doctor to identify the causes of the formation of the disease and the appointment
treatment. Prevent complications at the initial stage.
disease, as it develops it will be increasingly difficult.
The human body always gives its “owner” signals. They need
to be serviced. Even the appearance of hemorrhoids is a signal that
inside the body failed.

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