Hemorrhoid Ointment Posterized

Hemorrhoid Ointment PosterizedPosterized ointment is an anti-inflammatory combination drug with pronounced immunostimulating action. This medicine is local applications that contains inactivated bacteria used in the treatment of diseases of the anorectal region. Active ingredients Posterized мази генерируют специфический иммунитет и активизируют nonspecific defense of the body.


Форма выпуска и состав мази Posterized

Hemorrhoid Ointment Posterized Форте выпускается по 25 грамм в aluminum tubes. The kit includes instructions for use and additional applicator for rectal administration of the drug. Drug mass has the smell of phenol (preservative) and yellowish white or light brown color. AT своем составе Posterized мазь contains inactivated bacteria (microbial cells) E. coli (on 1 g 330-500 million) and hydrocortisone – a hormone that produces bark adrenal glands. To auxiliary substances effective remedies Hemorrhoids include:

  • lanolin, forming a protective layer of the epidermis;
  • phenol with antiseptic effect;
  • petroleum jelly, which has a protective effect on the skin, accelerates wound healing.

pharmachologic effect

Posterized от геморроя имеет иммуностимулирующее действие, thanks to E. coli bacteria cells. Intestinal exchange products sticks help stimulate phagocytic activity leukocytes, which leads to an increase in acquired immunity (immunity of the organism to certain infections). Such the action of the drug prevents the secondary infection of tissues. ATажные фармакологические свойства мази Posterized – это reparative action.

The drug normalizes the permeability and tone of blood vessels in areas of the anus, optimizing regeneration processes. Hydrocortisone relieves itching, swelling, inflammation, restoring damaged tissue. Penetrating into the rectal mucosa, мазь Posterized несет спасительную флору, улучшая сопротивляемость tissues to pathogens.


Indications for use ointment

It is allowed to use the medicine as monotherapy or combining with other drugs. Apply the ointment in acute hemorrhoids, as well as in the following pathologies:

  • Anorectal eczema.
  • The postoperative period.
  • Pararectal fistula.
  • Anal fissures.
  • Anopapillitis (papillitis of the anus).
  • Itching of unknown etiology in anogenital zone and anus.
  • Perianal dermatitis.

Instructions for use ointment and dosage

Hemorrhoid Ointment Posterized предназначена для наружного и rectal use. For effective treatment must be respected. a few simple rules when using it. With rectal the introduction of the ointment must first empty the intestines, then wash hands and anus, then using the applicator to introduce the drug deep lying on the left side with legs slightly bent in lap.

For external use, apply the ointment form evenly thin. layer on the affected area 1-2 times a day (morning, evening). The individual dosage and duration of treatment is determined by the doctor. AT The average course is 5-7 days. For prevention or fixing a positive result, the doctor may for several weeks course treatment extend.

Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

Как показывает клиническая практика, мазь от геморроя Posterized отлично переносится пациентами. But according to some reviews it is possible to judge the rare occurrence of allergic reactions in people with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Allergy is manifested in pruritus, eczema, urticaria and other rashes, which are localized at the site of application of the drug.

The ointment acts on a strict direction, not spreading to other systems and organs. На развитие плода повлиять средство тоже не может, поэтому от любого вида геморроя часто назначают мазь или свечи Posterized при беременности и лактации (грудном вскармливании ребенка). The only condition for the use of the drug – a pregnant woman must be during treatment under the full control of the attending physician. Procterisan can also be used for young children.

With regard to contraindications, it is impossible to use the drug if the patient has such diseases as syphilis, tuberculosis, various mycoses, gonorrhea, or the presence of specific lesions of the anus. По отзывам пациентов было замечено, что длительное применение Posterizedа иногда вызывает развитие атрофии кожи, которая проявляется в виде стероидных угрей, расширения кожных сосудов, возникновения растяжек, сосудистых сеточек или звездочек.

Special instructions < / h2>

It is advisable to avoid the use of ointment in combination with other rectal drugs. If it is impossible to avoid simultaneous interaction, then between doses should be kept for at least one hour. Судя по отзывам, при контрацепции презервативами следует знать, что компоненты, входящие в состав Posterizedа снижают прочность латексного изделия, уменьшая степень надежности защитного средства. When combined hemorrhoids ointment with glucocorticosteroids, sometimes increased adverse reactions.

Price < / h2>

Сколько стоит Posterized мазь? AT аптеках России стоимость 25 г тубы будет варьироваться от 500 до 550 рублей за единицу. The price of candles (suppositories) is slightly lower – 400-450 rubles. Препарат Posterized Форте, который содержит намного большую дозу активного вещества, продается по цене 600-650 рублей за тубу 25 грамм. Prices may vary, depending on the region and the cost of the service provider, but in general the difference is insignificant.

Аналог мази Posterized

  1. Levomikol. Effective analogue of hemorrhoids, shown in purulent diseases with high antibacterial, healing, adsorbing action. < / Li>
  2. Proktozan. A means of local action for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures of the anorectal region. It has a drying, astringent effect, promotes rapid healing of wounds. (See the detailed instructions for use Proktozan ointment). < / Li>
  3. Hepatrombin. Popular hemorrhoids ointment with active active component heparin. It is a direct coagulant, contributing to the stimulation of blood circulation, which gives fast positive dynamics in hemorrhoids, complicated by blood clots. < / Li> < / ol> |

    Reviews < / h2>

    Юлия, 22 года: Мазь Posterized стала для меня самым эффективным спасителем от геморроя из всех мною испробованных. ATсего один недельный курс лечения избавил меня от примесей крови при опорожнениях и подлечил анальные трещины.

    ATера, 47 лет: Купить мазь Posterized мне посоветовала провизор в аптеке. After 2 days of application, the pain is gone, the general condition has improved. After 10 days, I alone managed my problems thanks to the ointment. By the way, I did not find any side effects that the instruction warns of.

    Stas, 44 years old < / strong>: I am engaged in weightlifting professionally, and hemorrhoids do not let me. I tried many medicines and forms, choosing them according to reviews on the Internet. Сейчас при рецидивах пользуюсь только Posterizedом – это эффективная мазь при анальных трещинах. ATвожу препарат на ночь после акта дефекации, а на утро все симптомы проходят.


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