Heartburn: Causes and Home Treatment?Affordable and simple ways to get rid of heartburn without leavinghouses

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The appearance of heartburn many patients associate with elementary
nutritional errors and do not think about the need for specific
treatment, but trying to find ways to get rid of heartburn in
housesшних условиях подручными facilitiesми или вовсе оставляют
similar symptoms without attention.

To some extent, reasoning about the food origin of heartburn
quite logical.

Indeed, the appearance of heartburn is closely related to lifestyle and
eating habits.

But most often an unpleasant burning sensation behind the sternum indicates
serious health problems and requires professional

Heartburn: Causes and Symptoms

Heartburn causes irritation of the receptors in the esophagus. Similar
the reaction occurs when the mucous layer is exposed to aggressive
items. The problem appears on the background of the penetration of acid
contents from the stomach directly into the esophagus or after
consuming irritating foods or liquids.

The mucosa in the esophagus plays the role of a protective layer more
deep muscle tissue. Nature provides universal
protection of the esophagus, consisting of:

• reflex salivation to maintain
acidity in the esophagus;

• locking mechanism to prevent the reverse
penetration of the contents of the stomach;

• the motility of the muscular tissues ensuring the evacuation of food in
natural direction.

With any failure in such a mechanism, there are prerequisites for
the appearance of mucosal irritation, which gives a burning sensation.

The problem is exacerbated by increasing the aggressiveness of the refluctant.
Increased acidity, the presence of elements of bile duodenum
or pancreatic enzymes in the stomach increase the likelihood
aggressive effects on the walls of the esophagus.

Therefore, heartburn is a characteristic clinical

1. Gasroesophageal reflux disease.

2. Esophagitis of a different nature:

  • traumatic or professional;

  • infectious or immune;

  • allergic or medicinal;

  • chemical or thermal.

3. Functional and physiological pathologies of the esophagus and

4. Stomach diseases: gastritis, ulcers.

Heartburn for these ailments can
accompanied by:

• belching with air that has a sour or bitter taste;

• burping food;

• nausea or vomiting;

• excessive salivation;

• burning pains extending to the neck, sternum, under the shoulder blades;

• feeling of a lump in the throat;

• problems with swallowing food;

• hoarseness;

• causeless coughing.

The duration of heartburn can vary from a few.
seconds to an hour. Man is plagued by discomfort, and he
anyway trying to find ways to reduce the manifestations
негативной симптоматики в housesшних условиях.

However, the process can be aggravated:

• overeating to stretch the stomach and increase

• tilts and physical exertion after meals, which
provokes food tosses into the esophagus;

• increased intra-abdominal pressure arising from
pregnancy, obesity, intestinal problems, wearing
tight clothing;

• abuse of acidic, fatty or spicy foods;

• nervous tension.

Изжога: как избавиться в housesшних условиях – лекарства

To find an effective way to get rid of heartburn in
housesшних условиях, необходимо выяснить причину, по которой
similar symptoms occur. In medical practice for the treatment of
food pathologies associated with heartburn apply a combined
therapy including the correction of behavioral and eating habits and
the use of drugs.

Для избавления от изжоги в housesшних условиях медики рекомендуют
be treated with antacids. The drugs in this group help to neutralize
aggressiveness of gastric acid, thanks to enveloping

Antacids in the form of Almagel or Phosphalugel recommended
take at least three times during the day, after waiting for 20 minutes
after the meal. With a fairly strong burning sensation is allowed to increase.
dosage and take medicine to pay off a heartburn attack in
housesшних условиях.

It is forbidden to combine similar medicines with simultaneous intake.
other drugs, as they resist natural absorption
healing components in the stomach. If required during reception
antacids take other medications, it is recommended to wait not
less than an hour.

However, it should be remembered that antacids are intended to
избавления от неприятных ощущений в виде изжоги в housesшних
conditions, but not capable of treating the underlying disease,
provoked burning sensation.

Therapists recommend supplementing therapies with drugs that can
inhibit gastric acid synthesis. Reducing aggressiveness
refluctant, can prevent heartburn. В housesшних
conditions, you can use ranitidine, omeprozole. but
You can take such drugs, being completely confident in
the presence of high acidity. There are rare cases when
heartburn occurs in patients with low acidity at
sensitive mucosa in the esophagus.

Целесообразно принимать для избавления от изжоги в housesшних
conditions and prokinetics. Medications like Domperidone or
Metoclopramide helps improve gastric motility and speedy
эвакуации из него пищевого комка, повышению тонуса sphincters.

The use of any drugs should be
agreed with the doctor. Heartburn can be a sign of such serious
pathologies like Barrett’s esophagus, stenosis or stricture, as well as
ulcerative or purulent esophagitis. Symptomatic use
medications are ineffective in such cases, as similar diseases
require specific treatment or surgical

Изжога: как избавиться в housesшних условиях – народные

Heartburn is a rather insidious phenomenon and can appear in the most
unpredictable situations. And if not at hand
�“Life-saving” anti-burning medicine, the search begins, as
избавиться от изжоги в housesшних условиях подручными народными

Immediately remove soda and milk from your list. Is encountered
A lot of recommendations claiming quick and effective action.
these remedies for heartburn. Indeed, soda is able to repay
burning attacks. But literally in 10-15 minutes, the reverse occurs.
effect, since after such a violent chemical reaction that occurred
in the stomach after the combination of alkali and acid, the increased
gastric juice secretion that leads to new even stronger
bouts of heartburn.

Самым простым способом, как избавиться от изжоги в housesшних
conditions, is the use of simple pure or mineral
alkaline water without gases. Clean water literally flushes the acid out.
mucous that brings relief. And alkaline mineral water
helps to neutralize the acid factor.

Для избавления от изжоги в housesшних условиях можно
take advantage of:

1. Infusion or decoction of chamomile, which removes
inflammatory reactions.

2. Potato juice or potato mush to help
reduce the production of gastric acid.

3. Activated carbon that literally absorbs and removes
excess acid content.

4. Seeds of dill, which must be pre-chewed
and swallow it with water.

5. Vegetable oil. It is drunk in a small amount. With
heartburn provoked by fatty foods, such a method to apply
can not.

6. Rice unsalted broth with anti-acid properties.

7. Fresh cabbage, the leaves of which must be eaten

8. Baked pumpkin with cinnamon.

9. Ashes from a smoked cigarette.

10. Honey to dissolve.

11. Ginger added to tea.

12. Broth or tincture of flax seed, which envelops

Любые подручные facilities целесообразно применять при единичных
or rare bouts of heartburn. If burning is observed constantly or
repeated at regular intervals, better not
experiment, and seek help from a doctor.

Изжога: как избавиться в housesшних условиях – что можно
there is?

Nutrition plays a special role in the treatment of any digestive
pathologies. Since heartburn is closely related to eating habits,
will have to adjust the diet to get rid of unpleasant
ощущений в housesшних условиях.

First of all, you need to break the diet into as much as possible.
meals. This will reduce portions, which will eliminate
binge eating.

From the menu completely removed irritating foods in the form of sharp,
sour, salty foods.

It is desirable to abandon the fatty foods that provoke
increased secretion of gastric acid.

The diet must be saturated with food and alkalizing foods.
character To do this, in the menu injected in large quantities of fiber,
complex carbohydrates, as well as lean protein foods.

Therefore, products-favorites in the menu of a person
suffering from heartburn, become:

• various cereals;

• fresh vegetables;

• non-acidic fruit;

• lean fish or meat;

• dairy products.

Under the ban came and food, causing increased
gas generation, flatulence in the form of carbonated drinks, some
vegetable combinations.

It is necessary to refuse and from products for which are available
individual body reactions. These can be citrus fruits,
milk, tomatoes or cabbage, carrots.

Eating behaviors and habits also affect the appearance of heartburn.
Therefore, it is recommended to refuse to wear slimming clothes,
tilts and physical exertion immediately after meals, night snacks
and late dinners.

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