Heart cakes – the aroma and taste of homemadebaking. The best recipes of heart cakes with sugar, poppy seeds, cinnamonother

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Lush homemade heart cakes are very fond of children, and indeed
каждый взрослый сможет отказаться от такой baking. Recipes
�“Hearts” are very many, the basis of preparation is similar, but each
The recipe has its own nuances and subtleties.


Heart Rolls – General Principles

Mostly buns are made from yeast dough. For this yeast
mixed with a small amount of sugar, flour and water or milk.
Give brew. After the rest of the ingredients are added,
compounding Муку, да other сухие ингредиенты предварительно
recommend sift, margarine or butter, melt and cool.

Mixing all the necessary components, knead elastic dough,
which take some time to “rest.” After share
dough in small pieces, each roll out a cake, sprinkle on
taste like sugar, cinnamon, poppy seeds, crushed nuts and form from
prepared test hearts.

Traditionally, heart buns are baked without filling, but you can
make an exception and adapt any of the presented recipes
to your wishes. Grease the dough before forming the curd
mass, jam, condensed milk.

1. Buns with sugar


For the test:

• yeast – 20 g;

• sugar – 3 teaspoons;

• egg – 2 pcs .;

• 230 g butter;

• 4 large spoons of milk;

• 10 g of salt;

• 450 g of flour.

For sprinkling:

• incomplete cup of sugar.

Cooking process:

1. • Add yeast and sugar to a bowl with slightly warmed water.
stir well, leave under a towel for 30 minutes.

2. • In another bowl, break the eggs, mix them with a fork, pour in
there is milk and a little melted, cooled butter,
salt and mix well.

3. • Pour the dissolved yeast into the egg-milk mixture, add
flour, sifting it a couple of times before, and kneading the dough, again
leave for half an hour.

4. • Divide the dough into small balls, roll.

5. • Grease each tortilla with butter, sprinkle them with sugar.

6. • Wrap the lozenges with a roll, tweak the edges,
roll them in half by joining the edges.

7. • In the middle of the rolled up rolls, make a small cut,
form hearts.

8. • Spread the buns on a pan lined with oiled
parchment paper.

9. • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and place a sheet with
rolls, bake until golden brown.

10. • Serve the heart shaped buns on the table,
pre-cooled, with tea, milk or cocoa.

2. Buns made of puff yeast dough with poppy seeds and


On puff pastry:

• flour – a little less than a kilogram;

• yeast – 2 tea spoons;

• milk – 1.5 cups;

• sugar – half a glass;

• 350 g margarine;

• on a pinch of salt and vanilla.

To lubricate the test formation:

• egg;

• a pinch of salt.

For sprinkling:

• 3 teaspoons of sugar and poppy.

Cooking process:

1. • Knead the puff pastry with yeast: in a cup with heated
with milk, pour in the yeast, stir well. In another cup
Stir the remaining dry ingredients. In a yeast mixture, put
slice soft margarine, mix. Add flour and sugar with
vanilla, knead the dough, put in a cup, cover with foil,
put the mixture in the fridge for a few minutes. Remaining margarine
roll under a sheet of parchment, form out of it
rectangle, put it in the fridge for a few minutes too.
Remove the cooled dough from the refrigerator, roll it into
rectangular not very thin flat cake, put on top
rectangle of margarine, pinch the edges of the dough and roll out.
Roll out the dough rolled out with margarine and put it back in
fridge for a few minutes. Take out the rolled bed from
refrigerator and repeat the rolling with margarine two more times.

2. • Roll the puff pastry into a layer, cut it into 4

3. • Whisk the egg with salt and whisk it with grease.

4.•Посыпьте квадратики маком и sugar.

5. • Roll each square into sausages. Fold them
пополам, сделайте в середине разрез, form hearts.

6.•Сформированные сердечки смажьте яйцом, посыпьте sugar и
poppy seed

7. • Put the finished products on a greased sheet, put
in a hot oven and bake until light brown

8. • Cool before serving.

3. Heart Buns with Filling


On the dough:

• flour – 550 g;

• 2 chicken eggs;

• vanilla, salt – 10 g each;

• sugar – 120 g;

• margarine – 130 g;

• milk – 8 tbsp. spoons;

• Yeast – 2 small spoons.

For filling:

• granulated sugar – 350 g;

• 30 g of poppy and coconut chips.

For sprinkling:

• cinnamon – 20 g.

• a small amount of sunflower oil – for lubrication
test layers.

Cooking process:

1. • In a large container, break the eggs, mix them with a fork,
add salt, vanilla, pour in warm milk, carefully

2. • Mix yeast with flour, add to milk with eggs, close
film and let stand a little warm.

3. • In the resulting yeast mixture pour margarine in liquid form,
stir, add more flour and knead the dough. Cover with foil and
Put in the heat for another couple of hours.

4. • Cut the dough into pieces.

5. • Roll, lubricate with oil.

6. • Prepare the filling: in a small cup, mix the sugar, poppy seed
and coconut flakes.

7. • Sprinkle the resulting filling with flat bread,
roll them up and fold them in half, fasten the edges.

8. • Make a cut in the middle of each bun, neatly
unfold to form hearts.

9. • Grease the formed hearts and sprinkle with cinnamon.

10. • Arrange the hearts on a sheet lined with parchment paper.
let it go.

11. • Place in a hot oven, bake a little less.
half an hour.

12. • Serve chilled.

4. Heart buns on yogurt


For the test:

• pinch of vanilla;

• flour – 7 glasses;

• half a liter of yogurt;

• Baking soda, salt – on a pinch;

• sugar – 5 teaspoons;

• ghee – 200 g

For lubrication:

• Baked butter – a small piece.

For sprinkling:

• 125 g sugar.

Cooking process:

1. • In a dry container, mix all the dry ingredients for the dough.

2. • Pour in not too cold sour milk (you can kefir),
хорошенько stir.

3. • Melt the melted butter, cool and pour in the resulting
mass, knead the dough, cover with foil and put in heat for 40

4. • Cut the dough into pieces, roll out, brush with butter,
посыпьте sugar.

5. • Roll up sausages.

6. • Fold in half and slightly cut in the middle, neatly
unfold to form hearts.

7. • Spread the products on a greased baking sheet and place in
oven, bake for half an hour.

8. • Cool baked muffins.

5. Heart cakes with cinnamon powder

Ingredients for the dough:

• milk – 250 ml;

• yeast – 2 tea spoons;

• sugar – 130 g;

• flour – 12 tbsp. spoons;

• 2 chicken eggs;

• margarine – packaging floor.

For greasing and sprinkling of buns:

• 1 yolk.

• sugar – 125 g;

• Cinnamon – 1 teaspoon.

Cooking process:

1. • Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add sugar and flour (2
Art. ложки), размешайте и оставьте на несколько minutes

2. • Break eggs into a separate cup, stir and pour into milk.
with yeast, add all the flour, knead the dough.

3. • Melt the margarine, cool and pour into the dough, carefully
вымесите, закройте пленкой и let it go.

4. • Sprinkle flour on the table and lay out the dough.
by hands.

5. • Cut the dough into small pieces, roll each

6.•Смажьте каждый пласт желтком, посыпьте корицей и sugar,
roll the sausage.

7. • Fold the sausages in half and make a cut in the middle.

8. • Carefully turn the stitch downward to form a heart.

9.•Каждое сердечко смажьте еще раз желтком и посыпьте sugar и
cinnamon powder.

10. • Lay on a sheet of parchment paper
поместите в горячий духовой шкаф на 20 minutes

11. • Serve with milk.

6. Moscow heart cakes


For the test:

• wheat flour – 750 g;

• yeast – 2 tea spoons;

• сахар — 12 больших spoons;

• a small piece of butter.

For lubrication:

• 1 egg yolk.

For sprinkling:

• sugar – 3 teaspoons.

Cooking process:

1.•В глубокую емкость насыпьте муку (3 Art. ложки), дрожжи,
mix, pour in 200 ml of warmed water, mix well
by hands. Cover with foil, allow the mass to foam.

2. • Put about 3 large spoons of sugar into a small cup,
add half a glass of water, stir until dissolved and
pour in the yeast mass, add some more flour, knead
and again leave under the film to rise.

3.•В тарелочке разотрите масло с оставшимся sugar.

4.•Выложите масло с sugar в тесто и снова вымесите руками
first in the cup, and then on the table until it becomes elastic,
put the dough and leave under the lid for half an hour.

5. • Put the dough on a floured table, cut into
small pieces.

6. • Roll into thin lozenges.

7. • Roll the sausage, pinch the edges well.

8. • Fold the sausages in half and cut them in the middle to form

9. • Place all heart shaped buns on a greased baking tray.
or lined with parchment, cover with foil and give a little
to separate.

10.•Смажьте получившиеся изделия желтком, посыпьте sugar и
поместите в горячий духовой шкаф, выпекайте до румяного colors.

11. • Serve with tea.

Heart Buns – Tricks and Tips

• Be sure to grease or pan the baking sheet.
parchment so that the buns are not burnt.

• Since baking yeast dough slightly diverges,
spread buns on a baking sheet at a distance from each other,
then they will not stick together and turn out beautiful.

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