Healthy snacks with cottage cheese

Anyone losing weight should definitely eat cottage cheese. This is a light product.
which contains a lot of protein. It’s great for breakfast and
for late diet dinner, and for light snacks.

Today we will do the cooking of cottage cheese snacks, which
with a clear conscience, you can eat between main meals, not
afraid to break the low-calorie diet.

Диетический перекус с творогом
Bread is better to use wholegrain. This bread is already in full
sold in supermarkets, the main thing is not to confuse it with bread,
mixed with additives – raisins or seeds. We are interested in
It is the whole grain in which the shell is preserved. Often such
bread has the word “fitness” on the package.

First, decide what you will “fill” sandwiches.
The base is one, but the filling is chosen for personal preferences,
The main thing is that it is something light or protein. We cut
tomatoes, salmon, zucchini, boil eggs.

Don’t be surprised that the zucchini is used raw, this young
the vegetable is very tender and juicy. If you have an older zucchini,
You can hold it on the grill or in the oven, or replace it with a cucumber
or radish.


Cottage cheese mix with natural low-fat yogurt ratio
about 1: 1, add chopped fresh dill to the mixture,
mix it up. As a result, we get a wonderful useful spread.


Spread every loaf with cottage cheese, lightly salt
sandwiches, add black or red pepper.

Хлебцы с творогом

Then lay out the stuffing: salmon, chopped fresh young
zucchini, seasoned with salt, slices of tomatoes and boiled hard boiled

Перекусы с творогом

About 1 sandwich you should have this:

– bread – 5 g; – cottage cheese – 5 g; – yogurt – 5 g; – dill – 1 g; –
filling – 5 g of filling.

Believe me, this is much better for a figure than a cookie or
gingerbread cookies.

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