Healthy pumpkin dishes for slimming,health, beauty! Recipes ярких, вкусных и полезных блюд изpumpkins

Вт, 04 окт 2016 Автор: Марина Выходцева

Из pumpkins можно приготовить огромное количество разнообразных
dishes: soups, cereals, plov, casseroles, salads. But they all share
one is the great benefit they bring to the human
to the body.


Полезные блюда из pumpkins — общие принципы приготовления

Before using the pumpkin is washed, remove the skin, cut
and remove the seeds. The flesh is cut into pieces, then stewed, boiled,
soar, bake. The speller and brighter the vegetable, the tastier it will turn out
dish. In many recipes, fresh produce can be replaced.

What combines pumpkin:

• vegetables, mushrooms;

• meat, poultry;

• fresh and dried fruit;

• nuts;

• cereals.

You can add different spices, pickles, candied fruits, zest to the dishes.
Pumpkin is baked, fried, stewed, steamed and with the addition of

Каша — сытное и полезное блюдо из pumpkins

Для приготовления полезного блюда из pumpkins используется пшено.
Similarly, you can cook porridge with rice or


• 600 ml of milk;

• 200 g of millet;

• 500 г pumpkins;

• 1 pinch of salt;

• 0.5 glasses of water;

• 100 g of sugar;

• 50 g of oil.


1. Очищенную мякоть pumpkins нужно порезать небольшими кусочками,
put it in the pan.

2. Add half a glass of water, put on fire, boil
about ten minutes.

3. Separately heat the milk to a hot state, pour into

4. Salt, bring to a boil.

5. While the mixture boils, rinse the millet several times, remove
damaged and damaged grains.

6. Add the millet to the pumpkin, you can immediately put half
butter, cover and cook the porridge a quarter of an hour after

7. At the end of five minutes you need to add sugar, the remaining

8. Stir the finished porridge well, let it brew. Taste
You can add cream, raisins.

Запеченные дольки с корицей — полезное блюдо из pumpkins

Вариант очень простого, но вкусного десерта из pumpkins. Choose
ripe and sweet fruit. Immediately turn on the oven at 190, the stove should
warm up well


• 0,5 кг pumpkins;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon;

• 30 g of oil;

• 1-2 tablespoons of sugar.


1. Cut the pumpkin into neat slices. The size of the pieces can be
make any, the smaller, the more beautiful and rouge will turn out

2. Move the pumpkin slices in the form or on a baking sheet.
Spit it out in one layer.

3. Pour so much liquid on the bottom of the mold so that it reaches
the middle of the pieces.

4. Sprinkle the slices with sugar. He will give not only taste,
but also a wonderful color.

5. Put in the oven, cook about half an hour until pumpkin
the lobules do not lightly browned.

6. At the end sprinkle with cinnamon.

7. Serve the dish along with the liquid that forms at the bottom.

Диетическое пюре с яблоками — полезное блюдо из pumpkins

Вариант пюре из pumpkins и яблока, которое можно использовать в
as a main dish, dessert, toppings for baking.


• 3-4 apples;

• 500 г pumpkins;

• Cinnamon, some sugar.


1. Peeled, washed pumpkin must be cut into small pieces,
put in a saucepan, add half a glass of water.

2. Put on the stove, steamed on low heat until

3. Apples need to be cleaned, cut the core, cut the pulp
into pieces.

4. Добавьте фрукт к тыкве, прикройте, проварите до softness.

5. Remove the dish from the heat, puree with a blender or just
mash the pestle.

6. Taste в пюре добавьте корицу, сахар. In the dietary dish
You can add a sugar substitute, or a little steamed

Солнечная запеканка — полезное блюдо из pumpkins

Рецепт очень яркой, сытной и полезной запеканки из pumpkins,
which is prepared with the addition of semolina and fresh apples. Serve
the dish can be with sour cream, jam, ground berries.


• 0,5 кг pumpkins;

• 50 g butter;

• 0.5 cups of semolina;

• 25 g sugar;

• 2 eggs;

• 150 g apples;

• vanilla, salt.


1. Pumpkin should be cut into arbitrary slices, add a couple
glasses of water, cook until soft, but do not need to overdo it.

2. Drain, mash the pieces. The resulting mashed need
cool it down

3. Apples grate large, add to mashed potatoes.

4. Next put the butter, but you can put it in a hot mass,
to melt a piece.

5. Add semolina, eggs, a pinch of salt, some sugar,
Stir and allow the future casserole to brew at least half

6. Take a mold, spread with butter, you can sprinkle with flour
or semolina, put the casserole. Smooth the top so that the layer is
same over the whole area.

7. Bake a sunny dish at 200 ° C approximately 25-30

Pumpkin with prunes – a healthy dish

Option not only healthy, tasty, but also a healing dish.
Pumpkin with prunes will help get rid of constipation and clean
intestines. Dish can be braised on the stove or used to
cooking multicooker.


• 0.15 kg of prunes;

• 0,5 кг pumpkins;

• 1 tsp. lemon peel;

• 1 spoon of lemon juice;

• 120 ml of water;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• 2 spoons oils.


1. Butter for the dish, you can take any. Run it in the pan,

2. Cut the prunes, add and lightly fry on a small
on fire This will give the dish an unusual flavor.

3. Pumpkin should be cut into small cubes, add to
черносливу, тоже слегка обжарить, достаточно двух minutes

4. Add water, add chopped lemon zest. She is
замаскирует овощной аромат pumpkins и превратит блюдо в изумительный

5. Прикройте, тушите до мягкости pumpkins, но не разваривайте
the pieces.

6. At the end, season with sugar, lemon juice, you can add
cinnamon or other spices.

7. Serve блюдо можно в любом виде, можно приготовить заранее
and keep in the fridge for two days.

Рагу — полезное блюдо из pumpkins с курицей

Dietary version of savory, hearty and healthy dishes from
pumpkins. The recipe used is chicken fillet. Similarly, you can
take the turkey. If there are no tomatoes in their own juice, then use
fresh tomatoes or juice.


• 0.4 kg chicken;

• 0,4 кг pumpkins;

• 2 spoons масла;

• 1 onion;

• 300 grams of tomatoes in their juice;

• greens, salt;

• 200 ml of water.


1. Peel the peeled onion. Put the vegetable in
a saucepan either in a cauldron with a heated spoon of oil, fry.

2. Rinse the chicken fillet, cut into cubes, add to

3. Fry for a minute so that the pieces are brightened from all

4. Теперь добавьте pumpkin. Cut the vegetable in the same way as the chicken or
small cubes.

5. Влейте воду, тушите под крышкой приблизительно 15 minutes

6. During this time, you need to grind tomatoes in your juice to
gruel. You can simply rub fresh tomatoes, skin in this case
remove during the process.

7. As soon as the pumpkin begins to pierce, add tomatoes.

8. Simmer the dish for about ten minutes, pepper, add
other spices.

9. When serving, decorate pumpkin stew with greens.

Суп-пюре — полезное блюдо из pumpkins

The option of nourishing, but at the same time light, low-calorie and very
полезного блюда из pumpkins. For chicken soup is used. Can
cook the first meal without flour.


• 300 g chicken;

• 400 г pumpkins;

• 200 g carrots;

• 1.5 liters of water;

• 150 g onions;

• spices;

• 10 g flour;

• greens for decoration.


1. Take any part of the chicken, rinse, cover with water and
boil until done. If breast is used, then enough
полуhours Other parts will cook a little longer.

2. While preparing the broth, you need to clean and chop all the vegetables.
Carrots and onions finely, a pumpkin can be a little larger.

3. Take out the chicken from the broth, pour one ladle to
cool down Leave the rest of the decoction on the stove.

4. Add all the vegetables to the pan at once, cook until

5. Once all the ingredients are ready, remove the pan from
fire, puree soup.

6. Return the dish to the stove, season with spices, bring back to

7. In the previously cast and cooled broth, dissolve the flour, pour in
soup, stir. Let boil well and turn off immediately.

8. When serving in plates, add chopped chicken pieces,
fresh greens.

Сладкий салат — полезное блюдо из pumpkins

The recipe is easy, quick and very tasty salad. For him
need a ripe and sweet pumpkin. This is very important, as a vegetable
not heat treated.


• 200 г pumpkins;

• 1 carrot;

• 1 apple;

• 1 spoon of nuts;

• 50 g raisins;

• 1 spoon of honey.

For flavor, you can add zest or cinnamon to a sweet salad.


1. Fill the raisins with hot water.

2. Peel the carrot, grate the straw, slightly remember to
a vegetable has started up juice.

3. Now you also need to chop fresh pumpkin and apple. Fruit
can be peeled off or left as is.

4. Squeeze the raisins, add to the salad.

5. Season with a spoon of honey, cinnamon, zest. Stir. If honey
thick, you can melt it beforehand.

6. Chop the nuts, fry for a moment in a dry skillet,
Sprinkle the salad on top. Serve нужно сразу.

Полезные блюда из pumpkins — полезные советы и хитрости

• Any pumpkin dish will be more useful if you replace the usual
sugar honey. In this case, you need to add the product to
cooked dish, because during heat treatment is large
Some of the nutrients will die.

• Если нужно обжарить кусочки pumpkins, то закладывается продукт
только в хорошо прогретое butter. Otherwise it will stand out a lot.
juice, nothing happens.

• Frozen pumpkin is cooked much faster than a fresh vegetable.
But pieces from the freezer are not suitable for roasting and roasting,
as during thawing a lot of juice will stand out.

• Если блюдо из pumpkins получается травянистым, не имеет
pronounced taste, then the situation will correct the spices. In sweet dishes
You can add lemon juice, extra sugar, honey.

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