Health Benefits of Spices and Spices

Пн, 12 дек 2016 Автор: Ирина Васильева

By adding seasonings and spices (spices) can
cook an unforgettable tasty dish that will have no
only a unique and exquisite taste, but also well affect your

A huge number of herbs and spices have many antioxidants.
even more than some types of fruits and vegetables. It’s only important to know
how to cook with spices so that they remain as
You can more useful substances.

Cinnamon well lowers blood sugar levels and overall levels.
cholesterol. For this you need to use cinnamon for по tea
spoon twice a day.

Cinnamon recipe: take bananas or berries, add
low-fat sour cream, sugar and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. All is well

Turmeric inhibits the growth of cancer cells. For supporting
about 700 milligrams of turmeric should be eaten
in a day.

Recipe for a dish with turmeric: when cooking 230 g of rice for garnish
should put ⅟₄ teaspoon turmeric.

Rosemary prevents cancer and reduces risk
cardiovascular diseases.

Rosemary recipe: take chicken or pork
ham and rub it with a mixture of salt, 2 teaspoons of rosemary and a floor
a teaspoon of thyme, then put bake the meat in the oven.

Ginger copes well with the symptoms of seasickness,
reduces pain and swelling caused by arthritis. Use it
usually from 550 to 2000 mg per day.

Ginger recipe: take peaches sprinkle with ginger and
Bake a little. You can also eat a piece of candied ginger –
it will relieve motion sickness and nausea when traveling in a car.

Garlic is an excellent cure for cancer cells, it also
disrupts metabolism in the tumor cells.

Garlic Recipe: Fry the finely chopped garlic and
add it to the pasta with cheese.

Paprika is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
agent, and it also has the ability to reduce the risk of

Paprika recipe: take any meat and rub it
a mixture of 1.5 tsp paprika, tsp thyme and
red pepper, then put bake in the oven.

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